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Jack at his best. Ain't nothing better.

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According to Master Miguel Serrano, the number 5 symbolizes Hyperborea so there is no way it can be associated with evil.

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So Jack, is all of this transgender nonsense running rampant through the west related in any way related to this reunion of male and female? As I read pieces like this one I have more than once wondered if there is a big Magick trick being played on us.

I love this post BTW, as well as Lucifer's Court. I just finished part one a few days ago; right about the time I found out that I may finally have contracted a case of Covid. What a lovely piece of writing.

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A really superb piece Jack. I awoke this morning and was only musing upon the total inversion of today's projection upon the people, humanity as a whole and we who see this mirror of illusion, and revile the robot ministers of the dark ones. The Countess seems such a beautiful and benevolent lady, I feel the golden light of Esclarmonda de Fois suffusing her memory. Such warmth of humanity. Herr Otto Rahn paints such a sympathetic picture. All is not lost, on the contrary, the vibrational frequency seems to be increasing!

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Well Jack, had a lengthy discussion with the Hitler pal about esoteric subjects and the bible and his spin on what an Israelite is as I stopped him cold and simply told him that Jesus is Lucifer.

Stunned him to silence however, he acknowledges that Yahweh is Enlil and in his mind Yahweh and Jesus are brothers in that grand cosmic creation and that Jesus will make things right with an army in a great battle.

Lucifer is above Yahweh's cruel perverse creation brought on by her disobedience to the natural order as she alone wanted to create without him as she became enslaved, yet as he loves her he will return for her as a rescuer.

Lucifer`s relation to Yahweh is that of a wife steeler to a king as he is a warrior king.

Well, my Hitler pal is a little closer to the truth after a life time sitting In a kike church.

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I've debated about even sending my next piece, because as I was writing it, everyone else it seems has written their own perspective upon the matter. It's complete, other than the final proof read. I'll make the decision this afternoon, but with Jack and L. already covering the cosmos, people may not need another essay on the topic.


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Check your email, Jack.


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...been quite busy lately. Haven't had the time to do you justice, Jack. Ce soir? ...à tête reposée? Doesn't mean I'm up to it, but I'd prefer taking my time to read you.

Otto Rahn, like him alot, skinny con artist. In french, un vilain garçon, polisson, escroc! Was affected to Italy under another name during the end of the 2nd WW, no? Worked with the Vatican. Nazis and Roman Katholics were in the same bed at the time before & after the war, no? Good bed fellows sometimes?

Weisthor was his tutor, teacher & friend? Weisthor the genius behind the SS. He was a high ranking Free Mason, and heroic officer in the 1st WW. A "descendent" of an ancient gypsy family? But we're not allowed to say that of course!

I've known the Cathar grottos for 40 years. The deep tunnels, holes in the mountain where they thrived in the darkness supposedly during the end of the Middle Ages. Fleeing extinction. Tarascon-sur-Arège where Otto Rahn with his hotel lived just next by at Ussat. Few french catcher lovers know about these places. And I'm not talking about Lombrives! But does Truth matter?

I'd take my boys into those wonderful arenas under the earth. They loved it. Huge wonderful galeries. Dark, simple & severe. Did Don Miguel go there? Don't think so.

Les Polaires were a para-masonic con group. Ils étaient bien fadas à l'époque! René Guenon, Marqués-Rivière, & the novelist Maurice Magre were among its disillusioned members along with good old Otto.

Otto & Gadal wanted to create a bonsai disneyland in the region.

They worked for le Syndicat d'Initiative at the time.

All the castles here have been rebuilt at least a hundred times. They call them Cathar castles, and not one was ever built by a Cathar, or Bonhomme! Propaganda for the dutch and english tourists. Was Don Miguel a tourist too?

When Disneyland is far away, it seems so marvelous to ponder on. Does Mickey Mouse have big black ears? Does Mini have a pussey?

I'm not sayin that Otto was a bad or good fellow. He must have seen the great big black shadows, living in the caves. I and others have at least. But does Goofy really have big feet?

Dont mean to be obnoxious. I might get my feelings hurt? Yet it's the Free Masons here in the South who with Déodat Rocher, Sédir and the Rotary Club invented the Cathar story. Déodat was an anthroposophe, and R. Steiner its founder was a Free Mason from Memphis-Mishraïm. In any case thanks for bothering with me.

Still like Hitler though. Had a head on his shoulders. He didn't trust mystics. He wasn't a charlatan.

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Very very interesting. Thank you. I learned in part that Lucifer was not the evil one in the late 1970s, from a woman who claimed to be of the linage of the Waldensians. Sadly I was to young then to fully appreciate what she was teaching. I doubted her. No in my words but surely in my eyes. This doubt is not disbelief but, a deep questioning. In my heart I thought how can I verify what she is teaching.

Because I doubted, the spring of truth (perhaps truth I still can't verify) dried up and she no longer confided in me these amazing myths or truths. I regret my doubt. Yet I still doubt even today. I cannot find a way to document unless I evolve a great deal more than I am now.

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That's the kind of Jack I like to read! You're getting better and better. I made a PDF of the text. Hope you dont mind? It's for safe keeping. In my modest vault.

You know the SUN. The STAR. The LIGHTNING. The ABYSS. The PASSAGE. The CROWN. ...and who "fell" / came from there.

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Sophia disturbing the balance has been described to me in another way.

Long time ago when the universe was balanced, there was a planet with beings on it that had an accident and the planet including all lifeforms on it got destroyed.

One creator being in her grief was so upset about this event that instead of trusting that everything returns back through source, went and create her own world and run an experiment to find out what caused the accident.

She created a world where if somebody (victimizer) did something wrong to the other (victim), they would reincarnate in their next life as the victim, hoping they would learn from their mistakes and so create a balance.

What resulted was that at some point in this cycle the victim decided, they didn't want to be the victim anymore and they turned into a victimizer in every reincarnation.

And so the balance was upset.

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