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LUCIFER in the Temple of the Dog II by Jack Heart & Orage

LUCIFER in the Temple of the Dog II by Jack Heart & Orage

First published Tuesday, November 15, 2016, in Veterans Today & The Human

It’s ironic, science finally knows enough about science to disprove itself. But as the Norsemen well knew, that is the fate of all things, just like their gods who in the end must annihilate themselves…

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Marcel Griaule with the Dogon

From 1931 – 1956 the legendary French anthropologist Marcel Griaule, along with Germaine Dieterlen – a brilliant and highly accomplished anthropologist in her own right – studied a West African tribe called the Dogon. After eighteen years of studies, they made their first breakthrough into the Dogon’s secrets in 1950 and published Un Systeme Soudanais de Sirius. *

What was in that document should have changed this world, but it was quickly countered by those in academia who are paid to keep this world just the way it is. What Griaule and Dieterlen found in their quarter century of research, shockingly enough, as the holographic universe had not yet been proposed, was the source of its projection. They found the ‘Black Sun’ in the shadow of Timbuktu, the ancient seat of the anglophile’s most abyssal nightmare, there dwell the Dogon, pun intended. What the Dog people believe explains how the Holographic Universe works and gives a dissertation of the rock carving in Australia’s Blue Mountains; almost seven thousand miles from the eastern coastline of Africa…

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Nobody noticed then and they haven’t yet. They are still trying to explain how a tribe of primitive Black farmers from Africa knew more about astronomy than the twentieth century’s best White scientists. All they can come up with to date is two of the greatest anthropologists the world has ever produced lied and falsified all their data…


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The “proof” they cite for this kind of unprecedented scholastic slander is the “research” of Dutch Mormon and neophyte anthropologist; Walter E. A. van Beek. Van Beek converted to Mormonism in college when he started studying anthropology… (55)

Van Beek’s research consisted of dropping in on the Dogon almost a half century after Griaule and Dieterlen, who studied them when they still had their independence through France. By the time van Beek got there, the Dogon lived in an Islamic State, at the same latitude in an Africa that in a little over a decade after he published would give the world Darfur. In Darfur in 2003, Arab Sudanese Muslims displaced and murdered close to a half million Black Sudanese ‘infidels.’

Van Beek asked a few questions about a secret tradition that the Dogon already knew was anathema to their Muslim overlords, then proceeded to publish a paper in 1991 that amounts to nothing more than an ad hominem attack on the two great anthropologists. In it, he repeatedly states that he could not confirm any of Griaule’s and Dieterlen’s findings and insinuates that they made the whole thing up. (56)

Although seemingly written with a crayon, van Beek’s paper has been given utterly unjustified academic status. This type of slander is typical of the Mormons, a powerful and extremely wealthy Christian sect. The Mormons act out their pathological hatred of Blacks academically. It is the foundation of Mormon theological doctrine that the Lamanites or Blacks once wiped out the Nephites or Whites in the Americas.

According to the Mormons, both Whites and the Blacks had settled America by way of Israel. They believe Native Americans are the descendants of Blacks. The Mormons also believe in and have been asked repeatedly by the ADL to stop baptizing their favorite dead Jews so that they too can go the heaven and become gods like good Mormons… The rest of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints’ strange customs and beliefs has been well documented…

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Sīrius A and below it to the left, Sīrius B

Every sixty years Sirius, or Sigi Tolo (Star of Yasigi) to the Dogon, appears between two mountain peaks and the Dogon celebrate Sigui which can last several years. The last Sigui began in 1967 and the festivities didn’t end till 1973. Sirius is a star in Canis Major in the southern celestial firmament; it’s pronounced Sīrius in Latin, and is derived from the ancient Greek word Seirios, which means glowing or Scorcher. It is the brightest star in the night sky, just about twice as bright as the next brightest, Canopus in the southern constellation of Carina.

As it rose over the horizon of the Mesopotamian valley, Sīrius was known as the Dog of Orion, because it always trailed closely behind the constellation of Orion – called Nephîlā′ by the ancient inhabitants of a city currently known as Aleppo. Sīrius is now known in the West simply as the Dog Star. Nephîlā′ was considered to be the origin of the Nephilim or Watchers, the Angels in the bible who came down to earth to interbreed with the daughters of men and teach the human race the art of civilization. As a reward for their altruism, the children of the Watchers were drowned in the deluge by a giggling Yahweh over the objections of the prophet Enoch.

In the homeland of the Norse, Sīrius is known as Lokabrenna or Loki’s Torch. To the Tohono O’odham, a Native American tribe who live just south of the Hopi in Arizona’s baking Sonoran Desert; Sīrius is a dog that stalks the mountain sheep. In the East they have other names for Sīrius. The Chinese call it Tiānláng; the Celestial Wolf. In Sanskrit Sīrius is known simply as Lubdhaka; the Hunter…

In springtime around the Mediterranean and North Africa, Sīrius sinks below the horizon and disappears from the night sky for seventy days. It’s reappearance in ancient Egypt right before sunrise on the eastern horizon toward the latter part of July heralded not only the morning, but also the flooding of the banks of the Nile. Sīrius was both yearned for and feared, because it could cause great destruction and at the same time brought with it the rich volcanic topsoil of the Ethiopian highlands to fertilize the Nile Delta. The fertility of the Nile Valley was the driving mechanism behind the great Egyptian civilizations.

To the ancient Greeks, the first appearance of Sīrius right before the morning heralded the coming of the “Dog Days” of summer. The Greeks feared the sweltering heat of those days under its influence, days of madness in dogs, wilted crops, weakened warriors and lustful women. To the Aborigine of Australia’s Blue Mountains, July was the time where Sīrius set right after the sun and rose right before the dawn to announce the morning.

Un Systeme Soudanais de Sirius then introduces Po Tolo (Star of Fonio), which orbits perpendicular to the horizon of Sigi Tolo. When Po Tolo is closest to Sigi Tolo, it is at its most brilliant, and when it is furthest away, it gives off a scintillation that makes it appear as many stars.

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X ray image of Sīrius and above it, slightly to the right, Sīrius B

In 1844, a German astronomer observed the telltale irregularities in the motion of Sīrius through the firmament, indicating it is a binary star system, when two objects circle around each other in the night sky. Twenty-first century scientists assert that this is due to their gravitational pull on each other, but no one has ever proven how gravity works, no one of course except the Marquis de Laplace.

The late eighteenth century French mathematician had neither need nor use for intervention from Newton’s ‘Devine Artificer’ to keep the universe from destroying itself. Instead of postulating that gravity was the result of an attraction between two points which would require periodic adjustments by god to keep the heavens from self-destruction, as Newton insisted, Laplace said the universe was held together by a fluidic field.

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Pierre-Simon, marquis de Laplace (1745-1827)

Laplace then went on to prove it with a series of eloquently presented equations in Exposition du système du monde and the Mécanique céleste. His breakthrough mathematics in Théorie analytique des probabilities, published in 1812, would lead to the use of the probability equations that would culminate with the math of twentieth century Germany. He was the first man to recognize that somewhere in the universe there must exist Black Holes, whose attraction was so great that not even light could resist the summoning their relentless call.

Objects do not attract each other; they distort the spacetime continuum through their mass. It’s this distortion that is perceived and measured as a force. It’s just a word. There is no gravity as Newton described it or any omnificent omnipresent god as Judeo-Christians describe “him…”

Binary star systems were by then already well known to scientists, but whatever Sīrius was rotating around, it could not be seen with the lenses available at the time. Dubbed Sīrius B by academia, the Dark Stars existence would not be optically confirmed till 1862 with a prototype eighteen and a half inch refracting telescope being field tested by its American inventor.

Scintillation usually occurs through atmospheric conditions, but in the Holographic Paradigm it is the collision of spherical frequency waves that generate photons — the points of light that constitute what academia erroneously call particles. As Sīrius and Sīrius B perpetually circle around each other in the inky darkness, spherical frequency waves are exactly what are being generated, just like they are by this world’s Sun.

The Dogon told Griaule that Polo Tolo is the origin of all things and that its contents are ejected by centrifugal force in infinitely small particles which upon exiting Polo Tolo can grow to the same size as Polo Tolo within a day. They told him Polo Tolo is the smallest of all things, yet the heaviest of all stars. They calculate the orbit of Polo Tolo around Sigi Tolo in doubles which is a hundred years for every two orbits and it turns on itself every year. The Dogon believe Polo Tolo is white where as Sigi Tolo is red.

Most of that will be the subject of endless conjecture by guys who wear glasses an inch thick, never in their pathetic excuses for a life slept with a cheerleader. They can’t think outside of a textbook. It’s all possible but not provable. Other than mapping the movements of points of light through the firmament, most of what is left in astronomy is a quintessential pseudoscience. It operates outside all established laws of empirical science. Its current best-known proponent is Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman. As it is now practiced twenty-first century astronomy’s founding father Carl Sagan dressed and acted more like a Detroit pimp than an Ivy League scientist.

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Frank Zappa

To borrow a quip from Frank Zappa about the relationship of politics to the military industrial complex; NASA is the entertainment division of Jet Propulsions Laboratory (JPL). JPL is an organization founded through the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) by master Magi Jack Parsons and Theodore von Kármán, blood heir to the Maharal of Prague; one of the two most powerful Qabalists to ever walk the earth. The other was Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons’ mentor in Magick.

[Von Karman’s scientific credentials include being Jon von Neuman’s best friend and fellow Jewish Hungarian aristocrat. The two came over practically as a package deal and neither said or did anything without consulting the other.]

Optical observation has determined that Sīrius and Sīrius B orbit each other at a separation of about 50.1 years. As they do, they emit an unexpectedly high level of infrared radiation, with Sīrius B being brighter in the infrared spectrum than Sīrius. Sīrius B has been described by scientists as a white dwarf. It’s about the same size as the earth; and by 1910, its mass had been determined by observations of its binary orbit around Sīrius to be about the same as the sun, making it a million times denser than the sun. A tablespoon of Sīrius B would weigh five tons.

Sīrius was described as red by Roman astronomer and astrologist; Claudius Ptolemy. His observations are backed by the writings of the poet Aratus, the orator Cicero, and general Germanicus. Seneca the Younger described Sīrius as being a deeper red than even Mars. These observations by notable historical figures at the dawn of the Common Era are backed by Lombard prayer manuscripts from as late as the eighth century. During the same period, Sīrius was the standard star for the color white to Chinese astronomers. In present times, Sīrius glows a vivid white-blue in every far off corner of the world, but to the naked eye, it sometimes appears to be flashing with red, white and blue hues when near the horizon.

According to Einstein’s general relativity, because of its extreme density, the light waves from Sīrius B should be gravitationally red-shifted. This was confirmed in 1925. Gravitational red-shifting is when electromagnetic radiation, emanating in spherical frequency waves from a source in the gravitational field, is reduced in frequency when seen from a place that has a higher gravitational potential. Red-shifting is a direct result of gravitational time dilation which is the difference of elapsed time between events to observers at different distances from the gravitational mass they are observing. This manifests itself as a change in the color perception of light toward the red part of the light spectrum as the wavelength is increased.

An increase in the frequency observed from a position that has a lower gravitational potential than the source results in a shift to the blue part. Due to its extreme density, the only thing with a higher gravitational potential than a White Dwarf would be a Neutron Star, a Dark Star or a Black Hole…

Systeme Soudanais de Sirius goes on to say that there is another star the Dogon call Emme Ya (Sorghum Female). It is four times lighter than Polo Tolo and follows a vaster trajectory in the same direction and the same time, also taking fifty years to complete an orbit. Their positions are where their rays make right angles. Emme Ya emits rays which have the quality of solar rays and is accompanied through its orbit by a satellite named Nyan Tolo; in English the Star of Woman. Data began piling up at the dawn of the twentieth century; “observational as well as physical and dynamical indications” that “led to the hypothesis of the existence of a third body in the system.” (57)

By 1932, it was pretty well established through orbital calculations that something was revolving roughly every 6.3 years around either Sīrius or Sīrius B. During the previous decade a tiny star had been sighted about twenty times by some of the best astronomers in the business. However, the star was like a “phantom,” nobody ever saw it twice or long enough to confirm it. (58) By 1995, using additional data and three different systems of math figures of 6.4 years, six and finally six using Fourier analysis were arrived at for a complete revolution of the –as of yet– unidentified star. Further analysis of the possible orbital scenarios indicates that “stable orbits with a period of about 6 years exist only around Sirius A.” (59) Because it cannot be optically observed, the mass of Sīrius C would have to be about twenty or thirty times larger than Jupiter, which is the bare minimum to support thermonuclear fusion. (60)

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What the math and optical observation says about the 3-star system of Sīrius (the question mark is for Eme Ya Tolo)

Unless of course, the third star in the Sīrius system is a Black Hole or what Newtonian physics calls a Dark Star. Because Einstein was ill equipped to argue with the math of the marquis de Laplace Black holes are a generic prediction of general relativity. No one’s ever actually seen a black hole. How could you? The black hole is a point in the spacetime continuum where the gravitational effects are so strong that not even electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape. There is nothing to see. But in general relativity, a black hole does have mass and angular momentum, so its presence can be detected through its gravitational interaction with other stars and its effects on electromagnetic radiation such as light.

In 1974 Stephen Hawking, by applying quantum field theory to general relativity, predicted that black holes would emit small amounts of thermal radiation, light in a perfect black body spectrum. Many other famous mathematicians and scientists have since verified Hawking’s results…

According to general relativity, there is a singularity in the center of a black hole that is infinitely dense. Once across the black holes’ event horizon, nothing can escape that singularity. The inevitable can be prolonged by an object accelerating away maybe even by jumping through time, but sooner or later it will reach freefall and be torn apart in a process so violent that it is sometimes referred to as spaghettification or the noodle effect by scientists. In the end, it is crushed into something so dense it is infinite.

In general relativity, there is a yawning black hole at the center of the galaxy sustained by the essences of the all the worlds that it has destroyed. Everything corporeal is destined to one day be swept over its event horizon. The black hole sits like an ever-expanding open drain at the bottom of the ocean. 

All matter must, in due time, be crushed into the infinite density that feeds its primordial singularity. It is the fate of all that is to be crushed back into what H. P. Lovecraft called “the crawling chaos…”

There really is not much difference between a black hole and a wormhole, if any at all. In relativity, they both have a singularity in the center and all that crosses their event horizon ends by being crushed into Lovecraft’s crawling chaos. In 1988 scientists working out of the Caltech found loopholes in the math that predicts singularities and Lorentzian traversable wormholes became a mathematical probability.

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An artist’s conception of a Lorentzian traversable wormhole

Lorentzian traversable wormholes allow travel in both directions from one part of the universe to another very quickly. They also allow travel from one universe to another…

According to the math that JPL uses, teleportation is far more likely than dissolution for an object that passes through a worm hole or a black hole. To quote well-known television physicist Michio Kaku, there is no reason why an object could not “pass freely back and forth. In fact, for one solution, the trip through a wormhole would be no worse than riding in a plane.” (61)

The Dogon believe that Sirius B once occupied the place where our Sun is now. Twenty-first century astronomer’s object. They say that this is impossible! But it should be apparent by now that the Dogon know more about the universe than twenty-first century astronomy.

The thousand-year war Truth has waged against academia and all the other agents of the great Abrahamic lie ends with the Dogon. The Dogon are the remnants of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were Black! To paraphrase Aleister Crowley in the Holy Books they were Black as Nubian slaves so they could absorb more of the light of God…

It is fitting to paraphrase Crowley because he himself was a product of the Plymouth Brethren, the same rabidly anglophile and ruthlessly committed fundamental Christian sect that gave the world Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie.

‘Sir’ Flinders Petrie was the most prominent archeologist of the nineteenth century and the British Empires academic heavyweight champion, despite the fact that Wallace Budge was a far better scientist. Petrie’s racism and Christian fanaticism have been immortalized in books. Many have chuckled over the fact that when Petrie died, he would donate his head to science, and science would lose it.

What Petrie and all his academic allies were pedaling directly in the face of far more accomplished scientists like Frenchmen Auguste Mariette and Gaston Maspero along with their English counterpart the great Wallace Budge, was Anglo-Israelism.

Since the day of John Dee, Anglo-Israelism has been the unseen current driving the tides of blood and war that have swept first England then America to world hegemony. It is the fanatical belief by the British and their progeny that they are the lineal descendants of the Israelites and that the throne of England can be traced back to the House of David. Therefore, the people of the British Isles are Yahweh’s chosen people in the bible.

Anglo-Israelism’s adherents believe that the “Ten Tribes were transferred to Babylon about 720 B.C. and simultaneously, according to Herodotus, the Scythians, including the tribe of the Saccæ, appeared in the same district; the progenitors of the Saxons afterward passed over into Denmark—the “mark” or country of the tribe of Dan—and thence to England.

Another branch of the tribe of Dan which remained “in ships” (Judges, v. 17) made its appearance in Ireland under the title of “Tuatha-da-Danan.” Tephi, a descendant of the royal house of David, arrived in Ireland, according to the native annals, in 580 B.C. From her was descended Feargus More, king of Argyll, an ancestor of Queen Victoria, who thus fulfilled the prophecy that “the line of David shall rule for ever and ever” (II Chron. xiii. 5, xxi. 7).

The Irish branch of the Danites brought with them Jacob’s stone, which has always been used as coronation stone of the kings of Scotland and England and is now preserved in Westminster Abbey. Somewhat inconsistently, the prophecy that the Canaanites should trouble Israel (Num. xxxiii. 55, Josh. xxiii. 13) is applied to the Irish. The land of Arzareth, to which the Israelites were transplanted (II Esd. xiii. 45), is identified with Ireland by dividing the former name into two parts, the former of which is ereẓ, or “land”: the latter, Ar, or “Ire.”” (62)

As the agents of Anglo-Israelism, what Petrie and the rest of academia were teaching at western universities was the systematic destruction of an entire races’ heritage in the name of another races’ fantasy. No one ever really got it, except R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz — there are things in Egypt far older than Egypt…

The institutionalized racism is blatant and it is unprecedented in everything that is known of Greek and Roman history. The Romans considered the Ethiopians a people beloved by the gods. But even for the most committed anglophile there is a blind rage, a fanatical meanness to it that borders on stupidity.

Blacks are not intelligent enough to have built anything besides a mud hut and surely an unknown “Dynastic Race,” a “fine” lighter-complexioned race had invaded Egypt from the south in late predynastic times conquering the “inferior” and “exhausted” indigenous dark-skinned savages. (63)

This Aryan race of fine White men, no doubt the Israelites of the bible, then slowly introduced dynastic civilization through interbreeding with the local “mulatto” race and culminated it from the fourth dynasty on with the building of all the great edifices in Egypt. (64)

Viewed under this lens of religious fanaticism, Colonel Howard Vyse’s sacking and defiling of the Giza plateau toward the middle of the ninetieth century and academia’s enshrinement of him for his acts of wanton vandalism –although still totally unacceptable– are at least understandable, as is Thomas Young’s forgery, when he inserted the glyph for Ra to complete Khafra’s name on the Dream Stele.

Literacy had always been frowned upon by Christianity, but with the advent of the printing press, it became unavoidable. If a world that knew how to read was ever to believe the outlandish lies that are told in the bible, it wouldn’t do to have evidence that contradicted the bibles’ narrative staring that newly literate world dead in the face.

Dr. J. J. Hurtak was NASA’s guru in the latter quarter of the twentieth century, and the man the authors of the Stargate Conspiracy point to as the supreme puppeteer of the Giza plateau in that same period. During that stretch of time in the eighties and nineties Hurtak was secretly teaching close friends “the pyramids are hundreds of thousands of years old…”

France was pushing back at Anglo-Israelisms’ deliberate dissembling and falsification of history with Auguste Mariette and Gaston Maspero, who in tandem managed to control the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities until WWI.

Germany was already at war with the Jewish impersonators, but even before that, as the center for Panbabylonism in Europe, German scholars had quietly seethed and trained a blue-blooded scholar like James Henry Breasted.

Breasted could not just be dismissed like a common academic, not with friends like Gertrude Bell, who was the British master spy that along with Lawrence of Arabia established the Hashemite dynasties, Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon, the men charged with looting the Tomb of Tutankhamen, Lord Allenby the man who would wrest control of the middle east from the Ottomans and the Arab leader Faisal whom they would eventually crown king of Iraq.

The battle of the pyramids was coming to a head by the time a seizure prone psychic with a Masonic pedigree named Edgar Cayce showed up promoting Anglo-Israelism as a journey through Atlantis and a time forgotten to a New World Order.

War had already broken out between the Saxons, a war which would finish the Ottoman Empire for good and leave the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Jews in complete control of the Giza plateau and all the rest of the Middle East.

Control of the Giza plateau is maintained to this day through the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), a legacy of the seizure-prone psychic. Control of the rest of the Middle East is maintained through instigation of perpetual war and unrest.

France was still pushing back hard when Harvey Spencer Lewis would found the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC) in America on behalf of the French Rosicrucian’s. In the thirties AMORC, allied with big money, started printing ancient maps detailing a network of tunnels and chambers beneath the Giza plateau and distributing them to anyone who bought their books.

Lewis of course claimed they were ancient Rosicrucian secrets but French archaeologist Emile Baraize had been to the Giza plateau by 1926, almost a decade before the maps were published. Baraize during a period from twenty-six onwards had done extensive explorations beneath the plateau that were never published for academia. At the same time Lewis was peddling his maps, Griaule and Dieterlen showed up at the Dogons doorstep…

In The Shadow out of Time, Lovecraft wrote about a man troubled by strange dreams and visions of a race hundreds of thousands of years old. They had driven an even older race that had long preyed on them into the labyrinth of the earth’s interior. The most ancient race had long since evolved to prefer the labyrinth and no longer needed anything from the surface, but they had never forgotten that they required revenge. It is in Australia’s great western desert where the man to his eternal horror finds the entrance into the labyrinth.

If Anglo-Israelism has a poet laureate, it is HP Lovecraft. They are not ignorant of the occult’s deepest secrets. It was their great high priest Charles Piazzi Smyth who orchestrated Waynman Dixon and Dr. James Grants “discovery” of the shafts in the Queens Chamber in 1872. Dixon and Grant knew almost exactly where those shafts were, shafts that had been walled up before history begins. Occult knowledge like that shows there are those in Anglo-Israelism that know their way around the labyrinth all too well…

It was Lovecraft’s job to take those things which they knew were in the labyrinth and which they saw as their enemies and paint them in colors of the most abyssal horror the human soul is capable of. Lovecraft did this with almost supernatural efficiency in stories like the Shadow over Innsmouth, the Dunwich Horror and many many more. In the Call of Cthulhu Lovecraft creates his own mythos about the “old ones” and the “unspeakable terror” they are poised to bring back to the world of White Christians when the stars, on an inevitable day of doom, align in their favor.

Lovecraft saw terrifying conspiracies to bring back these old ones everywhere he looked… But outside of bat winged humanoids and certain blue-blooded families sequestered around the New England countryside, Lovecraft saw secret societies among the colored races as the primary high priests and harbingers of the old ones. Lovecraft detests and fears all dark-skinned people as the people of Cthulhu and the old ones.

In Herbert West-Reanimator Lovecraft expresses his revulsion at the idea of bringing a Black man back to life when he writes: “and Buck Robinson, “The Harlem Smoke.” The Negro had been knocked out and a moment’s examination shewed us he would permanently remain so. He was a loathsome, gorilla-like thing, with abnormally long arms which I could not help calling forelegs, and a face that conjured up thoughts of unspeakable Congo secrets and tom-tom poundings under an eerie moon. The body must have looked even worse in life – but the world holds many ugly things.”

The Stonehenge of Australia

In 1939, Frederic Slater, the President of the Australian Archaeological Research and Education Society and an eminent academic, came across an artificially constructed mound that he described as “the Stonehenge of Australia.” (65) He claimed that “the mound is one of the oldest; I should say the oldest, forms of temples in the world and dates back to the … advent of first man.” (66) He felt the positioning of the rocks, signs and symbols on the mound may have been “the basis of all knowledge, all science, all history and all forms of writing.” (67)

A decade later, de Lubicz would echo similar sentiments about Hieroglyphics in The Temple In Man when he insisted that they should instead be referred to by “the Egyptian term Medu-Neteru, the Greek translation of which, “hieroglyphs,” distorts the Egyptian meaning. Medu-Neteru is the Neters, or the principles conveyed by a sign.” (68) De Lubicz was arguing that the Hieroglyphics themselves were Jungian archetypes and they were being mistranslated, because this was not being accounted for.

A year after Slater’s initial discovery, government officials contacted the farmer whose land Slater had found the mound on and told him that his land was in danger of being confiscated to protect the artifacts that Slater had been exuberantly discussing with his colleagues. In a preemptive strike, the farmer bulldozed the artifacts into dust and Slater was left with only his notes. (69)

As the founder and president of the Australian Archaeological Society, Slater was more than qualified academically to interpret the meaning of the mound. The translation he came up with was a creation story that ended by saying “man came to earth through darkness from the light of life that shines far off.” (70)

Almost seventy years later, Aboriginal tribal elder Kevin Gavi Duncan ends The Wisdom Keepers on almost the exact same note. “We are the extra-terrestrials, our body is made up of this earth but our spirit comes from the Morning Star. We come from another place, from another world.” (71)

Gosford Glyphs (Ref.: Herschel’s The Hidden Records)

Academia shrieks that they are a fraud at the mere mention of the Gosford Glyphs, but the fact is the glyphs are not far from Baiame in the Brisbane Water National Park. They are clearly hieroglyphic and have also clearly been tampered with. People who have researched them are claiming that partial deciphering by experts tells of pilgrimages made from a predynastic Egypt to an Australia that was a Mecca to those who worshiped the old ones five thousand years ago. (72)

The fact is that it would be expected for the Aborigine to have maintained those glyphs and restored them when necessary over the last 5000 years. That is what they do, that is their culture. Academia’s summary rejection of the glyphs authenticity on the grounds that they have been tampered with is not good science but it is a good sign of academia’s duplicity.

From the very first days in 1770, Captain James Cook arbitrarily declared Australia Terra nullius; a Latin term meaning nobody’s land. Cook knew the land was inhabited. He was already shooting the natives. The designation is made even more inexplicable by the fact that at the time of Cooks voyage, the British had already accepted the principles of native title in their colonies. “An Imperial proclamation of 1763 lay down that Native Americans owned their hunting grounds.” (73)

Even if it was an honest mistake, by 1790 as British colonizers moved inexorably inland and everywhere met fierce resistance from Blacks already there “the days of genuine miscalculation were at an end. The concept of empty land was no more than a convenient fiction.” (74)

See the source image

By 1863 the pseudoscientific theories of Charles Darwin had been adapted to rationalize the final victory of the White races over the Blacks, a euphemism for the genocide of the colored races. A speech given at the time in Queensland parliament articulates the prevailing sentiment among White Australians: “That the aboriginal population must eventually disappear entirely is surly a matter that the study of evolution, the study of biology, the study of ethnology would convince. The law of evolution says that the Niger shall disappear in the onward progress of the White man.” (75)

This was no rhetorical speech. Whites had been acting out on this philosophy for almost a hundred years by then and would continue to act out on it for almost a hundred more. Sustained efforts were made to breed the Aborigine out of existence. Actual government policy was enacted, and Aborigine children were taken from their mothers and forcibly “educated” in the White man’s ways.

By the time Aboriginal tribal elder Kevin Gavi Duncan stood in front of the ancient rock carving depicting Baiame and gave his explanation for what the petroglyph meant, he is lucky that he even remembered Baiami’s name.

A far better explanation would have included the three-star system of Sīrius, the progenitor of the Three Stars Each text which came out of ancient Babylon and is the earliest known star catalogue. That is what is under the Moon in Baiami’s left hand.

At the end of a cycle Sīrius B, the source of this world, gets caught in the gravitational pull of Sīrius C, a Black Hole and exchanges places with the Sun. That is what the dagger symbolizes, the reversal of worlds. The boat off to the left is the boat which in the religion of old ones carries the Sun on its celestial journey…

Frederic Slater had nailed it, which is why his evidence was immediately destroyed and everything he did or said after that marginalized by pasty-faced academics who couldn’t get a job in a Seven-Eleven if this world worked on merit. Australia is the ancient and venerable Mecca of the old ones, The Temple of the Dog. The place where Sīrius the hunter and the true morning star, is also the evening star. The place where Lucifer is God, as he was always meant to be…

As it stands right now the human race has no worse an enemy than institutional academia whose only real job is to dissemble its past. Those who seek solace in the embrace of a benevolent Christian god, place their fate in the hands of an impotent chimera they fashioned from pieces of discarded sun gods. They condemn him, they strip him naked, they mock him, and they torture him. Then they nail him to a stick and murder him. The mesmerized minions now kneel before the craven images of this obscene blasphemy singing “eat his body, drink his blood” and perpetuate this horror by forcing it upon their children.

The Muslims are no better if not even worse. They have taken the 114 meditational verses of The Gospel of Thomas, the foundation of Manicheism, and turned them into a field manual for savagery. When Jesus walked the earth, if he ever did, forbidden knowledge was still available for those who sought it out. Alexander the Great was just such a man, a student of Aristotle and the son of a Macedonian King and a high Priestess of the Dionysian mystery schools. Alexander was an initiate by birthright and conquered most of the known world in his insatiable quest to learn more.

Scrolls from all the far-flung corners of the East were the most priceless of the spoils appropriated by Alexander’s invincible armies. The scrolls were gathered together in the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. Although the library was accidently burned by Julius Caesar in 48 BC, the manuscripts were saved and dispersed throughout the city.

What was in those manuscripts gave rise to Gnosticism; a doctrine of self-enlightenment diametrically opposed to the Judaism of the Pharisees and their tyrannical God with his 613 Commandments. Later, many of the tenets of the ancient religion were presented as parables and allegories and became the teachings of Jesus. The Gospel of Thomas is the oldest known written record of those teachings. There are 114 verses. A few centuries later Mohammad’s Quran would be composed in 114 suras.

In the thirteenth verse Jesus whispers something into the ear of Thomas. The other apostles, curious, question Thomas as to what Jesus told him that he could not tell them. Thomas replies to them that if he told them, they would pick up rocks to stone him and the rocks would turn to fire and consume them.

But it is known anyway that what Jesus whispered into the ear of Thomas was Isaiah; 28, 13. “And the word of the lord will be to them precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little, that they may go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.”

The priests of this deceitful god could not tolerate the likes of a Gnostic Jesus exposing their lies. A relentless campaign was launched to extinguish all traces of the fire where the light of the most ancient truth always burns. Paul dissembled everything the Gnostic Jesus had said. Irenaeus made the real Jesus a heretic in the name of the fake Judaic Jesus. And finally, Theodosius burned all that could be found of the manuscripts, which were the source wisdoms wonders.

When even that was not enough, Pope Innocent III unleashed his Dogs of War. In what is called the ‘Albigensian Crusade’ the brave knights of France slaughtered every man, woman, and child they could in the south of France. The Cathars, called Albigensian for their preeminent city of Albi, bore witness to a very different Kristos than the pope’s pathetic Christ. For centuries all that seemed to remain of their testimony were rumors of a Gral with the power to change the world and a Knight who must quest for it…

It was a desperate effort in genocide to wipe from the face of the earth the still flickering flames of Zarathustra’s fire. It’s said that when one of his battle-hardened Princes dared question the slaughter he was being asked to perpetrate on his own countryman in the name of god; ‘Innocent’ quipped “kill them all and let god sought them out.”

Most painful of all perhaps is the ignorant slander in what has been a relentless campaign to vilify Lucifer’s name and make it synonymous with evil by the very people who nailed god to a stick and ate him. Others have used Lucifer’s eternal quest for a reckoning with a tyrant to validate their own avarice and depravity. In a reckoning, all accounts are settled and no doubt they all will be held libel.

The hour of that reckoning is now at hand, the Equinox of the Gods. Those who have eyes to see have been allowed to see the truth. Only they may enter the Temple of the Dog. The very same year WWII was concluded, the Gnostic tracts, which Theodosius thought he had expunged from history, as if by Magick suddenly reappeared.

The manuscripts, many of them fragmented, were unearthed by peasants scavenging ancient gravesites on the west bank of the Nile in a city called Nag Hammadi, after being buried for almost two millennia.’ That is the story, but the fire of Zarathustra can never be completely extinguished. It was rekindled anew with the blood of valiant men spilled in the opening battle of a War whose last battle will be fought by the gods.

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Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls, two-thousand-year-old Judean writings, started turning up the next year. They tell a tale of theological differences among the Jews at that time made the apocalyptic carnage that was about to take place inevitable.

The War Scrolls actually tell Jews how to dress for it. Pivotal too much of the writings are a passage from the Torah called the “Star Prophecy” a vision of the future revealed in Numbers 24:17 where a Star will come out of Israel to “smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth.”

Jesus may have never made any resurrection, but then Jesus was only just a metaphor at best. What Jesus represents, the real Jesus unadulterated by the Vatican, has resurrected as the Nag Hammadi Tracts and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

All the would-be luminaries who read from their “good book” without ever having bothered to learn Latin or Hebrew are no more than the metaphorical monkeys praying to a nuclear missile in the Planet of the Apes movie. Lucifer means light bearer in Latin, Sīrius; the Morning Star. In Hebrew it is HYLL.

There is no historical evidence to prove that Jesus ever really existed but there is much that proves Hillel (HYLL) the Elder did. He was born in Babylon in 110 BCE and died in Jerusalem in 10 CE. He was the greatest of all the Hebrew sages and quickly gained a following that rivaled the Pharisees of the Temple. A story is still told among the Rabbi’s about how when threatened by his teachings, which were diametrically opposed their own; the Pharisees summoned Hillel to the Temple.

It was in the Temple where the Shammai (ShMY) Pharisees, the high priests of the god of No, challenged the prophet of On about his knowledge of the Torah. Hillel told them he could sum the entire Torah up while standing on one leg. When the Shammai Pharisees told him to go ahead and do so he stood on one leg, looked at them and said “do unto to others as you would have others do unto you” then walked out of the Temple followed by his entourage…

Rome would finally conclude its four decade long war with the Armenian Empire in 63BCE when Mithridates VI, at least as formidable as Hannibal and known to history as the Poison King because of his fascination with poisons, fled to a stronghold above the Black Sea after being defeated in battle by Pompey. There the Poison King would murder his son, King of the Crimean Scythians, for disloyalty. Then, rather than be taken by the Romans, he killed himself and his daughters.

Sometime later that same year, Pompey would march his legions through the gates of Jerusalem, opened in welcome by his own Jewish allies, and lay siege to the Temple. He would sack it in a great slaughter shortly thereafter.

Internecine warfare in and around Jerusalem, sometimes held in check only by Roman armies, would continue for almost a century and a half, culminating with the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. In viscous hand to hand combat between the various Jewish sects, woman and children fighting right alongside the men, supplemented by the gratuitous violence of the Roman legions, the Temple was burned to the ground as it remains to this very day.

Eyewitness Josephus –a Jewish historian noted for his integrity– put the number of dead at 1.1 million Jews in that incident alone. The Jews were never of one mind, let alone of one God…

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Gershom Scholem

Gershom Scholem was perhaps the most brilliant Hebrew scholar of the twentieth century. He wrote that the greatest mystery of the Qabalah was concealed in the true name of Lucifer.

He gives it in Hebrew as AYLTh HShCR NGH CVCB. which in translation means instrument that brings the light of the brilliant star, but many scriptural words in Hebrew are ambiguous if not paradoxical.

AYLTh besides meaning instrument can also mean gazelle and Jesus is referred to as a gazelle in various apocrypha and Gnostic Tracts. Even those who presumed to edit and change the words of the “Teacher of Righteousness [HTzDQ MVRH]” in the synoptic gospels and the “Wicked Priest/Teller of Lies [HCHN HRShAy]” himself, as Paul is repeatedly referenced in the Dead Sea Scrolls, dared not spew the blaspheme that today passes as Christianity.

The Morning Star, or Lucifer, appears in the New Testament only twice. In fact it only appears once in the synoptic gospels. In Peter 1:19 it is said “And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your hearts.” In Revelation 22:16 it is said “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright and Morning Star.”

Revelation makes other more cryptic references that Jesus is Lucifer when Jesus says in 22:13 “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” This theme is repeated again in 1:8, 1:17, 2:8 and 21:6. It is an incantation woven into the symbolic tapestry that is Revelations. That is why it is repeated five times to conform to the five points on the pentagram.

Revelations is much much older than the bible and dates back to a time when the old ones worshiped in the Temple of the Dog…

Herein is Gershom Scholem’s mystery: ShCR is a word with a plurality of meanings. It can mean daybreak, but it can also mean nightfall or darkness. It is Sīrius the morning and the evening star in the firmament over Australia, a place that all but Time has forgotten. Within the Qabalistic name of Lucifer is contained the Alpha and the Omega of light, the same Alpha and Omega Jesus lays claim to in Revelations.

ShCR also has a third meaning and that is to search, and search Lucifer must. Because god, once called Seth but now called Yahweh by his current acolytes, has taken Lucifer’s bride and concealed and imprisoned her within his creation. She is the life force that animates that creation as well as Yahweh himself. She is the Moon. She is the Star of Woman. She is the dreamer to which all that is is but her dream…

In the Zohar it is established that even god must dwell within the Shekinah (ShCYNH). In the Lesser Holy Assembly; chapter 21, it goes on to say “with this woman are connected all those things which are below, from her body do they receive their nourishment, and from her do they receive blessing.”

Qabalists call her Malkah (MLKH) or the Queen. Malkah is a derivative of the word Malkuth (MLKVTh) which means The Kingdom. Malkuth is the tenth and final Sephiroth (dimension), the one through which all the others are manifested in the Sepher Yetzirah or Tree of Life. Malkuth encompasses the entire physical world a world that is projected through Yesod; the Moon…

Learned Rabbis call the Shekinah the bride of the Sabbath, but know she must dwell in exile until the messiah comes for her. The ancient magi called her Zoe. The Egyptians called her Isis or Nuit and Christian shamans still loyal to Lucifer called her Sophia, dividing and concealing her within the three Mary’s of the New Testament. In corporeal form, she has been known as Baphomet to the Templers, Vril to the German National Socialists, and now electromagnetism to mad scientists who would profane her.

The most opulent church constructed in recorded history and perhaps the greatest expression of the architectural arts is Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now called Istanbul). After its construction in the fourth century Hagia Sophia remained the largest building in the world for over a thousand years. It was only superseded after Islamic hordes overran it and turned it into a mosque.

Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom. Sophia in Greek means wisdom, skill in Magick. In the Nag Hammadi Library Sophia is revealed to the uninitiated after being hidden for close to two thousand years. Prior to the Libraries revelation, what was known of Sophia came from scraps of manuscripts and Pistis (faith) Sophia; a text purported to be Gnostic.

Pistis Sophia was discovered back in the eighteenth century. It leans heavily on the pathological misogyny of Paul and his ‘teachings’ of overcoming the Archons through faith. Before the Council of Nicaea, most Christians believed Sophia was the mother of the Old Testament god whom they called the ‘demiurge.’ In the archetypical Oedipus complex, to them, she was also the rightful bride of Christ.

In The Thunder, Perfect Mind –a poem from the Nag Hammadi Library– a far more pagan than Christian Goddess brashly tells those who would know her to Understand “For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin.”

Hagia Sophia – Istanbul

The consensus among the Libraries manuscripts is that Sophia was one of eight original Ogdoads, four pairs of “Aeons” or emanations that before the advent of matter manifested God through their sexual relations. Sophia attempted to manifest God without her consort and her actions disturbed the balance. Matter subsequently came into existence along with the resulting god or demiurge and Sophia was trapped in their world.

In order to glorify himself, the demiurge created man to worship him using as a template the distorted images of the angelic world from which Sophia fell. But he could not animate man without using the same life spark from Sophia that had begotten him. Because she dwells in him, Man has the ability to be god’s equal and he is able to see the difference between good and evil far more clearly than Ialdabaoth; the blind god born of the void.

In The Thunder, Perfect Mind the Goddess exhorts those who would seek her out not to be arrogant with her when she is cast out upon the earth, not to look upon her when she is in the dung-heap or “among those who are disgraced and in the least places.” She implores them not to laugh at her, to leave her cast out nor to cast her “out among those who are slain in violence.” She tells them that if they heed her words, they will find her “in the kingdoms” and “in those that are to come.” But she warns them to be on their guard because “I, I am compassionate and I am cruel.”

She is the Whore of Babylon, exiled there with her people because she is their collective soul. According to Gnostic lore she is to undergo repeated incarnations as a whore. The bride of Jesus was Mary Magdalene, who through oral traditions Christians know as a loose woman, some say she was a prostitute. The Knights Templar, who are the guardians of the Gral, were told to gather in places frequented by woman of ill repute. Just like Richard Wagner’s Parzival the Savior quests for the Gral, a metaphor for his lover.

Lucifer is the original consort of Sophia. He is the Savior of scripture. But the only thing that he must save is Her. Through her redemption, through their reunification, the righteous wedding of the Bride and the Groom, the unification of the He and the She, will this whole blasphemous creation be rolled up and deposited back in the limitless light of the Supreme Being, to live forever in orgasmic ecstasy.

Lucifer did not fall from heaven nor was he cast out. He has no use for the counterfeit heaven of Abraham’s demon god. He comes of his own accord like a vengeful bolt of lightning cast down from unimaginable heights, aimed at the dark heart of an abomination that dares to think of itself as the Supreme Being. A being whose ‘creation’ consists of an endless series of organisms perpetually consuming each other.


LUCIFER in the Temple of the Dog I By Jack Heart, Orage & Friends


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