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This makes so much more sense now, than when I first read it all those years ago Jack...

So if spirit is from Sirius, any idea what the relation (potential inference) is with Procyon?

Which is the binary star system located in the northern constellation of Canis Minor (the Lesser Dog).

This star is one of the vertices that make up the 'Winter Triangle' (with Sirius and Betelgeuse) and the 'Winter Hexagon' (with Rigel, Aldebaran, Capella, Pollux, and Sirius) asterisms.

As with Sirius, there is an A and a B.

Procyon is also one of our closest stellar neighbours...

Procyon means “before the dog.”

This is I belive what the ancient Greeks used to describe this star, as it rises above the horizon into the sky before Sirius "the Dog Star" does.

This Lesser Dog was associated by Egyptians with Anubis, and the constellations of Canis Minor, Orion, and Gemini were also important to the Aztecs because they formed an asterism which they called “Water.”

In Greek mythology, Canis Minor is usually associated with the tale of the Teumessian Fox...

In the story, the Teumessian Fox was a creature that never gets caught.

One day, the dog Laelaps, which always catches everything it hunts, was sent to get the fox.

This resulted in a never-ending chase between the two!

Ultimately, Zeus intervened and put them in the sky.

The Teumessian Fox became Canis Minor and Laelaps became Canis Major.

In another story, it is said that Canis Minor is one of the two hunting dogs of Orion the Hunter.

In yet another story, Procyon is said to be Erigone’s dog named Maera.

Erigone’s father is Icarius.

As a follower of Dionysus he was known for his great ability in winemaking.

During one of his travels, Icarius offered his wine to some shepherds.

Unluckily, the shepherds died so their other companions attacked and killed Icarius.

Back home, Erigone became worried about her father, so she decided to look for him together with her dog Maera. Because of its strong senses, the dog was able to track down Icarius’s grave under a tree.

Erigone became heartbroken with what happened to her father, and was so depressed that she decided to end her life, and her and Maera both jumped off a cliff.

Dionysus saw what happened and felt pain and sorrow for the family, but was also furious and brought plagues to Athens.

The calamities only ended when the people offered rites for Icarius and Erigone.

Dionysus rewarded Erigone, Icarius, and Maera by putting them in the sky.

Erigone became the Virgo constellation while Icarius became the constellation of "Boötes".

The hound, Maera, became the brightest star in Canis Minor, Procyon.

This dog was placed near the celestial river (the Milky Way) so he would never get thirsty...

Just thought I'd share, am going to look into it a little more, but wondered if you already had?

Thanks as always Jack.

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Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen wrote a book, the Pale Fox. With the Pale Fox being the only male Nommo, aquatic gods that were the forerunner of the Egyptian pantheon, who is the primal devil or trickster, only out of frustration because he is separated from the female Nommo. Perhaps the pale fox is Procyon...

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Thank you Jack, your knowledge never ceases to amaze.

Another thread of the weave to go searching down...

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