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So, Jack the NSA is protecting you.

You published your address down in TN. Let's say it goes viral and the money flows in by mail. It would be in the form of check or cash. Send a quater if you like.

Then boom, we have people sending a guy quarters in the mail.

Send out a team of Postal Inspectors.

What would trigger this? Your address getting so many unclaimed packages you backed up your little post office. Then, the packages coming from the larger distribution center got clogged up by your mail? You drew attention to yourself.

I council peace between you and the NSA.

See, they spy, legally on every other federal agency.

Where do retired CIA agents go? USPostal. They use them to torture injured workers, forced to work upon machines built by military contractors when they are slow.

The last monstrosity dreamed up to sort the mail?

The MPLS machine. By 9/11 they were obsolete.

Replaced by "automation" USPostal style.

Now we have packages. Packages and no workers to deliver them but wait. You forgot about the last mile...

Back to the MPLSM machine, replaced and removed, even helped load the last one on a truck and sent it to China.

USPostal sold it to them.

The NSA? US postal hires retired spys and puts them to productive use. It helps if your a saddest, USPostal management loves them best.

I am looking at internet usage in general. Do I even need an internet connection? At all anymore?

Like a letter opened and read the smart phone is the last mile of delivery.

Loki, up in Canada? Kaminski sounding the alarm? I propose a silent retreat.

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Excellent piece, Jack. Hadn't seen it before. There is still quite a lot of your work I haven't seen, but I am impressed by the quality of the writing of what I am reading. This one was profound on many levels. Validates a lot of ideas I express in my own work, and in my comments on many of your own pieces.

Our Holographic reality is malleable. Bending reality to one's Will is Magick. And it has been confirmed, as if it matters, by some of the most brilliant mathematical and scientific minds in history.

Makes Flat Earth vs Globe Earth vs Piano Shaped Earth kind of irrelevant. Makes an infinite universe with an infinite number of planets hosting unimaginable varieties of alien species kind of irrelevant. Or an infinite stationary plane of dome-enclosed 'puddle worlds' being managed by unknown overlords irrelevant.

The Sacred is the information in the beam being projected, not the screen it is projected on. But they are intertwined. This is necessary for 'existence' to 'exist.' For 'life' to 'live.' The screen being projected on is temporal. It is this false reality, the officially sanctioned narrative they indoctrinate children into at such a young age. The reality which the Profane believe in so lovingly, and are so protective of, is not real. This cognitive dissonance hampers their connection to the Sacred. Their need for a 'reality' to believe in itself is what separates them from the knowing.

The information in the beam is eternal. And we are the information in the beam. Having experiences in the projected realm of 'existence.' (Which doesn't actually exist 'anywhere' except in our mind -- the One mind).

The Sacred has Fallen, into matter. The Sacred has fallen into the dream of a place where matter and individuation exists.

The Profane have a very different relation to reality than the Sacred. The Profane believe they are body which has produced a mind. The Sacred know they are a mind that has produced a body.

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Good to see this piece back in the limelight Jack, and timely too...

Although, time flies, as it feels like only yesterday that I read this the first time...

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...seems Schrödinger knew his Plutarch, in the "On the Failure of Oracles", 22 : 422b

"The inner area of the triangle is the common hearth of all, and is called the Plain of Truth..." = Dreamtime. "...of the three left over each is placed at an angle, and those that are next to one other are in contact and revolve gently as in a dance."


It is said in certain circles that Mister Eliade was quite 'profane'. Vulgarized Mister René Guénon, who was his far away mentor, mistrusting the Roumanian Scholar alot ! I still like the professor nonetheless!

The Sacred is always sacred except when we fart, & even then, can a fart be profane ? What profanity !

Nevertheless, the hearth is implicate, those worlds on edge explicate. Slicing brains a funny way to find out what's going on in the jello of a hollowgram.

Thanks Jack ! Always enjoy reading you, multiple times. Since 2015.

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Weren't these warriors where modern Jewery came from? Fighting going on there right now in Ukraine their homeland. Jack, you went over their spiritual beliefs in one of your articles and made the connection between them and modern jewery.

But they have their Rabbis like Christians have priests but men only need Spirit as guide and that's within.

Rabbis and priests report to their handlers, members of that Borman faction. 146 corporations with their intertwining boards of directors run all the rest and all told its maybe 700 or 800 people that run the planet.

The real players are behind even that. The Jews? Lots a fucking laughs...

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