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Life in the jail is much simpler jack the freaks ,& Pedos are kept away from the general population for their safety,why the hell do they not follow those simple rules on the outside, not many people get that you ken jack ,the older we get the less a life sentence bothers us lol ,

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Excellent podcast, I listened twice...I really would like to see pictures of Hogs(I like this stuff), and I like the last words about religious leaders, "Do something or get a job"....Write this down, it is very good.

Nashville, a future major town..interesting but plausible.

Honeymoon is over with transgender stuff and Binary people(1 and 0, interesting right), people can't take this anymore, it is becoming too stupid, too violent, and too degenerated even for the old liberals... it is destined for failure it always was...

The question remains how many souls will be taken..how it ends?

How could this end?, there is just one way...

To see this Evil is a great privilege and great sorrow, but how will you know evil if you never truly experienced it?

There is far more I should say, all praises but I got to run...

Thank you, gentlemen, for your illuminated, honest, discourse without screaming weirdos.

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You know Jack, my daughter just graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in education with top honors. Our family has regular discussions about education for kids and her future in Wisconsin and its transgenderism in the schools. She never set foot in a public school until college because she was home schooled. We are discussing moving the entire family to Tennessee because in Wisconsin the jews run the school systems all promoting ADL talking points.

The ADL's position? Anti transgenderism is anti Semitic. That organization has pledged to support the movement with all its resources.

The next town over, Dousman Wisconsin and its Kettle Moraine School district are all in on transgenderism to the point of grooming children and with holding information from parents.

The issue being so relevant that the University of Wisconsin had the issue of transgenderism and the Kettle Moraine School district taught in my daughter's upper level college courses.

Front and center should children be groomed for transgenderism in the classroom and do parents have the right to know what is going on?

A very mentally ill boy was convinced to trans by teachers in the Kettle Moraine School district and they withheld that information from the parents. When the parents found out they confronted the school and the school doubled down on the policy forcing the parents to pull their children from the district.

The parents have filed a lawsuit in Wisconsin over the issue of parental rights and its now going through the courts.

Dousman had a very contentious school board election over these issues but a jew got in into the school board and is pushing transgenderism big time.

My local Jewish owned bicycle shop is all in upon this disruption of our community by supporting youth mountain biking through NICA, a K-12 cycling club for youth that pushes transgenderism for children in its rides and races.

NICA, being a national club plans on suing the State of Tennessee over the anti transgenderism laws.

In SE Wisconsin jews run these issues.

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262 965 4144

The phone number for the bicycle doctor of Dousman Wisconsin.

Call them and ask for Kyle. The store manager and ask him why you support a cycling club for youth that supports transgenderism? And it's policy of letting boys dressed as girls being allowed to participate in the female categories? That club is called NICA and is very active in Tennessee. Kyle will lecture you on being inclusive. Kyle is 28 years old and Jewish and follows the ADL talking points.

Call them and talk to him Jack and do record the call.

Might be interesting. Kyle has a degree in business and finance from the University of Wisconsin. A sharp young man.

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Jack and Orage, since both Stalin and Hitler were under the auspices of the Thule society, both being taught by Gudjeiff and Crowley who are these people? Orchestrating massive wars of the twentieth century and that character Sebottendorph training Adolph Hitler and then the Nazi regime going south by attacking Russia? Was it the plan to unite Russia and Germany? And is that plan still in play today? which would explaine a lot of things going in our world today.

America should join an alliance with Russia and Germany because for the Jews.

Excuse me, the Neo conservatives. Pardon me as its illeagle to criticize ones rulers.

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