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I get the return of Industrial Warfare argument, along with Just-In-Time won't work under wartime conditions best explained by Martyanov. I get that early action of the SMO was Von Manstein manouver warfare, changing to WWI trench warfare with a sprinkle of City siege actions ala Stalingrad and Russian Adaption, creating apallingy called meat grinders. I even grant the struggle for national/racial survival, so aptly applied by Stalin, but, and here comes the but who's dying but Slavs, war of attrition? A nice empty land for Vanguard, Blackrock and the Pecheneks, replay of WWI with hordes of newly minted billionaires and hordes of grieving widows

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Phil, background checks in Germany would be pure propaganda induced, aptly called Covid deniers, There's no sanity left, the komissars are here at your doorstep

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Christian -communist-o.k now I heard it all, LOL...Cowboy has some valid points and some grievous delusions.

Second of course Russians have the same problems.i mean the word Oligarch is sinonim for Russia like Votka or Caviar.

The third End game is not here...this here, this "reality" is more like a testing ground.

Why I don't care If Putin fails, and I never had delusions any politicians will save the day, same goes for Kennedy...I mean I will push him/root for him, try to make him better than he is...there is a form of white magick, you add just a little touch, it is not possessing or other dark arts, but you make them better than they really are.

Fourth: Did they win? nope...they/aristocrats and slime that they are hosting right now are going down one way or another...it is just a matter of time...

For them gate is closed for others gate is open...Black sun and White SUn---Yin and Yang created a vortex...total disappearance or birth of another reality...

One can go and live, other will end in eternal prison which they helped to create.

So had we had enough of the Russian-Ukrainian war...I have.I should stay away when I saw the same

polished script that they meticulously conscripted in our lands...

When enough people will die, and enough bombs will fall, enough people will be displaced from their ancestral homes then magically some peace summit will appear and we will have peace...sound familiar?

I agree with cowboy-Slavs are the last Europeans who are willing to fight,truth.

So-called Slavs are Aryans they even told you in school that Slavs came from the Nord, pantheon of the Slavic gods is almost the same as the Nordic pantheon, Kolovrat/Black Sun...Gods even look alike.

All here is a joke/recipe full of amnesia and hatred.

My two cents on the presented topic...

Cheers to all,have a great day.

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A hundred years ago cacasians were over 20 percent of the world population jump forward to today and the REAL figure when you take away all the mixing is 4 to 6 percent, in a generation if we have that we will be the 0.1 % and a display in a museum

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The more we stand up, unafraid, nothing to loose, birth right, the more entanglement will be the magic, unexplicable to 'them' in play

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There is nothing strange about me not contacting you, Jack. I had never heard of you until my chat sent me a link yesterday.

All it would have taken is an email or a comment on my blog from you. I talk to pretty much everyone that my chat asks me to. Also, about selling out, I thought about what you said and I think that you are right. As a result, I have decided to raise my selling out rate.

$4000 a month to sell out to the east and $8000 a month to sell out to the west.

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This is for Orage to look over. A history of the gay movement in regards to the Thule society and the German Reich.this is part one of three parts. This is a sister substack publication.

The Author? First question is he Jewish? Second Question? Did the author pass the Hitler test?

My reading of this authors series is that first the Jewish question and the notion of the holocaust, being that this author takes the traditional narrative stance and second I belive the author failed the Hitler test however, I need a keen informed mind such as Orages to go over this material.

Color me suspicious.

I am no fan of pogroms against gays as gays are mentioned in Native American stories as people who are wired differently yet valued members of society. Just an opinion that I belive is fact based however, the work above points at a hijacked area of human society. My take of course but keen open minds need to look at this authors work.

Thanks in advance.

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If Putin was the savior wouldn’t he be dead by now? Putin as the savior is the alt-kike narrative. Putin has the same demons surrounding him as does our idiot and chief. He meets regularly with Chabad demons and humps the wall of Jin’s. It’s just the Eurasian shift ..the Rothschilds wet dream of moving power to the East aka China and Russia. Maybe it’s time to close down the illegal money laundering state of IsRAhell as stated would happen by ((Kissinger)) years ago. The better grift may be Ukraine where they will be protected by Russia instead of surrounded by actual semites. All just actwhores on the worlds ((stage)). The fake war will end when their ((masters)) tell them to end it. The whole show is ridiculous and just another bankers war where Whites or Europeans kill each other for nothing. https://thegoodlylawfulsociety.org/russia-rothschild-the-brics-bank-next-stop-on-the-road-to-world-currency/ PS NAZIs are jews and Zelensky is literally telling everyone this but the cognitive dissonance and life time programming doesn’t allow it to sink in. https://libertyladydotblog.wordpress.com/2021/11/03/nazis-are-jews/

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Side Note after finally getting around your Twin Peaks articles 20 years late to the game and being amazed I decided to rewatch Silent Hill again and by god Jack you and Orage are something else. Without your awareness and analysis I would've left it to be blown off as just another video game movie by Hollywood that has run out of ideas. Those articles are now fucking GOLD for the unwashed masses and given recent events since your book knocked me upside the head the movie is A+! Movie walks you through your memories as you walk them backwards in the film.

Damn you never cease to amaze me even when I'm Johnny come lately.

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Nice work as usual Jack and Phil, thank you.

I'm not going to comment too much on the comments here, too much vitriolic for my liking.

But hats off Rolo for having the dogsballs to comment here, and shame on all those that degenerated, and prevented any proper conversation and insight (you know who you are, and what I'm saying)...

A microcosm of the fucked up world we see around us today, that keeps people bickering whilst the real perps continue to get away with murder!


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Loyalty? What is it? Is it a chemical reaction? Is it something like a vaxxine? Believe in me so it shall be? Loyalty is a man and his word a bond together as we honor our word.

That is the heart of National Socialism as its enemies are weak. I see your weaknesses as we? You don't want us to come together as division is the rule of the day. Spirit unites says follow me says my burden is light.

That burden? Easily born together harder apart as division is the work of the bioweapon predated by the internet.

I see you.

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