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"Wailing Wall Street"


Corrosion Of Conformity - Vote with a Bullet

The number in nations

The god in their hearts

The justice in swine

The devil in God


This long hand that breaks our backs

Still casting shadows on all that we see

Unjustified...mercy killing is just a feeling

To keep our numbers from being free


Prison for praise is not worth thinking

Sin is still in and our ballots are shrinking

So unleash the dogs - the only solution

Forgive and forget, fuck no

I'm talking about a revolution

The prophet man's got a needle in his hand

Draws his dreams from your soul - bleeding

Minds into sand

The year of the fear has arrived decades too late

And our right to stand and fight is now

Solely sealed in fate


Prison for praise is not worth thinking

Sin is still in and our ballots are shrinking

So unleash the dogs - the only solution

Forgive and forget, fuck no

I'm talking about a revolution

One last chance mission with a vision

'cos our lives are just cards in their stack

Our time is short but theirs is shorter

How much longer can they hold us back


Prison for praise - the obvious answer

Once had power mad - living disaster

Don't fuck with me 'cos I'm on a freedom train

That bears no name - this time

I'm voting with a bullet

This view they once knew made our nooses too tight

This justice in swine

This devil in god

So God bless my soul - I've got total control

And the crosshairs lined up dead in my sight

I'm voting with a bullet

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It's said that Nathan Rothschild once said that those that control the finances of a country control the country, to that I say; fuck you Mr. Rothschild just give me access to the hearts of a nation's youth, and I will stomp you, take your shekels and violate your daughters...

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You know what my Hitler pal told me the other day? At 61, he said that he hopes to be healthy enough to die in battle in the comming American civil war. Old men lead young men into battle.

Send those pink haired faggot loving Feds into the heartland with their digital dollars.

And to those human resources bitches that control who gets a good paying job? Fuck you.

Young men? I advise all of you to avoid corporate jobs and go into the trades. Learn how to make things and repair things. And when that human resources bitch tells you to wear a mask or enquires about your vaxx status? Uphold that long middle finger and withhold your labor.

Good luck bitch getting a day's work done. Perhaps we can find hard working men at the Synagogue? Those are the hardest working men.

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The Black Avatar is playing his horn.


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How do we rid the world of transgenderism? Get rid of the Jew. However, I am Jewish even though Irish and German. I believe true Jews are led by Spirit thats why they love John Coltrane.

John Coltrane? A Jewish musician. Got way out of control. Had to get rid of him. Died of fast acting cancer I believe.

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The above? The Foxx news business model. Curvy older good looking women to read the script to the 18 to 64 year old demographic. Notice I said read the script from a teleprompter.

Jack and Jonny reek of good Spiritual vibes on this video as truth is the Spirit of the wave function. Well done!

And Jack is so freeking cool with the dark lighting with his cigarette going as Me thinks I will take up smoking. LOL

But I can’t take up smoking since I am a cyclist planning to do Paris Brest Paris this July a 1200k bicycle race but alas I might as well take up smoking since my cycling club has mandated the vaxxine to ride a bicycle outside. No Paris trip for this guy!

Me at 66? I can cover 100 miles in about six and a half hours and maybe a bit faster. At 46, my fastest time as an ultra cyclist I could cover 200 miles easily in ten and a half hours but had no cash for Paris. Now I have the cash at 66 but for a vaxxine I can’t go to Paris. I am pissed. Jack calls them agglutinations. Apt term.

The vaxxine and cycling? My over 60 vaxxed pals are riding faster than I have ever seen them ride. No one has died. The vaxx is a cycling performance enhancer. As you know, the over 60 crew is a heavily vaxxed crew

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