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What little I know from reading Gurdjieff, and others accounts of him/works on him, leaves many more questions than answers, which I suppose has left its mark on me, and my own style of approaching this existence.

Thank you for sharing Jack (another timely piece).

I have a Russian in-law currently living in the UK, I may have to watch the clip with her and get a translation over the festive period...

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At one point in my life, I was compelled to read a multitude of books by so-called 'mystics' and discovered Gurdjieff. I became quite involved in his ideas, read many books, joined a group. Started reading and studying many of the Fourth Way authors that worked with Gurdjieff also.

Interestingly, like Crowley, Casteneda, Huxley, Leary, and many other 'mystics', Gurdjieff was allegedly a spy. J.G. Bennett, one of his chief acolytes, was British Intelligence. I had found this an odd pattern, but one that kept coming up. It goes back to John Dee, the original 007, and probably even further back to the whisperers who consulted the Pharaohs. Spooks involved in Magic(k), sorcery and mysticism. And cults. Lots of cults.

I had also been studying Intelligence agencies and deep state think tanks, and the kind of work they really do, (instead of the pulp fiction and film fantasy context in which they're famously portrayed). This had been an interest ever since I discovered almost every one of my favorite writers growing up at one time or another had ties or alleged ties to Intelligence agencies.

The line between the deep state spooks and the sorcerers, shamans, witches and magicians gets blurred at times. What's the difference between a psychological operation a deep state Intelligence agency is running and a Chaos Magick operation? Aren't both attempts at altering reality using ritual and creativity? Aren't we living in a world where the population is ruled by these very means? As they sleep.

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It's now been 12/13 years that my spouse & I visited the little famous crowded Avon, near the Castle of Fontainebleau. To see the hole where they put the bodily remains of a smart silly man. 2 megalithic stones in a rectangle in the graveyard, mark the spot where perhaps there is no longer concealed any treasure of any kind. Pouf ! The guy went off on an astral cloud to Sarmoun before flying off to the planet Mars, not to scold in anyway his much beloved grandson.

He was a guy who liked kidding with the vain glorious of high society. Begging American dollars for his great human decency project! (How to scramble the brain without using drugs just so you can make out of human robots your human slaves; at least till you get tired of them). Teaching simple common sense to the emmasculated & stuck-up idiots of the 20th Century Bourgeoisie. Amongst them were special agents like Bennet who spied on Gurdjie, for British Intelligence. Bennet liked the Beatles. Of course there was Von Harttman a Russian military & composer of G's musical partitions, Orage, Ouspensky & many now today happily forgotten individuals. Mme. de Salzmann wasn't worth forgetting.

Making a myth out of himself so as to show to the excessively over educated mummies of his time, especially to those who had sticks stuck up their behinds and lots of dirhams under the mattress, HOW DUMB AN ASS REALLY ISN'T !

Look inside the festering closet of yourself, & you'll see : most people need a Daddy, & that's why Mister G. liked to play Daddy. As long as you're not a real Mom or real Dad, you'll always be a spoiled brat going cross legged in a Hymalayan cave. Looking for a way to get out of here, on the back of another man's ass!

His enneagramic thinking is marvelous : when some one smites you, ask for more, & learn to love it. In time you'll make a worthy amount of Hydrogen. But dont fart. Just hold on, hold it in. Try to keep going till you can escape to some far off winterland where there's no possible inflammable spontaneous combustion possible; then let it out!

That way you'll avoid going to the Moon. Between 1-2-3, there's a 4-5-6-7; the last place is for the Absolute G (sound familiar). Have to learn to play on all the octaves, in fifths. Man is a machine, so why don't you come to my place and do the laundry. I'll teach to dig holes, then afterwards if you're as smart as I am, you'll get the hell out of here. Or perhaps you'll stay & do like me, you can sleep with all the little ladies who dance here looking for a stairway to heaven, whoops I mean my room. And one day they'll get together & throw a curse on you. They'll push your car into a ditch. Or just some tree on the side of the road and then giggle.

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Thanx guys.

Apologies for this ahead of time, but I am rather preoccupied with death and its reach...

A story of a woman, terminally ill, who went to France to spend her last days with the Gurdjief community. There were concerns about her welfare, and an agent was dispatched to report on her condition and care. It seems her family did not exactly trust the reputation of the master.

The agent discovered her sleeping in a barn with the cows.

He reported, much to his own astonishment, that she was completely at peace with her prognosis, and that sustaining herself on simple fair, upon her bed of hay was no hardship, as she was quite happy she wouldn't be returning home.

The agent respected her wishes, as she was quite cognizant, and understood fully what her choice meant.

Whatever one can say about Gurdjief, this story alone should reveal that he was more than a political figure.


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Daniel Liszt, aka Dark Journalist, has covered Gurdjieff many times. I don't find much, if anything, scandalous or laudatory written about the mystic/guru/donation recipient in pop media. Books by a couple of his female students are a bit too expensive in exchange for satisfaction of my curiosity. Can be found on Amazon. Gurdjieff and some devotees undertook an arduous trek across the Caucasus, according to a brief mention in something I read. I eventually tracked down an account of the journey in a book by Gurdjieff's son that is sold, used, on Amazon.com for $20.00. Title: "My Dear Father Gurdjieff" See below for synopsis.

Another book about life with Gurdieff was written by the Ukrainian-born composer and creative collaborator, Thomas Hartmann, and Thomas's wife, Olga Hartman. Scribd.com subscribers can read and download it on Scribd.com. A free, scanned version is currently on an obscure (to me) Brazilian web site. It's called "Our Life with Mr Gurdjieff"

Here: http://imagomundi.com.br/quarto_caminho/hartmann.pdf

More on "My Dear Father Gurdjieff"

Paperback – December 18, 2016

by Nikolai De Stjernvall

Amazon.com Synopsis

Nikolai de Stjernvall was always close to his "dear father," G.I. Gurdjieff, but especially so during the few months between 1937 and 1938 when he served as his father's attendant and collected such rich experiences. As the only person who lived with Gurdjieff to ever write about him, Nikolai's account is invaluable for providing an intimate and human perspective of his subject unavailable elsewhere. Supplementing his memoirs are two texts by Elizaveta de Stjernvall, his mother, including her account of her trek with Gurdjieff 's entourage across the Caucasus evading the Russian Revolution, and Adele Kafian's account of caring for Katherine Mansfield at Gurdjieff 's Institute during her final days. Nikolai's frankness, Elizaveta's devotion, and Adele's compassion are all faithfully maintained in the translation of Paul Beekman Taylor, Nikolai's boyhood friend who also lived at the Prieuré in his youth.

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The proper way to see his Church is first who is Jesus? Whoever he was as the story is told, he was murdered by Jews who controlled the Roman government, given a kangaroo trial, was horribly beaten and hung upon a stick to die.

He defeated death by stick and rose again, meeting three women at his tomb, after rising, because all the men abandoned him for fear of the jews, and those women announced his rising to all those men who were afraid of the jew that he has risen!

He preached to those cowardly men for 40 days to build a Church led by him, and then took his leave of this world after 40 days promising to send his Spirit.

Notice how after his accension that he left the Jew in charge? Why? Because that is the purpose of his Church to reign in the Jew in this world. The world we have now ? Totally inverted! The last and best Jesus was in the last century and his name?

Adolph Hitler

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