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Ghost Gold and the Ghosts of ex Contributors

Ghost Gold and the Ghosts of ex Contributors

A few words going forward.

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Given to me by the DoD’s star remote viewer, drinking buddy of King Charles, and heir of Ingo Swan right after she gave me my copy of the Marques de Sade.

Excerpts From Michael Tellinger

Posted June 5, 2009

HI y'alls. Going back over some email archives, I discovered the following narrative sent to me, by Michael Tellinger, author of the Slave Species of God. Besides ancient origins theory, are also many orations on electrical power, power plants, ancient batteries, a pre-modern finding of an ancient holocaust (which many researchers opine that we are the survivors of that one, destined to do it a second time), space flight, and several other things of interest.

Rather than get into all of that, I got this article of interest, that may also be of scientific interest to you.


We have already discussed the issues around our obsession with gold. During my research I found that gold and slavery are the two common denominators that can be traced back to the earliest of human times. It seems that gold is the first and main obsession of not only humans, but all the ancient gods from all the religions all the way back to Genesis 2 and even further back in the Sumerian tablets. New discoveries are beginning to show some truly mysterious and even miraculous properties of gold. Are we finally revealing the real reasons why the GODS of antiquity were so obsessed by this metal?



White Powder of GOLD

The food of the gods – manna from heaven!

In 1994 at the Global Sciences Congress hosted by Dean Stonier in Virginia Beach, David Hudson presented his new findings to an astonished audience. By this time he had spent 17 years researching the strange properties of gold and other Platinum Group Metals or PMGs. Hunter was a successful farmer who saw an opportunity in recovering gold from old mining sites where the sandy leftovers from the refining process were dumped. His idea was simple, to accumulate gold and silver without having to pay taxes and because he had all the farming equipment he began recovering gold using the Heap Leach Cyanide method. The crushed ore is laid out and irrigated with a dilute cyanide solution. The solution percolates through the ore and leaches out the precious metal. This can take several weeks.

The solution containing the precious metals is called the pregnant solution. It continues percolating through the crushed ore until it reaches an impermeable liner at the bottom of the heap where it drains into a storage tank. The precious metals are then separated from the pregnant solution and the dilute cyanide solution now called 'barren solution' is normally re-used in the heap-leach-process or occasionally sent to an industrial water facility where the residual cyanide is treated and residual metals are removed. The water is then discharged back into the environment where it poses possible and obvious ecological threats. But this is all really aside from the remarkable discovery made by Hudson.

During his recovery of gold and silver in this way and then assessing it with a standard fire assay process, he found that he was recovering something else, which was causing losses in the recovered gold and silver. After consulting more knowledgeable experts he realized that nobody knew what this problem material was. It had a specific gravity and it would recover in molten lead just as if it was gold or silver. But when he tried to couple it with the lead, there was nothing.

This is where the mystery deepened when he discovered that people involved in mining and metallurgical work are familiar with this mystery substance. They often call it 'ghost gold'. It is a non-tradable and non-identifiable form of gold.

Hudson was introduced to the Soviet Academy of Sciences, that had a very advanced emission spectroscopy programme. This process involves taking two carbon electrodes and placing your sample on one of them, while running a current between them through your sample. As the current forms an electric arc between the two electrodes, it also burns the sample matter in its path. The elements in the sample will ionize and give off specific light frequencies. This is the basis of spectroscopic analysis or DC Arc Emission Spectroscopy. This process is normally triggered for about 10 to 15 seconds before the carbon electrodes burns away. The interesting thing is that American spectroscopy analysts will tell you that everything that is there will be ionized and will be ident ified in the emission spectroscopy report.

In one such experiment, the material Hudson was testing showed up to be iron, silica and aluminum. It took them three years of trying to actually get rid of those elements, but this could not really be achieved. Because once the known elements were burnt away, they still had 98% of the material left behind. This material on the DC arc did not indicate to be anything. They took the material back to Cornell University, where Hudson worked with others trying to analyze this mystery substance.

They used X-ray analysis with 8 different X-ray heads, tunneling microscopy, diffraction, fluorescent microscopy, all this great technology confirmed the presence of iron, silica and aluminum. So they worked on removing those elements from the sample again. When they no longer showed up on the spectroscopic analysis, it was pronounced that there was nothing left, and yet there was still material present.

So they opted to follow the advice of the Soviet Academy of Sciences who suggested that proper spectroscopic analysis requires a 300-second burn instead of the 15 seconds use in the USA. Within the first 15 seconds they got the standard readings of iron, silica and aluminum and sometimes traces of calcium. After that, nothing else was read until 90 seconds into the burn, where palladium began to read; at 110 seconds platinum began to read; at 130 seconds ruthenium began to read; at 140-150 seconds rhodium began to read; at 190 iridium began to read and at 220 seconds osmium was read. The Russians called this fractional vaporization.

The boiling point of these elements is about 5200 to 5300 degrees centigrade while the maximum temperature of a DC arc is theoretically about 5450 to 5500 centigrade, measured at the center of the arc. So if the material sits on the side of the electrode it can't get to the maximum temperature of the arc so quickly. But during the longer burns the elements burnt off in the sequence of their boiling temperatures; palladium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium, etc. To put this into perspective for the layman, we must realise that the boiling temperature of iron, is to these elements like the boiling temperature of water is to iro n. You can't get iron hotter than the boiling temperature of water until all the water is gone. The same applies to the carbon arc and the burning away of the iron, silica and aluminum. It's not until all of that is gone, that you can reach the temperatures of the denser elements. They experimented for two years to conclude that about 85% of the reading occurs way out there towards the end of the long burn. In other words, short burn times are incorrect when determining purity standards and so the people buying these precious metal standards are only getting about 15% to 20% of the sample assuming it is everything.

The best deposits in the world are still found in South Africa where they are mining 1/3 of an ounce per ton. Based on their research Hudson believes that they should get about 2400 oz per ton of these precious elements if it is recovered properly. He worked with a chemist in Arizona for over 3 years, replicating the procedures that the Soviet academy recommended. They successfully separated 6-8 oz. per ton of palladium, 12-13 oz. per ton of platinum, 150 oz. per ton of osmium, 200 oz. per ton of ruthenium, 600 oz. per ton of iridium, 1200 oz. per ton of rhodium, the same values as found in spectroscopic analysis.

Hudson proved his point by producing three different samples of rhodium in different states and sending it for analysis to the leading US laboratory. All three came back being analysed to be different materials; iron, aluminum and calcium, and even calcium and silicon. The point being that there was no consistency in the analysis of the three materials, even though they were all the same element, 99.9% pure rhodium. So once again Hudson asserts that the commercial standards used by the world are not t echnically correct.

And now we get into the more interesting properties of these precious metals. Monoatomic gold as a chloride has a forest green color while commercial gold chloride is gold or a light green depending on how much you dilute it. Why does nobody offer monoatomic gold commercially in batteries or wet cell appliances? When you put the green gold chloride solution in the wet cell it works about 20 times better. This is the true elemental chemistry of the precious elements and it applies to all of these elements, osmium, ruthenium, rhodium, iridium, palladium, platinum and gold.

Gold prefers to stay in a diatomic state and the diatonic bonds of gold are so strong, that it will never go to the monoatom without real encouragement and it never loses its metallic character. But if you know how to take those metallic bonds apart and create monoatomic gold, which is what mother nature did by literally dissolving it to a single atom when it comes up out of the earth, about 98% of the gold comes up as monoatomic gold, and about 2% comes up as metal. The world has developed its method to recover yellow gold. But when it is dissolved to the monoatomic state, it never comes back as yellow gold; it is not metallic and it has no metallic character. Hudson and his associate went further. They submitted the material to thermo-gravimetric analysis in Palo Alto.

Monoatomic gold is a kind of gray-black as hydrogen oride. But under an inert gas, you can heat it and the proton is stripped away. When it does this, it converts to a snow-white powder and suddenly loses 45% of its weight. How can it lose 4/9ths of its weight and yet if you take it back to metal, it regains its weight? As they repeated this experiment, this white material would literally levitate, weighing less than the pan it was sitting in. When they cooled it, it would sometimes go to 200% or 300% the weight. Then heat it again and it goes to less than nothing; cool it and it weighs 300% more than what you started with. This only happens in this white powder form using this thermo-gravimetric analyzer. You take 100% of gold and make the hydrogen oride pellet and it weighs 103%, but you anneal it and it goes to 5/9ths or about 62-63% of the beginning weight, and yet, the mass h as never changed or left the matter. This led Hudson and his team to investigate the properties of superconductivity. They called this the 'White powder of gold' and the incredible properties will be discussed in a few days, in part 2 of this article.

Thanks for your interest, hope it makes you realise that we are only now beginning to come to terms with the true reasons behind the ancient GOD's obsession with gold. There is a lot more to come.

Best regards

Michael Tellinger.

White Powder of Gold – Part II

Superconductors & Special Healing Properties

Beyond modern medicine – into the realms of the gods?

In this weeks article we find out:

1) That white powder of gold can be used as an energy source;

2) Can be used as a healing substance for all disease;

3) The frequency of the white light of the powder of gold has unique powers that may have been accidentally discovered by modern scientists before.

David Hudson and his team examined the new strange powder for various properties, but mainly to find out if it was a 'superconductor'. By definition a superconductor does not allow any voltage potential to exist in the sample, but it must sustain perfect amperage with NO voltage. Basically, the powder should allow the flow of current with no resistance if it is truly superconducting. They attempted this with a voltmeter but nothing happened. In the process they learned that a superconductor is a material that has a single wavelength or a single frequency within it just like a laser.

This testing process presents a problem because to get an electron into the superconducting powder sample, it takes voltage. And once again to get the electron out of the sample and into the connected wire, it again takes voltage. But if the sample is truly a superconductor, it will not allow voltage to pass through it. What they realized, was that the only way to get energy into a perfect superconductor was to 'tune' the vibration frequency of the electrons in the connected wire, to match the frequency of the powder. Suddenly the energy flows freely and continually with no pushing it. It just flows on and on without coming out the other side. The only way to get it off, or out the other side, is you have to tune the vibration frequency of the wire that it's coming into, to the frequency of the superconductor, and then apply a voltage potential and then it comes out. But the amazing thing is that the energy does not have to come out.

The electrons go into the superconductor by pairing up into what is called a Cooper Pair. This is when a TIME FORWARD electron pairs up with a TIME REVERSED electron and they convert to light. They no longer exist as particles, but become pure white light. And because any amount of light can exist in any space time if it has no particle properties, the light flows into the superconductor powder and it gives off more and more light. We know that it is a superconductor because it will not allow any voltage potential or electromagnetic energy to enter into it, and it has no north or south pole. It is the only material we know to have this property.

This powder of gold material is so sensitive to magnetic fields that when it goes to this powder form it loses 4/9ths of its weight by converting its Cooper electron pairs to light. Further more, there is so much current flowing in Earth's magnetic field that the powder actually levitates the rest of the 4/9ths of its weight on this magnetic field. This powder is so sensitive to magnetic fields that when you pass your hand under it, the powder actually floats. There is enough energy flowing through your hand to cause this effect.

This effect can be seen in all of these elements: ruthenium, osmium, iridium, rhodium, palladium, platinum, gold, silver, copper, cobalt and nickel. In 1988 Hudson filed US and worldwide patents on this form of matter he called ORMES. Orbitally Re-arranged Monoatomic Elements. Or Ghost Gold! Could this have something to do with the strange white powdery substance found inside the 3 main pyramids of Giza when first discovered by modern treasure hunters? Did the Anunnaki use the electromagnetic properties of this gold powder to literally 'float' the building blocks into position? Suddenly our ancient obsession with gold takes on a whole different meaning.

But it seems that alchemists from ancient times have always known about this unique property of gold. The aim of the alchemists was to make a white powder of gold that would possess properties referred to as the light of life. If you stand in its presence, you do not age; if you consume it, you live forever. This goes back to a man called Enoch; or Thoth in Egypt, and in Greece they call him Hermes, who ascended by partaking of the 'white drops'. He was the man who never died but he ascended to live among the gods because he was so perfect.

Modern pharmaceutical giants like Bristol/Myers Squibb and several others have been doing tremendous research with precious elements in cancer treatment. The precious elements have been found to have an effect on the cell through specific vibration frequency and also by a light transfer. These frequencies seem to correct the DNA which in turn corrects the cancerous or sick cells.

But wait a minute! Is this not what Royal Rife was doing in 1931? Curing cancer with some strange light and vibration frequency? And then suddenly all his work was covered up by US congress; turned into a conspiracy theory; never to be taken seriously again? I will be dealing with this link in my next article. In short, it seems that any incorrect or damaged part of the DNA is corrected by the precious powdery element and consequently it heals the cells of our body.

You can eat as much of this 'white flour' you want and it won't hurt you, it simply goes through your digestive system. Because the substance going into our body is not a metal, it is not a heavy metal, it is an element. And that is why there is no heavy metal poisoning. Hudson and co went even further to show how these elements of precious metals are inextricably part of our physical bodies. They took some brain tissue from a pig and a cow and analyzed it. First they destroyed the organic matter after which they did a metal analysis test on the remaining matter. Using their own 300-second burn in a spectroscopic test, which was described in the first episode of this article, they found that over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight was RHODIUM and IRIDIUM. Up until that point, no one knew this, because it cannot be directly measured by regular medical instruments. This means that these elements are somehow controlling the flow and activity of the 'light of life' in our bodies. The so-called ORMES, that could change the way we perceive life and the power of the DNA.

Hudson claims that he was privy to papers by the US Naval Research Facility where they have proven how the cells communicate with each other by a process identical to superconductivity, but they could not figure out what this superconducting matter was in human tissue. Hudson's work has shown that these 'stealth' atoms at work are the PGMs (platimun group metals) that are present in our bodies in a mono atomic state. They perpetually channel the 'light of life' in our bodies. But no one knows they are there, because as we said, they cannot be identify by normal medical or instrumental analysis.

Since 1986, some of the top physicists in the world, at the Niels Bohr Institute; at Argonne National Labs and at Berkeley Brookhaven have found that there is a group of elements at the center of the periodic table that goes to this strange state of existence. Their findings were first published in 1988.

It seems that there was much more to the ancient obsession with gold than first meets the eye. When God tells his favourite people in Genesis 2 that the 'gold of the land is good', should not surprise us. It was after all the gods of antiquity on Earth that introduced the hunger and desire for gold. Are we finally stumbling towards the full understanding of the uses of the precious metals? Or do we continue to fool ourselves that man was first attracted to gold because of its allure and value?

The next article will continue to link gold to the food of the gods; and manna from heaven; and the possible source of energy used for interstellar travel. After all, if we can tap into Zero Point Energy throughout space, we should be able to use the powder of gold as perpetual superconductor that can propel us everywhere.

Keep exploring

Michael Tellinger.


White Powder of Gold – Part III

The power of LIGHT and Vibration Frequencies

Are we moving beyond modern medicine into the realms of the ancient gods?

I recently did a presentation in Johannesburg where one of the ladies told me about her attendance of a David Hudson talk in 2002. What I was told confirmed my theories about a control group of powerful individuals – human or more advanced, I don't know – that keep a close eye on great discoveries and scientific breakthroughs by ordinary people. It seems very clear that David Hudson has been targeted by this higher authority in various ways, to the point that he has taken his work and research underground. And obviously this immediately smacks of 'conspiracy' theory. Has Hudson discovered something that a mere mortal should not be privy to? Has he inadvertently found the source of higher knowledge that our creators are trying to keep from us… their slave species?

Those that have read 'Slave Species of god' will agree that we have much to learn and that there is a vast historic body of knowledge that is slowly seeping into the mainframe of human knowledge. So let us not be too arrogant and behave like the head of the patent office in the USA sometime in the 19th century, when he closed the office proclaiming that according to him: "everything that could be discovered has been discovered."

Since 1986, some of the top physicists in the world, at the Niels Bohr Institute, at Argonne National Labs and at Berkeley Brookhaven have found that there is a group of elements at the centre of the periodic table, mainly the Platinum Group Metals (PGM), which have the strange ability to go to a strange level or state of existence. They found that the nucleus of these elements deforms and goes to a high spin state called high-spin nuclei. Theoretically the high spin nuclei should be superconductors, because high spin nuclei pass energy from one atom to the next with no net loss of energy.

Hudson's experiments showed that this is what happens in our bodies, driven by the presence of the PGM elements that allow the energy to flow as the 'Light of Life' throughout our bodies. We need to understand that a superconductor flows with only a single frequency of light. In fact, such light is actually a NULL light, because it consists of two waves, which are mirror images of each other. Because of this mirror symmetry there is no actual wave, as they appear to cancel each other. But it is this null wave that is not measurable directly, while it produces an aura around your body. Something that is often referred to in ancient religious scriptures.

According to Hudson, The Egyptian Book of the Dead found about 2300 BC in the tomb of Pepi II and also the Papyrus of Ani, provide some fascinating insight into this white powder. It says, "I am purified of all imperfections, what is it? I sin like the golden hawk of Horus, what is it? I pass by the immortals without dying, what is it? I come before my father in heaven, what is it? The scripture goes on and on, always asking, "what is it?".

It is known that the Hebrews worked in Egypt for many generations as artisans and metallurgists. When they left Egypt, Bezalial the goldsmith, prepared the "bread of the presence of god" and the high priest partook of the bread. The literal Hebrew translation of this 'bread' word which means "what is it?" is Manna. In other words, the word "manna" literally translates to a question: "What is it?" This is also clearly outlined in the travels of Josephus.

In the desert Moses told his Hebrew followers that they had not kept the Covenant, and as punishment the Manna was to be taken from them. Many Rabbis are apparently quite aware of the white powder of gold, but no one knows how to make it since the destruction of the first Temple, the Temple of Solomon. This knowledge was however not completely lost as the high priests who left the temple set up a community that became known as the Essenes at a place that has been well researched, called Qumran. The Dead Sea Scrolls suggest that they retained the knowledge to prepare a substance know as the Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, which Hudson believes to be the white powder of gold mixed in water.

The Essenes called it "that which issues from the mouth of the creator". It was not the word of God, as many people would like to believe, but rather the spittle of God, or the semen of the Father in Heaven. Graphically, if you mix the white powder in water it forms a gelatinous suspension that looks just like a vial of semen.

And suddenly Hudson clears up much of the biblical symbolism which now makes a lot more sense. "Prepare yourself like a bride in the bridal chamber, purify and cleanse yourself, prepare yourself for the coming of the Father in Heaven". To be inseminated in the bridal chamber, by this father in heaven, meant to be completely regenerated, to be purified, to be cleansed, by the white powder of gold or the Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus.

Were these ancient Hebrew or Essenes priests actually practicing a form of alchemy? Could they use this mysterious substance to regenerate and rejuvenate every cell in their bodies? The scriptures certainly seem to suggest this. And as Hudson points out the powder of gold seems to have an effect on our DNA and it "closes the single-frequency light which is created within the body until you reach a point where the light body exceeds the physical body".

In ancient Egypt, they believed that we have a physical body we must feed, but we also have to feed the spirit body, or the KA. Most of the people in the world today are not feeding their KA. The ancient texts instructed people to feed the KA with the semen of the father in heaven. Only then could the KA grow and grow, becoming ever more enlightened, until we reach a point where the light body exceeds the material body. It is in this state of enlightenment that people literally light up the room when they walk in.

If this light actually does have an effect on our DNA it begins to make sense why the amazing abilities become achievable by such individuals. Characteristics and abilities like perfect telepathy and many more that we cannot even fathom at this current level of our evolution. But because your body becomes a giant superconductor, which is highly sensitive to electromagnetic forces and non-reactive to gravity, you will be able to levitate and walk on water, if you really wanted to impress someone.

In essence you become a fifth dimensional being because your body would not obey any of the major forces on Earth, including gravity. So you would no longer be of this space time and you would be able to literally disappear and appear as you wished.

But ancient texts also specify the appearance of other attributes such as healing with the laying on of hands. They claim that you can resurrect the dead within two or three days after they die with the healing energy in us – as long as we know how to utilise it. We have so much energy in us that we should simply be able to use our hands or just embrace a person to bring energy and life back into them. These effects of energy and vibration frequencies are all ideas that our modern scientists are rediscovering on a daily basis in their research. Isn't it just amazing?

Hudson claims that he has seen similar effects on volunteers treated with his powder of gold. Christ said to his disciples, "don't touch me, I don't have on my earthly garments". They said, "When will we see you again?" Christ replied, "When you have prepared the proper food and when you have on your proper garments."

What was the proper food? Was it the food of the angels or the food of the gods? Could this have been the Manna? Or the "what is it?" The proper garment could quite easily have been the person's Meissner field of high-spin nuclei, which would be what science calls it today. This would be about 1000 times the energy you have in your body right now, and you would be a human living superconductor.

So let us now recall the one amazing thing about superconductors. Unlike electrical conductors that have to touch for electricity to flow, superconductors don't have to actually touch for energy to flow from one to the other. Superconductors can be vast distances from each other but as long as they are resonant to each other, they behave as one – in essence they are as one.

So if all humans could elevate their bodies to this higher level of energy they would not need to communicate any more by talking or physical contact. This would be the ultimate virtual reality shared by all beings as and when they need to interact. Because we would become light-beings not of this space time, whose minds resonate with other people's minds. No matter how far apart we may be the superconductor status will allow all beings to literally know the thoughts of others.

As strange as this may seem, this theory proposed by Hudson 'resonates' perfectly with a completely different source of information given to us by the so-called CDT tablets. These are supposedly the oldest tablets on Earth with all the knowledge and information about all the evolved beings through the universe. They refer to many higher levels of existence and include this concept of resonating connectivity between many such beings in the universe. But I will deal with the CDT tablets in a forthcoming article.

Hudson claims that he has reached results in his years of research that support all this ancient knowledge and ability. He believes that once this I understood instead of ridiculed by scientist, humankind will make real rapid strides towards this level of enlightenment.

The Dead Sea Scrolls point out that the Qumran community had a metallurgical foundry in the centre of the city and constantly refers to the Teacher of Righteousness. No one has been able to say until now with absolute certainty who or what this 'teacher' was. But the scrolls say that. It says the high priest "swallowed the Teacher of Righteousness". Could the Scrolls be referring to the "light" that is not measurable, or the so-called the Holy Spirit by those observers who did not really understand it? Is it the white light of gold, that actually allows us to absorb all knowledge and therefore is called 'Teacher of Righteousness?

It is truly amazing what we read in Exodus 16:35

The Israelites ate manna forty years, until they came to a land that was settled; they ate manna until they reached the border of Canaan.

This must have been some seriously nutritional stuff – this manna! I'm not sure if we could propose a similar product today to achieve such miraculous results. There is some very intriguing information about manna in the Bible. But the real purpose for the Ark of the Covenant has never been understood. Was one of the main functions to store and preserve the white powder of gold? In a very specifically designed vessel, called the Ark?

Hebrews 9:4

… the gold-covered ark of the covenant. This ark contained the gold jar of manna, Aaron's staff that had budded, and the stone tablets of the covenant.

The book of Revelations also gives us some real food for thought about this manna.

Revelation 2:17

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it.

Are we getting closer to understanding the hidden meaning behind this riddle?

Is our newly acquired knowledge about the white powder of gold and its effects allowing us to move closer to understanding the higher functions of past civilisations and their gods that controlled them? There is certainly much more we need to explore here before simply discarding it.

The next article will deal with Royal Rife and his "cure for all disease" from 1931.

Keep exploring

Michael Tellinger

November 2006

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