I did think the 007-esque portrayal of the deadly female assassin, with the spy kid in tow, frankly preposterous, Jack. As Frank Herbert taught me though, "plans within plans, wheels within wheels..."

I was reading about problems between Ziolinski and his Chief of Defence Staff Zaluzhniy, who commands both respect and loyalty amongst the Ukrainian people. Something's gotta give...

A Samoylo is a Schlomo by any other name. I will say that.

The photo of Darya Dugina in the open coffin does look somewhat questionable, I have to admit.

Bonasera couldn't have matched that work...

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Waking people up?

I ask myself who was so asleep that they were willing to turn the other cheek when "friends", colleagues and neighbors drooled at the idea of locking up the uninjected, cutting off their livelihood, or killing them...

Empathy ends where idiocy begins.

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Laughed like a idiot last night at zelenski taking the colours at some event in the Ukraine all those finely turned out soldiers and there's zelenski doing a fine impression of a mad funkie still in the tee- shirt with trainers on and all those idiots suluting him It could have been worse in clown world he could have turned up in high heels and fish nets and banged along on the piano with hunter playing a duet please pedo Joe include some money next time for a suit for this poor chap the bums in San Francisco dress better

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Replying to


Jack, the SAMOYLO HAIDYUK is a meme of Sam Hyde. It's a long running joke every time there is a mass shooting or something (they blame him). I didn't know if you knew that or not. Or if Duff knew that.

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inconvenience of bag men, quite likely, not Kiev. So you got a Bond girl or a Vril to look at, Flemming was knee deep in that shit. So he made some money on the side, writing books

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Well Jack, again right on the money.

Fuck you and your vaxx and forcing it on me.

That vaxx was made for the America that is full of the go along to get along!

White people I see? Only a few I know not vaxxed as the comfort and Social status is most important to them.

The beauty of it all is that the vaxxed I know are all sicker than dogs with recurrent sicknesses and like Jack, I laugh at them now.

The same people that wanted the unvaxxed social security taken.

You should see the cycling community pushing vaxxes and now transgenderism Jack. However, not all are pushing it and as soon as a person pontificates about the vaxx I won't talk to them.

Rich white people? Totally into the narrative and Jack's attitude is the correct one!

Fuck em.

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