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Back 2001, after the towers fell, the IT gravy train finally ran off the tracks and the Patriot Act was signed. I didnt need to wait any longer for the Universe to give me another clue that it was time to leave.

Me and my Swedish woman sold everything except a book that appeared in my house a while back in University. The book's title, The Three Halves Of Ino Moxo - Teachings Of The Wizard Of The Upper Amazon. An semi-autobiographical prose by Peruvian poet Cesar Calvo. A recollection of a journey wrapped into an ayahuasca session that takes you into an interdimensional realm were reality and visions are intertwined. The secrets revealed within this book created a rift to big to ignore.

We traveled Europe and Nothern Africa living in an old Volvo 240 for a year. During that time I got a certificate to teach English in Prague. I was offered a job there but knew it would be the death of me, the beer was cheaper than water and the best ever created.

Then I was offered a job in Ecuador, there was no doubt what decision to take. It was there in Ecuador outside of Coca that I met the ancient Wizards of the Amazon. Crawling from the shadows of the jungle in their animal forms the spirits materializing into their once human identities cloacked in cushmas upon entering the huarni village. Standing just outside the roofed hut silently observing me.

I laughed with Joy and clapped my hands at that moment the unlit fire in the middle began to burn with a bright blue and white flame of energy. The apprentice shaman who traded his ayahuasca potion with me for 2 bottles of Sugar cane rum stood up frightened saying something in Quechua that sounded in my ears 'the light, no the light!' And ran off never to return for rest of that epic night outside of time.

My translator/travel guide was understandably nervous, the huarni tribe was still wild and only recently stopped their practice of head shrinking. But I was not, I knew everything was as it should be, plus my woman was at my side like an anchor keeping me tethered to this world.

The shaman spirits began singing their Icaros and over the energy flame holographic images of pressed plants of the Amazon started streaming by as if looking at a microfilm at the local library. A download of knowledge... and then the journey really began.

While sitting in the hut watching the flame I was aslo standing out in the field as The Lady of Water poured down from the heavens like crystal rain over me. She materialized and invited me to follow her, there was something I needed to witness. Her beauty can not be captured by the crude logic of human tongues but someday I will try.

That is enough for now.

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