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What great fun that was!

Thank you gentlemen.

I'm almost disappointed that there wasn't a call from a Mr. Ivan Jellicoe though ...

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This was was awesome. Sent it to a few friends who I wish were ready for it

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Perhaps, since you were discussing Sirius, this world is in transition in that black hole as things on the other side will be switched and the jews know it.

I really believe as their chutzpah is so great that they believe when that black sun rises that they will remain in control.

It makes perfect sense the vaxxine to transform the white race into a trans human and why the jew pushes gender confusion.

Perhaps the die off is necessary before the Sun transitions and that black sun will restore us to what we once were.

This world as I observe it is insane and hopeless and I keep away as much as possible from human society.

I am I believe in a Bunker surrounded by Spirit as are those important to me.

Just an opinion and observation.

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Leviathan - לויתן

5 letters to form the Hyperborean star that joins the 2 (female) and 3 (male), sealing the world-shattering union.

The primary root לוה (Lavah), incidentally, means "to join" or "to be joined."

Pronounced orally, it sounds like "Lava", which one might associate with the purifying fire of Surtr.

"Lava", in French is "Lave", which can refer to the act of washing as an action too.

Maybe Jack can tell us more?

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Tell your pal Jullien from across the pond Nine says high and would buy him a beer.

The last note of your pod cast was Jullien relating the story about Tesla falling in love with that pure white dove that guided his work as that is the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

And to these Jews, just loved Jack's rant against them and every man here is a warrior who will never ever knuckle under to these jews since they are to be stood up to at every opportunity.

And to the Evangelical Christian and mind you Evangelical means barer of good news and first Jack has the Spirit and second he is a true Evangelical rallying the warriors.

To those evangelicals that serve that Jewish God, may you die with it.

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A brief comment on Lynch and Twin Peaks:

I think Lynch says a lot with the Judy entity as a representation of Yahwe and his offspring.

In part 15 of the show, we learn that the jumping man is actually associated with Sarah Palmer as her face is interposed on his mask but you have to watch the sequence frame by frame.

We also know that Sarah Palmer is a vehicle for Judy/Jowday

Judy is the shortened form of Judith, which comes from Greek Ioudith, from Hebrew Yehudith. That is, literally "Son of Judah".

And Jowday could therefore be approximated from Aramaic Jehudhai: "a Jew".

The funny part is that the jumping man has a physical mark well known to be a characteristic of Jews: a big nose.


Lynch is a funny guy...

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Loki, if you are reading this, thank you for the aryan power articles on the Human (sorry if I am a little off topic, but all roads lead somewhere), they may be dense, but are definately informative. I didn't want to put this comment against those articles, so as a speaker here on Speak Free Radio (or should I say a patient listener) I thought it best to use this safe place.

Your work reminded me of a book I serendipitously found in an ole bookshop in Cambridge, UK some years back: "Ethnography of North Russia and Hyperborea" by one Svetlana Zharnikova.

I need to dig it out after reading your pieces and listening to this, not sure if you are aware of it? Within it is asked the question - what happened? What made the fair-haired and blue-eyed Northerners, namely (at least according to ancient Greek hymns) those who would be the first settlers in Hellas, go on such a long journey so far south/down/below? I cannot readily recollect the answer posited in the book, but it expanded on what you and Jack were talking about. I do recollect something about the turn of the 4th, or was it 3rd, millenia BC (to use a flawed, but recognisable dating system) being the time. Which would correlate with the first Indo-Europeans appearing in Western Europe, and the birth of the civilisation of Crete, which fits.

According to Greek mythology, at least that which I have witnessed first-hand from written and oral tradition whilst in Crete, Apollo Hyperborean led the first priests to Crete. Of course there could be obfuscation, but we do know about the Orphic Hymns, specifically in this context - 'Aphrodite of Lycea', in which it is said/written:

"You, O Immortals, are you, who are in Arey's armour,

Your grandmother deities, but you and the destroyers too... Kurets,

sovereigns... the youths of the upper Zeus!

Soul pestoons, invisible, living spirits forever,

Gods call you twins heavenly on Olympus".

I just wanted to throw that out there to those here who are better than I with words, or at least the root of such, to see if it sparks anything. Particularly 'Arey' s Armour', which is a novel way to infer initiation/enlightenment and there must have been a reason to term it such, which

with understanding may prove helpful in the days ahead. The Russian and Celtic fairy traditions have a lot in common, including the imagery and symbolism of 'War Horses', and this book also touched on that subject. Looks like I need to do some more reading.

Anyway, that's enough from me, keep up the good work Loki.

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