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I ask these same questions.

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Disclaimer: To all the sons and daughters of pox riddled whores who surrendered their souls in a Faustian bargain for a place in the Cryptocracy's so-called law enforcement, Intelligence, and star chamber legal racket industries, what ensues is conjectural fantasy. I advocate no harm against any featherless biped, living or deceased. The solution has always been simple and obvious. Kill them, every fucking one of them. Their puppets in positions of authority who effectuate their policies should be the prime targets. Without them, the Cryptocracy's balls are cut off. I know they have bodyguards but they can be taken out as well by a determined guerrilla strike force. Their protectors are conscienceless mercenaries who are doing it for a paycheck and a pension. Against a force whose motivation is spiritual, they won't stand a fucking chance. We'll take casualties but this is war without mercy and they plan on killing us all anyway. Real power always stays in the shadows and these sub-human vermin who pull their strings will not expose themselves. Their servile sycophants and potential ones will quickly realize the price to pay for crumbs from massa's table is too high. "... and how can man die better, than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temple of his gods."

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Strategically speaking, any successful civil war requires outside assistance to succeed. The sitting power always has the best resources and organization. Potential allies in this civil war will be distant and largely unavailable, as was the case in the previous chapter.

What is unprecedented today, is the level of extreme insanity amidst the sitting power, and it's resultant lust for suicide. Such will severely hamper efforts to crush any insurgency.

As with any military solution, A clear political condition is required for the contrast of beliefs which is essential to rallying support for any cause.

Currently, the sitting power can immediately muster approximately half a million trained professionals capable of operating sophisticated equipment and deploying in effective combined arms operations. Exactly how many will openly deploy against their own own is hard to say, but it is important to remember that the military has long standing plans to suppress their own population.

I'm not painting doom and gloom, but Dick Cheney already went on national tv to tell Americans that the sitting power was prepared for nuclear detonations on our own soil. By now, Ohio should make it abundantly clear how little the suicidal elite care about consequences.

I daresay that the most effective strategy at this point would be multiple strikes across the board, on as many levels as possible. Currently this action is being carried out by that same suicidal sitting power.

Dispassionately observing the situation, there is no force to withstand this push, thus it will most likely gain momentum.

Looking to the resultant fractures and chaos this will inevitably bring, the ability of the sitting power to deploy resources and affect precise command and control will be curtailed. At that point, tactical units will be able to inflict penalizing casualties upon key chains of command and logistics, without these operations resulting in the neutralization of those tactical groups. Asymmetrical attacks, and decentralised organization can then eliminate key behind the scenes players, thus ensuring that the sitting power structure itself will be decapitated.

After this the daunting task of putting life back together.

What kind of timeline for such a scenario? Depends on many factors, possibly realized within months, certainly within this decade.



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Great picture of uncle Joe.

However, you left out the New York Times.

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