A superb monologue, by the way, Jack!

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But whom is destined to be killed, before reaching old Bombay?

A Troubadour, from Cox' Bizarre, on the Road to Mandalay?

But, Azov, today, one hears, Koba's organs sing their tune.

The National Guard resplendent with their fine Wölfsangel rune,

"Peace and Lvov? Lviv and let die?"

Are you a cruel, or a caring guy?

Dive, Dnieper than you've never gone before...

Let's not Minsk about, Neocons are knocking at the door.

Let's not twist and shout, Gorbachev became Schlomo's whore.

The most liberal of the 'Liberals' are clamouring for war!

Change the launch codes please, and remove the crash test dummy,

or at least remove his fingers, the shitty arsed old Mummy!

Please excuse my Friday night doggerel, my friends.

"Words are all I have left to play with..."

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Ride of the Valkyries intro! Thats when you know shits gettin real!

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The spellings change, but Ioten, Jotun in are perhaps the most common in English. Both derive from the the Old Norse, which translates into "Devourer".

The Norn was both the Seeress, and the interpreter of destiny. In the ancient lore the three great Norns were Ioten.

Destiny was, to the ancestors, a force required to be sensate, truly alive.

From my own investigations, the injection is not sensate, not truly alive. I wrote about the bugs in the blood some time ago, and I assign this directly to the Archontic, and even described one particular event where they looked at me through the eyes of their host.

The question regarding the Archon is both complex and poorly described by modernity. They are not aliens in any sort of spaceship sense, although they have been conflated with a great many explanations of the cosmos.

I've also written that graphene and graphene oxide are present in the injections. I did so because of the powerful magnetic properties to these heavy industrial materials. One might recall the experience of a number of the injected who found themselves highly magnetic. Also because graghene is now common in certain nanotechnologies, known for its superconductivity.

There are some things I alluded to, without fully describing, because of the immense depth of the topic. One of these is the metal we all know as gold.

What I called dead DNA is broken chromosomes, and this is intended to bond the industrial with the organic, because this is absorbed by the injected, and it genetically modifies that recipient. Similarly, animal DNA is employed for the same purpose. Together with gold and graphene, this is the bonding of the image of the machine and living being, transhumanism.

I've also described how this injection works to isolate the recipient from higher functioning, which is observed as steep cognitive decline. Of course, the implications of this I mostly left up to the reader, but they include a nullification of the wheel of rebirth, a complete rejection of the moving destiny that is life.

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Dear Sir, you are a bit new to me (I probably haven't known of you because I figured VT for an op, for whatever reason, several years ago) , via John Kaminski (whom I've followed for many years). This was outstanding, and I really look forward to your next one. I know about much of the "Esoterica" of which you guys are touching upon, but the knowledge and experience just blows me away- as in, SOMEONE is SAYING it, not the generic stuff we've gotten over the years. I am grateful for your Work, and that of all of our friends in this, and Truly appreciate you. Have a great day, Jack,

Sincerely, David S.

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Jack. Definitely more of this. I love all the writings, but hearing you speak it is amazing. Great work all around.

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Really cool Jack!

What's the end game with the vaxxines? I suspect mind control and a dash of death to cull the population. Many internet pundits say billions will die but if so won't that leave them weak with only rebels like us left that won't bend the knee?

Loved your last comment about your armed Tennessee men. "Come and get me schlomo"!!

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It was great to be able to hear you with good audio quality this time !

I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

PS: cool photo by the way !

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