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Well Jack and Phil, Jews I know are doubling down on poison vaxxinations, transgenderism and every left wing woke bullshit evil thing one can imagine and of course they are all in on the Ukraine War and sending billions to promote that Zelinski global homo regime.

My Jews are all on two shots and two boosters and are convinced that the unvaxxed are to die horrible deaths and that opposition to global homo being taught in schools is evil.

The Jews brought this upon us and stringing all of them up on light posts for bringing this cataclysm upon us will be a kindness to them.

If I survive, there will be only vengeance for what has been done.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Well, I'm pretty sure I've gone on record for a while now stating that graphene is in the injections, and that the bugs in the blood are there to bring in the AGENDA. But, I can understand that people might not want to know this.

The problem with any explanation is scope, how much to include, how much to leave unsaid.

The question of photons, is a case in point.

All of life glows. Cells create light. Life communicates with life via light. We all know that light is communication, but this understanding has been stolen. It is buried, by whom?

Who designed your education?

Who demands that society serves them first?

Why is it heretical to state the obvious?

The best explanation is the one that leads the recipient to explore, to learn, to become. Energy takes endless states, endless forms. It is not you, or I, but we are all this dance.

I Sing the Body Electric.

No one needs me to tell them the world is running down. So many wrong choices on so many different levels. So, so many headed for the Kenoma, the Cosmic soup where they will be purified through dissolution, through the dissolving of their identity back into the great unconscious primordial matter, where their hatred and their stain will be consumed, neutralized, turned back into the firmament from which all of manifestation must begin. Their journeys are about to end.

Yet others continue.

This dream of life is not simply such and such, or so and so. It is in fact a great mystery that defies simple explanation. This, more than anything else should give us pause, and awaken our wonder, and remind us that the heart of our responsibility for our life lies not in the mind.


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Thanks guys, but I had to turn it off when it came to election coverage. The robber barons of yesterday had their Pinkertons, owned Senators and judges, America has been an oligarchy for a very long time. You think with how costly an election campaign is, today the politicians are beholden to you, the people and would-be voters? Sorry, the only thing that counts is local, as Phil said.

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