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Unfortunately, I must issue a correction; they certainly do burn down people's places in America.

Onto a different topic, I have documented how Christianity destroyed its own spirituality, and directly illustrated how that spirituality was pre-Christian. Anyone who discusses the Tuatha de Danu is not discussing Christianity, either.

Yes, we have the book of the Kells, with its illumination of Runic yoga, and that isn't Christian either.

Today, there are some who profess to be both Christian and Pagan, and in truth this is about as honest as it gets.

Finally, while I appreciate the Dr. Wagh interview, I do think she is erroneously conflating the quantum with junk science. I grow extremely weary of science, and even more weary of abrahamics. People are free to believe whatever they wish, but I wish they could understand what it is they are believing.


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Canada Dry

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Speaking of Dr. Merritt and mind-blowing:

Lee happened to catch a video with Poornima Wagh, PhD, spilling beans on C19, the C19 shots, and biotech in general. Dr. Merritt got in touch and a conversation between the two produced this earth-shaking video document. I can't swear to any of this but the researcher comes across as serious and genuine. Her broader claims about much of biological/biotech research being nothing but money-wasting fraud are worth a listen.

I found it hosted on the Spacebusters channel on Bitchute. The conversation between Dr. Lee Merritt and the Indian-born American biologist is now in the #2 spot, dated August 19, 2022.

(Here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/nkAOLfYXfkmu/)

The researcher, Poornima Wagh PHD, reveals much of interest and more than one shocking claim, "if true."

The part that struck me hardest starts at 1:12:04

She reports that she and some associates worldwide have been somehow acquiring unused vials of every type of C19 "vaccine" on the market. She doesn't name her associates. I guess she outed one by saying that his government had set his house on fire. (They might have done it for another reason, after all.) In any case, she says that, without exception, the vials are found to contain nothing related to mRNA (Pfizer and Mo-Jerkoff) or DNA (Johnson and Prison). She says they are all variations on a theme of junk and poisons, including toxic metals and God knows what else: Tungsten, Osmium, Lead, a lot of aluminum, and "reduced graphene oxide." She says the last-named carries a weak positive piezo-electric charge, while our hearts and brains carry negative charges, and somehow that's part of the harm the shots cause. She works with researchers in China, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Australia, NZ and Mexico. J&J, Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax, a home grown Cuban product sold in Iran and a home-grown Indian product. She reiterates that they are all the same, a hydrogel, synthetic lipid thing and the reduced graphene oxide. She says they have tested contents of 2,300 vials.

Around 1 hour, 9 minutes she states her belief that the virus exists only as a written genome, not a particle/virion/virule that has ever existed. She talked with those Indians who were forced to retract their analysis from a pre-print server at the beginning of the show. Two of them said they thought the same thing. Says they talked for 3 hours. That part comes before her vaccine content report.

Same link, starting ten minutes earlier.

The link, again:

Poornima Wagh


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We have many bizarre maniacs here Jack.

The faecal germs of braindead Liz Truss are currently surrounding our beaches with turds, her policies have poisoned our rivers. She is an idiotic slut. The fucknut will be far worse than Blo'Jo...

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Beautiful, genetic memory.

I am one of the Briercliffes of Briercliffe.

My father traced us back to the 11th Century.

Our house is called 'Burwains' which means "Cattle Shed'.

That's not to say that we are Goyim....

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Plus raw milk tastes like ice cream to me, and it gets better as it ages. Love it!

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Actually, I'm talking a lot of old cock. It refers to a cattle and waggon shed.

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My Hitler pal always refers to Christians as judeo Christians being controlled by the jew and that the American church is a jew church or as MK says Abrahamic in nature as both agree on the source of the problem.

There will be no resistance from the American church now since it is a vaxxed organization like Southern baptists all push the vaxx. I think prepping to survive the die off is the thing to do and then we can move with a chance to change things.

I still ride a bicycle around and talk to local people and what I see is people wholesale ignoring the covid nonsense as I see a party atmosphere at bars and breweries I stop at both vaxxed and unvaxxed gathering together to watch the show.

America can not be fixed either by elections or force of arms until the die off comes and in a sense that vaxx is about us vs them.

Why am I hopeful for the future? The Bulshevik enemy is the most heavily vaxxed I see as they push it like a cultic religion even though all can see the product not only doesn't work but makes people sick yet we see our leaders double down.

Time is on our side as I advise a watch and observe approach to what

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A linux breakthrough as I can access your substack account.

Spirit is a wave and not an electronic blip. A point is never where Spirit is but in multiple points at the same time as time to Spirit as Spirit just is.

Spirit just is

just like He sent it.

The Jew says Spirit is I Am.

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About Rife and frequency healing.

I'll tell you something more crazy, you don't even need a Rife machine. You can learn your immune system the frequencies to take out any toxins/poisons, bacteria (Viruses) or parasites by a simple pill that holds the frequencies to cure in it.

Once your immune system learned those frequencies you will never get effected by any of the bacteria or parasites with that specific frequency ever again! You become immune!

Poisons/Toxins is another story, as they are not living they need to be repeatedly removed.

I can't tell you more about it cause the system is all underground, I tried to get into a workshop but have never gotten a reply. There is no website no info on the creator nothing.

I know a holistic dr that works with it and have had several treatments with it.

If one day I find more concrete information on it, I will share it.

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@phil about milk.

You forgot to mention that the milk has to come from a cow that is grass fed.

Most cows eat GMO corn nowadays and are also full of antibiotics and steroids.

Weston Price is a great resource on the nutritional value of milk, raw butter Vitamin K, D etc etc.


If you are lactose intolerant, there is a big chance you can stand raw grassfed milk.

There is also a milk developed from a certain cow species I think from Australia or New Zealand that's called A2 milk worth looking into. As long as it's organic and grassfed it should be good.

Butter is also loaded with all the good stuff!

And ofcourse raw uncooked cow liver is probably the most nutrient dense food out there.

Holy cow!

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Great dialogue.

Just a quick technical note before I get to the meat of my comment: the sound was great although at one point it was very hard to hear you because of a kind of feedback loop with the microphone probably caused by you being close together during the recording. On other recordings I've had trouble hearing when Jack was speaking low, but this was perfect.

I have not yet listened to the interview with Dr. Lee Merritt but your conversation started me on a train of thought about a potential additional mechanism for graphene oxide injections that could be used to control behavior as well as to kill.

Right after the interview, I read an article from Spartacus that mentioned this passage:

"The researchers used genetic engineering to express a special heat-sensitive ion channel in neurons that cause flies to partially spread their wings, a common mating gesture. The researchers then injected magnetic nanoparticles that could be heated with an applied magnetic field. An overhead camera watched flies as they roamed freely about an enclosure atop an electromagnet. By changing the magnet’s field in a specified way, the researchers could heat the nanoparticles and activate the neurons. An analysis of video from the experiments showed flies with the genetic modifications assumed the wing-spread posture within approximately half a second of the magnetic field change.


Robinson said the ability to activate genetically targeted cells at precise times could be a powerful tool for studying the brain, treating disease and developing direct brain-machine communication technology."

The source: https://news.rice.edu/news/2022/wireless-activation-targeted-brain-circuits-less-one-second

The nanoparticles used with the fly in this case were iron oxide

And that made me remember something else.

I work in a chemical engineering school, which allows me to discuss with several teachers-researchers. So I was discussing some time before the Plandemic with the director about her difficulties to find funding. Since the Da Vinci's have given way to an army of untalented professional researchers who spend more than half their time in their termite mounds begging for funding that has no chance of coming through unless they check off all the usual bullshit points that make their masters happy.

Anyway, she was discussing her line of research at the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials of Strasbourg (IPCMS) on magnetic hyperthermia to treat cancers - of course, what else? The idea is to inject nanoparticles into the body, find a way to attach them specifically to a desired location, in this case a tumor, and then apply a magnetic field to heat them and destroy the tumor. She was working with iron oxide but also graphene or carbon nanotubes. You can already see where I'm going with this.

There is an almost perfect analogy in nature when a Japanese bee nest is invaded by Asian hornets. The bees swoop down on the hornet and lock it in a ball. They then raise their temperature to 47 degrees Celsius, just enough to heat and kill the invader, but not enough for the bees to succumb.

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