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Possibly your best cast with this one.

And Phil I only helped one guy at USpostal fill out paperwork for agent orange poisoning and he got 38000 for his trouble from Dow chemical. Even USpostal management gave us time on the clock to help a vet get compensation.

Let me tell you that the process was draining and you did that daily for 8 years? Well done!

We burried my pal last year. One of the finest men I ever knew.

And you forgot to mention the Pilgrims club started by Rhoads and company from Britton. That evil crown employs the jews to run the finances and they are in league with the Borman faction. May they get theirs! Many say that the Chinese are in on it with the usual suspects and what of the Russians? Well, Israel lost Saudi Arabia to Brics this week. Perhaps America is the new Nazi party the world has to unite against? Who knows as we shall see how this plays out but if I could play and manipulate the wave I would make them make peace and like a pupet on a string there peace would be.

Just musings from ole Nine.

Again well done.

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Jews Jack? Go over to the ADL website and they will tell you that Judaism and transgenderism is one and the same and that all of that organizations resources will go to defend it.

Now I understand why my Jewish bike shop is doubling down on the trans movement. This shop is promoting NICA a cycling club for youth mountain bikers and their policy of grooming children into transgenderism using cycling.

I have had many local Christian leaders and civic leaders trying to get them to stop this nonsense yet they have doubled down.

The good news? Your governor in TN just signed into law legislation banning these horrific practices on children.

I would love to move the entire family to Tennessee to make a stand in our little war.

I will be kind and refrain from any antisemitic comments.

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I watched 15 min of Tucker Carlson, I demand reparation!LOL

Really good podcast most important a fun one. My message to your listeners and all who know right and wrong is the following: don't forget to live your lives.

Having fun, respecting life and all that surrounds us is actually the best way to fight Evil that is trying to creep into our lives.

You need to let the vampire in your house, without your permission so called Evil has no chance, and the vampire will starve on your doorstep.

l'aryensoufi I am extremely happy that you made that response and thanks to Jack for cross-posting this discussion.

If you can paint, paint, if you can write, write,if you can compose music, compose music...now is the time.

Don't be silent, if you don't speak up your silence can be treated as consent..The future belongs to the brave, but bravery is nothing without imagination.

Imagination creates this reality, you want change then do something about it and manifest the change.

Last one, Jack I don't want to be a satellite, maybe a Mars rover, he gets places and sometimes shows some traces of free will...

As always All the best, and Good luck to all.

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Nice work Jack and Phil, thank you.

I still need to properly reply to l'aryensoufi on his brilliant post, but time has not been on my side of late, I will endeavour to get back into the swing of things this week.

The developments we are now starting to see on the world stage have been in play for sometime, and only now finally rolling.

Like you said Phil, we live in interesting times...

But people forget, that this famous Chinese curse is only one part of a three part curse.

The second part reads:

"May you be recognized by powerful people" .

In some places in asia it appears as: “May you attract the attention of the government”.

Well, nuff said on this aspect of the curse hey Jack, the writing is on the wall for those of us attracting too much unwanted attention.

But like the first part, this curse is a double edged sword...

As for the third part (my favourite, and most appropriate aspect), it reads:

"May you get what you wish for”.

Once again, like Phil eluded to, everyone is starting to get exactly what they wished for, for good and for ill...

For some this is going to be a very uncomfortable year!

The point here is that we humans seem to want a lot of things out of emotions, lust, and a need to feel important, but we rarely fully considered whether those things are good or bad for us over the long run.

Hence we get to where we are today...

We have abrogated our responsibilities, choices, and way of living to others who really couldn't give two hoots about us.

But times they are a changing, and as such it's time to move with the flow.

And the flow is east.

The flow is counter colonialism, opposing unilateralism, and returning to a way of cohabiting between nations which was destroyed since the world wars.

My wife lived and worked in Saudi Arabia through 2020 and 2021.

My daughter currently lives and works in Dubai, where after only a couple of months or so of being out there she has told me she has no intentions of returning to shitty cold, damp, broke and miserable England.

And so, now after a convalescent period I am in the process of closing shop here in the UK, and heading to the middle east for a few years.

My country is unlovable, and unlivable now...

So, time to go with the flow and move somewhere with none of the woke agenda, no tolerance for the transgender movement, less crime on the streets, fairer taxes, and a generally more civilised and courteous population.

I did enquire about getting a working visa to move to America for a few years, but my visa application was declined, so the universe is trying to tell me something!

Keep up the good work gentlemen, it is always a pleasure when these land...

All the vest best to everyone.

Be well, and take back control of your lives, as you are the only ones who can...

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Speaking of woke:


Woke goes broke! LOL

And they were "inclusive" as they included hundreds of thousands of people sharing in the financial prosperity of woke!

Woke creates a wealth of broke as the Woke shares the broke and they wish for all to go broke as what came first? The Woke or the broke? Broke from Woke is inclusive to all SVB customers! And if nothing else SVB has certainly "shared" its(pronoun?) Woke paradise to all in their queer sphere of influence.

God bless America land of the woke.

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Comments all censored jack.

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And the ADL wants a war in Ukraine to spread transgenderism? LOL

Now, it's a good thing that transgendered crews will be "manning?" Those old warbirds. The smart ones got drummed out for not taking the jew jab as our dear Harry Voxx always says.LoL

That's for the human. The ADL and transgenderism? One and the same as now I know why my Jewish bike shop pushes transgenderism to children over parental objections using cycling to draw them in.

We need a pogrom Jack.

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