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Gordon Duff's latest. Basicly, anyone not taking a vaxxine for covid is under the influence of unit 8200 of Israel`s famed mosaad.

However, mixed in with his rants against anti vaxxers is some good Intel. His analysis of the alt media is spot on. As always one is wise to be worry of the alternative media and Gordon Duff and I are in agreement on these issues.

To Duff? Make me take that vaxxine. No amount of shaming or digs can do it and tell your employers that there are millions of us and we are armed. Simple as that.

Jack, will get to your pod cast later.

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Once again gentlemen I can't disagree with a single thing you say...

The work we did in the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s has been all undone, and some, since the start of the 2000's with the phoney war on terror, and the banks going full bore criminal and printing money non stop.

Complacency has set in across Western populations, too used to convenience and leisure.

That's not going to change for most, who will see the writing on the wall when their face is planted into it, and they are staring at the firing squad in disbelief.

Which means that this isn't a civil war.

It's not even a revolutionary war that we are fighting here, it's a pure fight for survival and continued existence.

It will all reach a head over the coming year or so, but still I doubt that even 25% of the population have the belief, will, and courage to take a stand.

Of which, even less will actually continue to stand once the battle really starts and they experience hardships, which is depressing, but realistic.

At least you have space in America.

In the UK and Europe there is no space for movement, whether that's for self sufficient agriculture, tactical use or otherwise.

Here we will have to literally take down everything and start again.

And soon...

With each passing day it is getting harder and harder to survive here in the UK.

And on April 1st all the energy costs, taxes, and commodities prices go up again, with no end in sight.

Very soon the social fabric of this country is going to start tearing as people are cold, hungry, destitute, and desperate.

It's the 7th day of the month today, only ten days since I was paid my monthly salary, and I have £50 left to last the month of March what with the cost of things having gone up so much. This time last year I still had half my salary left for the month to commute to work and feed myself, now it's going to be a tough month with little hope of future months ending any better.

So, when an entire population is facing the same or worse (as I pay myself a pretty good salary), then there is going to be violence and disorder.

Now to find a way to channel the masses at the right targets, instead of us all preying on one another and the so called elite sitting back pretty, laughing at us!

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Hummm...I see! This adds depth to my analysis.

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So Jack, you want to go to France? France? Invented that bright colored faggy transgendered costume called a kit for cycling. For saying that in public in France I would be arrested. France is run by transgendered faggy fags and the ugliest fucking women in pants. You get arrested for simply speaking about what is observed.

At least in America I can call a kitted clown cyclist a transgendered bulshevic faggot and beep my horn at them as I pass them on the road.

A cycling kit on a beautiful woman? A waste of a perfectly good woman.

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I've wanted to say something hopefully meaningful, but substack it seems, enjoys making this difficult. I won't waste anyone's time with lurid details, simply put I would refer to the Tao in regards to this, that a stupid and mean authority results in a clever and cold populous.

Actually, I see this phenomenon developing daily in the freedom isn't free world.


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Technology is a phenomenon we are trained to honour as a figment of intelligence. Modern technology is mindlessly worshipped as an answer to all problems, which in itself is just another tired example of the western worlds' love for hidden power games and wars by deception.

The populace has no ability to understand any of this.

The entire picture is summed up in the fable of the scorpion crossing the river, via a ride provided by a good Samaritan. The scorp gets across, then murders his helper, because of well-reasons.

From my point of view, Jack and Phil here are attempting to get the Samaritans to cease and desist from providing free rides that wind up curtailing their lives. This is actually more difficult than it sounds because the war by deception is so actively participated in by the populous.

Part of the reason for this is that abrahamic religion has developed this society where god is a concept and everything can be known. It's a closed system where the scorpions that play endless games, murder with impunity and paint it as virtue.

There is no cure for this until something fundamental to this gaming alters. This is currently underway.

Speaking of games, and I refer to these adventures as games because that is what they are, they are the language of our time.


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A video worth a thousand words.


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