Hast Du etwas Zeit für mich

Dann singe ich ein Lied fuer Dich

Von 99 Luftballons

Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont

Denkst Du vielleicht grad' an mich

Dann singe ich ein Lied fuer Dich

Von 99 Luftballons

Und dass sowas von sowas kommt

99 Luftballons

Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont

Hielt man fuer UFOs aus dem All

Darum schickte ein General

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Thank you Jack....it very much looks like what they would do in South Africa, only because its something that is permitted on a much deeper spiritual manner....i live in south africa, her her past had slowly been eroded ...and as it stands i would suggest are active and kicking transient Stockholm sufferers...hence working much harder these days to create a pocket reality for myself and my loved ones...

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BALL/LON-looney TUNES-maybe you are giving this too much attention.... I did enjoy the podcast, listening right now...

The main purpose of this "invader", is a distraction...You have millions and millions of communists in your country right now. Some are true operatives and some are just useful idiots who believe in a better tomorrow...YOu don't need a Ballon full of HOT air to steal the secrets.....They have been already stolen......

If they want you to look up then they don't want you to look down...

And I don't fully disagree with your analysis....but this thing is A Shiny BALL- full of HOT AIR...for all to see....

This is an amateur hour made on purpose...or very well-placed distractions.

I don't see anything important happening, but JACK I want a Stupider shirt too...

This now, is all full of HOT air-bunch of He Said, She Said.....and pointing of fingers.

Cheers guys.

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Thank you gentlemen, searching for events over the weekend that some might want to remain hidden isn't going to be easy until time has passed some.

Likewise, looking back at the ephemeris and planetary movements over the weekend doesn't really highlight much, other then the Mercury/Pluto conjunction that will go exact on the 10th of this month. And the Sun and Moon being in opposition, as you would expect on a full moon.

The nefarious plans are usually conducted under New Moons anyway...

For those interested here's a chart from 5 Feb.


As for your question Phil...

The event you describe, does not happen very often (in reality, thanks to the way we perceive things from earth, the sun will set in the west close to the time of the moonrise, often when they are some time apart).

I know research on this subject was done back in 2019 using US Naval Observatory data.

It concluded:

Because the Moon passes above and below the ecliptic (the path of the Sun in the sky), the Full Moon is rarely directly opposite from the Sun.

Therefore, it can rise earlier or later than the Sun even when exactly "Full", and this is often the case.

Even if the Full Moon were exactly opposite from the Sun (180 degrees apart, and in a total lunar eclipse), there would still be a difference between the time of sunset/moonrise.

Those times are when the limb of the sun/moon is visible, and the limbs are closer together than 180 degrees apart.

Also, atmospheric refraction shrinks the separation a small amount, when viewed with the naked eye.

Depending on the month, the compass location where the sun sets varies as well as the length of time the sun is above the horizon (note also there are different definitions of "sunrise" - visible, half up, etc).

The moon's compass location varies with a different cycle because the moon's orbit is not perfectly over the equator.

Combine those two variables, keeping in mind that a "perfect" full moon happens when the sun and the moon are exactly π

radians apart from our point of view, and it would appear quite reasonable to have significant variation in their relative rise/set times, and that this is the norm.

So in summary, these events occur very rarely, the research noted that none occurred in 2019, with the last recording of sunrise being within minutes of moonrise was back in 2018 over somewhere in Italy.

One of the major problems I see with the research is how they determined what a full moon is...

The definition of a full moon has changed over time (like so very much, particularly where astronomy and astrology are concerned).

In ancient times, the day of the full moon was determined only at sunset and occurred with the moon rising after the sun had set.

If the sun sets, after the moon has already risen, it was not considered a full moon!

Unlike nowadays.

Likewise we have to bear in mind that the Moon rises (on average) 50 minutes later each day in our skies, which may come as a surprisingly large daily change, particularly if you’re used to the much more gradual changes of sunrise and sunset times.

So, with this in mind (and I will do some more proper research into this), the event described would probably occur once every two years (or so).

I will try and plot out these events for the coming years. I have an ephemeris that goes up to 2050, so I should be able to isolate these occurances over the times to come.

What will be very interesting is the results!

Personally, I have found planting by the moon to be very dependant on type of plant.

Those that grow above ground do wonders when planted under a full moon, whilst those that grow beneath prefer planting under the new moon, or early in the waxing phase following a new moon.

Keep up the good work gentlemen.

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This grow is super Jack ( my Mrs. calls it my CBD medicine for RLS, snoring, and stability.)

I use 2X400 watt LED 18 hours on, RDWC tanks and Advanced Nutrients Master nutrient program. Full moon planting versus any other phase results in almost 2x yields. As the plants are autos my greatest concern is temp/humidity (rot) and sometimes spider mites and their webs. Nutrient solution is the best I've used, although expensive.

One day, on some little corner of the web, I might do a running blog on grows, oils, tinctures and processing. Laws must change before I go full bore on my little experiment.

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Mmmm,lots happening,maybe unrelated maybe not,did you hear about the Thai Princess who is in a coma,because of the shot,the royal family are mega rich,word is assasins required!Lidl supermarket chain(german) in UK are going to stop selling meat,the mind boggles,15 /20 minute cities going full steam ahead,Oxford, bath ,Canterbury,New bigger congestion zone in london,and putin has been told not to kill zelensky,from vt.So who is thats causing all the shit then. I'll stick with my original theory ,the whole point of the exercise is to destroy ukranian nationalism( and Russian on the other side),and the land is being sold off,allegedly,to us corporations,who strangely seem to know putins plans.Always wary of putin,they been building him up for years,another that says some interesting stuff,but ex kgb,soviet admirer,there was nothing Christian about that system,and always surrounded by unowho ogliaracs

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Well Jack, went over to the Sage`s blog and low and behold there was Stew Peter's to top off the circus performance!

Did DARPA crank up the 5G to get that black goo I mean graphine oxide stimulated to fire up the muppets?

Can the Muppets be fired up? Then tomorrow there will be another trained seal flapping it's tail fins.

We need to pass some of Phil's weed around along with some good beer for the next circus!

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I have my doubts about any nuclear weapons being detonated from a balloon. History from our Jack tells me that that genius John Von Newman provided the calculations along the ley lines with the proper altitude to detonate the bombs in Japan in WW2. I believe nothing from our military Jack and Phil since they designed and built the covid virus and developed the black goo derived shot to control and ultimately decimate the American People. My own special forces nephew is so woke he teaches his daughters that anyone against the trans movement is a domestic enemy. I would personally shoot him in the head along with any military man or woman that talks the way he does.

As you can tell my brothers family is totally fucked up but this is normal in America now. I would think as Jack says that the Chinese would do a better job running America.

The vaxxed woke? Not dying fast enough and them dying is not the plan the plan is to kill us one way or the other as I am sure we unvaxxed are totally labeled as domestic enemies.

In the future wokeness and transgender movements will eventually come to power and it will be us against them at some point. There is no compromise with woke ideolog and the transgender movement. None.

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Thank you Phil, for appreciating my work.

I know that you and yours are an indispensable part of the Jack Heart team.

Few seem to realize that the increasing materialization of mankind comes at a cost. Possibly this is due to the nature of human experience, which is so often an emergence into this life with no sense of memory or understanding.

The ancient mystics knew the price that was being exacted, and they also knew that others such as Augustine had surrendered themselves to this cost.

This loss is central to what makes the black sickness so devastating. It is closely linked to the fanatical acceptance of the injection as the savior.


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