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There is no rule of law in the US. The system must crash and burn before we can go forward. Popcorn anyone?

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Jack and Phil, my two children never spent one mi use in a public school both being home schooled and both children are exceptional human beings.

My youngest is just about to graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in education having a 4.0 grade point average with proffessors openly commenting how home schooled students make the most out of the college experience. She is brilliant. Well read and we shall see if she makes it as a teacher in a public school. Have my doubts on that but this Dad let her run with her interests.

She is my spy in the education environment and I can tell you stories about the lunatics on campus in Madison.

My philosophy of the home school was to "unschool" until the child was 10 or 12 but they were taught basics of reading and math with the early years spent being outside being kids. We live in a rural area as this really worked out well looking back on it.

Thanks Phil for your talk on home schooling its the way forward.

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, giving me the comment section? Taking it with pride down with the ship.

Was an honor to serve.

But first I have to blame a Jew for something wrong with me.

I call it the inner Jew, since jews are all powerful above Spirit itself?

One more thing as an Evangelical and vaxxines



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My last post on the human.

See ya around sometime

A cycling target Crossville Tennessee

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Fascinating conversation, gentlemen.

Listening to you reminds me of the old days, of sitting in the shadows, silent, and listening to my father and my uncles as they commiserated with each other, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, fixing all the world's problems, at a family barbeque or holiday get-together.

America has not been united since the Civil war. A corporation came in and bought up the remnants of what was once America. The owners called this corporation the United States. Incorporated. It is an extension of the same oligarchy that runs the UK. In fact, you will find Washington, D.C., London, and Vatican City are branches of this entity. I guess some would call it the Empire. As in Philip K. Dick's motto, 'The Empire never ended.'

There are just people. All other divisions are unnecessary. There are only the just, and the false. Or, if you prefer, the asleep and the awake. Or, in New Testament lore: 'The Living and the Dead.'

A war between two forces. I think most of us here in the group would agree with that assertion, to a lesser or larger degree. You could call it a spiritual war, or a mental war, or a physical war, the difference between true illumination and being sound asleep -- whatever: it is happening on all fronts. It is the interaction of two different, seemingly opposing yet oddly complimentary forces.

I naturally ponder the Third Force. This would be the true reality behind every opinion, preference, fantasy and delusion we have about the other two forces. In this case, I suppose you could call the first two forces good and evil. But that would be unfair in a way, because they often masquerade as each other. Convincingly.

Our federal government is an extension of what really runs this world. But what really runs this world is much, much, larger than the federal government of any country. If people get bogged down on pushing meaningless buttons in meaningless voting booths, they are already lost.

There will be absolutely no help coming from that quarter. Every politician is merely a mercenary actor. As opposed to a selective actor who has the good sense, at least, to not adopt certain personas. To not take certain roles.

Home school your children? Unless you want your child to have the mind of a severely mentally malnourished slave/robot, I would definitely advise one to home school their children. Really, guys, that's a no-brainer. If it's at ALL possible, home school your children. If it's not possible, take them out of school anyway and let them run into the wilderness and abandon them then and there -- they will have a far better education. And thank you for it later on.

The lies they teach . . . you'd be spending way too much time scrubbing the indoctrination out of their minds, later on in life, if you cared about them, that is, but it may be too late. Once asleep, it is almost supernaturally hard to wake up, and much harder than that to remain consistently awake, or in Gurdjieff parlance, always be in a state of Self Remembering.

Others that have commented here in the group have expressed their observation that it is burn the house down, time, and make something new, time. I concur most heartily. This is the zombie apocalypse. Sentient, intelligent, life in human form is going to take a drastically different turn on the Road. It is already happening, and anyone with any true sensitivity knows it.

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Excellent Gentlemen...

The pendulum swing from East to West, and back again, has been occurring on the planet throughout our history, and we knew this time was coming for some time.

It doesn't make it anymore palatable, but then this life rarely is...

It often needs to be swallowed with a good dose of pain, frustration, and impotent rage.

But what is clear, and Phil your right about the timing, is what's occured over (I'd say) the last twenty years.

Watching old documentaries and TV shows from the late 90's and comparing them to today, highlights how far we've declined through progress, how far we've fallen by constantly trying to climb higher...

I look around the UK and no longer wonder how we got here, its clear to see.

Like over in the USA, we've not had a genuine fair election in this country since Tony Blair (and I shudder to even use the words fair and genuine in the same sentence as that guys name).

The cronieism, the corruption, the blatant disrespect and contempt for the subjects (ohh to be a Citizen), of this country is breaktaking in its arrogance.

Everything broken, probably on purpose, and for years we've apathetically allowed it to happen.

We're wonderful moaners here in the UK, we complain about absolutely everything, all the time, relentlessly...

And yet we all orderly que, accept our due, and carry on (regardless)..

If that's not the behaviour of an enslaved people's I don't know what is.

But I do see the tide changing direction, at least in small sections, like ripcurls near the cliff face.

There is a serious case of over extension occurring here in the west at the moment, maybe born out of desperation, or pure megalomania, but the pressure cooker created over these past years is getting dangerously hot, and someone soon has to realise the valve or the whole things gonna blow...

And I think it is going to be the economic impact that is the catalyst.

Just look at energy prices (let alone fuel - I'd give my hind teeth to be paying by the gallon for fuel, and you don't want to know what ridiculous charge these companies are enforcing for a measly litre over here), I got my gas and electricity bill in yesterday for December's usage, and compared it to last year.

2021 cost me £512 for both gas and electric over the whole of December (which was a very cold month last year).

2022 I used only two thirds of the gas and electricity of the previous year, but the bill is £987.

For one f**king month! Are you kidding me? That better be gold plated for that price, and now the government is saying that in April bills will have to double because of the 'cost of living crisis'.

What, the imaginary one you f**kers manipulated and created, in a massive redistribution of wealth...

The time will come soon, it has too, that we band together in solidarity and take a leave out of the French playbook...

March on the institutions of our so called elected representative (and here in the UK the hereditary Lords and Royalty), and the bankers, big corporations, and s**t's that run Porton Down etc., drag them into the street and publically hang the lot.

Apologies, rant over...

Once again, excellent work gentlemen, your dedication and perseverance in the face of the enemy is not just commendable, its inspiring, so thank you.

All the very best.

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You two gentlemen have 5 or 6 topics here that were touched and all these topics are screaming for an extended discussion or a more precise view.

I can't vouch for them, but PA has had this running for maybe over the year or two now, if you are outside the USA, and you don't want to create young automaton maybe you should look into what is here presented...


Sometimes, Holly- wood gets some things right, and I gonna leave you with this...


About Injections, if they can't think or use logic are they truly alive?

There will be approximately 5 years period of adaptation what will be left of the human race is highly questionable, because all these stats that are presented and thrown out into oceans of cyberspace in most cases are false or can't be proven or disproven.

Even when we are talking about inflation... I saw today the same graph about inflation in Europe with the same numbers that have been going around for one maybe one and half years now, all numbers that are presented are around 12+ percent....but if the Cost of the Potato has risen 110% then the logic is telling us that real inflation is around 56 percent or more when all things are combined.

America is still and will remain factor X, you don't see Podcasts like this one or anything like this coming from Russia or China and you probably never will.

Russia is Europe, many are forgetting this fact and many Eastern European countries are forcefully excluded during the so-called Cold War and kept in check so you can expect a rise of Eastern Europeans in coming years.

Eastern Europeans don't trust the Government, how can they, it will be the different rise of the So-called European mindset.

And West will follow, they have no choice...

Race is important but you must see the human before you and his intellect and that is all that matters...

If I see a Jewish kid running in front of the running train I am gonna save him, maybe die in the process if needed.

Hate is engineered but the Jewish community and Rabbis need to grow up and accept the responsibility for the world that they helped to create.

The same goes for other "religious leaders" in Christian or Muslim communities.

The truth is many of them should be hanged on the next available tree but we must never preach absolutism...

There is so much Evil right now present in the world that Good sometimes can't be seen and anger can really fast cloud even the brightest minds.

Few are truly chosen but trust me they are not Zee Jews

About homosexuality-if you don't understand the ASS is part of the digestive system, sorry I can help you...It is that simple.

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Great dialogue, Jack and Phil!

You are my regular companions on starry sky nights.

And Nine, the article you shared is really excellent. If you wanted to corrupt and possess humanity and turn them into servile, disease-ridden animals, you couldn't get much more demonic than that.

In this episode, I loved the example of the kid interested in archaeology.

I couldn't agree more; I never learned more in my life than the day I got out of the school system. In fact, it really started when I was in college studying the psychology of manipulation, which is one of my favorite subjects, on my own time. It started with some very dark topics but the shock of learning about some of the other alternative discoveries and alternative ways of looking at the world was so deep within me that it finally rekindled a kind of magic that tinged the universe around me that was lost. Of course one ends up confronting all forms of misinformation but it makes one think even more when one is not satisfied with any conclusion.

Regarding "The Human" site, I think there are several angles to consider in relation to the problems that seem to plague it:

The nature of the articles, especially those from Loki, puts it much more in the crosshairs of censorship or sandboxing in my opinion. Some headlines are often evocative enough to probably set off some radar, while the main text is much more refined. If you're reading this, Loki, don't take it as a suggestion to edit, I love your style and I'm really impressed with your ability to synthesize an enormous amount of reading with clarity and precision while adding a very appreciable personal sensitivity and insight.

There is also a psychological factor that comes from the radical increase in the number of publications and this is the one that affects me the most personally.

Although this change is very welcome in some aspects, a recent article that stays longer leaves more room for appreciation and maturation. The high rate of publication may lead to skimming over certain publications, or even skipping them, and this also affects the incentive to comment in my opinion. I find it harder to keep up with the ones on Substack myself and the delay I have on some of them doesn't leave me enough time to let it grow in me and bring a comment that I consider interesting enough to share. But this seems to affect less other commenters that I read with interest, so maybe it's just me but it would be interesting to have several opinions.

The last factor is one that you have already acted on with Substack by doing the reading and analysis of older work for newcomers. The quality of your work means that it will only attract those who have been able to spot the hidden gold and will be willing to dive in and study it in depth. A bit like a gargoyle or a guardian of the threshold that would protect a treasure cave, which creates fear and prevents from seeing the wealth that is hidden inside. Your writing style alone pushes the reader to invest seriously, as he often prefers to be served all the conclusions on a platter.

Above all: Those who have not read your book will find it difficult to follow you on certain points. The recent gift you have given to the contributing members is invaluable in this respect.

I leave this last point mainly for those who are ready to give your work the attention it deserves.

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I find it pretty odd, how little time the majority in America gives to topics such as freedom of speech. I've actually heard people defending abusive internet policy on the basis that it is corporate!!! When the ideals and principles of a society worth living in aren't honoured by the corporate sector, a condition that the majority accepts, there is a real problem.

First of all, corporations are now by definition extra legal fictitious persons. Not only fake people, but fake people with way more rights and privileges than actual people. Now, the public is giving them the reins to dialogue, information, and censorship without so much as a shrug. Yep, this will end well.

I don't know if anyone has noticed that the huge push towards woke is fully supported by corporate, but it certainly is. So, if you provide a hostile fake entity with the keys to the kingdom, can anyone be surprised when such is fully weaponized?

Keep in mind that it is the renter class that controls corporate, not the average guy or gal. This really is a case where the hoarders demand to screw with everyone on the basis of "values". Yes, those with no morality dare to inflict their excuse for morality upon everyone by force.

Secondly, its corporate renters that buy and sell " your " politicians. You, average Joe and Jane never are allowed to advance your own candidate. Most Americans don't even realize that they never chose the bidenistas. In a display of the worst nonsense possible, they defend those who despise them in some weird form of Stockholm syndrome.

No one has been held accountable for destroying over 100 food processing plants. I doubt anyone truly responsible ever will. If the going gets tough, the renters will dig up their scapegoat, and their assets in office will replay the lone kook theory for the ten thousandth time.

Thirdly, there is only one force on earth that can defeat the renters and their phalanx of depravity, and that force is already at work. As bad as it is, and yes it is that bad the only way to get real is to drive mankind to the edge of their endurance. Put simply, the orange has to be squeezed to release its juice, and mankind is in the jaws of the vise for similar reasons. Keep in mind, death is a tragedy to us, not to the juicer.

I've offered this explanation before, years ago now, even before the scamdemic because it is true. No manner of belief will alter any of this, because the route is already chosen, and the only part we play lies in our response, or for those at higher functioning, what is placed before even thought.

No, it really doesn't matter if we chose such conditions, or not, because they are binding.


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It's the obstacles in social interaction reveals the noble character (be it in public or private places), if such can be surmised within the hidden textures of a young psyché, buried in the mud of social psychological & physical frustration & strife. Difficulties are the necessary fire thru which strong infants will become very strong men & beautiful compassionate women. If not, then unfortunately that's their destination, the destination of the inherent mechanical makeup of so-called humanity.

But destiny is all together another "pair de manches"!

For destiny can only belong to those who create it themselves thanks to the grace of God that THEY THEMSELVES have generated! It isn't written in the stars. It's personal power makes the stars and planets move with a conscious & sincere loving volition. It can take time. It can take alot of time. But if there's a soul in the soil, a real HUMAN might emerge. And from a real HUMAN a real GOD might be issued, to become an illuminating residence of serenity inside of Chaos.

Home schooling can produce social idiots. Learn to take them into the wilderness of Nature. But give them the valorous opportunity to forge their Will in the cesspool of modern society.

Phil's ideas on home-schooling I find quite honorable. Reassuring. But how many stupid parents produce stupid and pretentious brats at home. In France they're incalculable!!! They live off social security, eventually creating the next generation of paradoxically socially engineered social security workers!!! Very woke & home bred.

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My mom got seriously ill after her booster shot. They diagnosed it diverticulitis. Then my cousin he’s only 45 drops dead on Friday the 13th. Falls down and hits head on a coffee table bleeds out dies of a blood clot stroke

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A smashing conversation gentlemen.

Thank you.

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Wasn't Hitler a part of the Borman faction? He is the one who delayed Army Group Center from advancing on Moscow, after the victory at Smolensk, for almost two months. Hitler is the one who wasted time, men, and weaponry on a large meaningless victory by sending the armor of Army Group Center to aid Army Group South in Ukraine instead of sending them against Moscow immediately after Smolensk.

Hitler is the one who let the British get away at Dunkirk, Hitler is the one who failed to launch an invasion of England after the British had left all of their heavy weapons on the beaches at Dunkirk. Hitler is the one who changed the plan of the Battle of Britain from destroying the RAF to terror bombing London which had no military importance. Hitler is the one who failed to give Rommel enough men( when he had several divisions sitting in France before the US had built up in England) to break through the British lines in North Africa and drive into the southern Russian flanks and and take away their oil fields which Hitler tried to do after his loss at Moscow when he sabotaged his Army by sending them into Stalingrad instead of blocking that city and going on south to the oilfields. Hitler failed to let the 6th Army retreat from Stalingrad.

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Another reason that Hitler was part of the Borman faction is that he sent Rudolph Hess to England apparently to get him out of the way so Borman could be 2nd in command.

Also, Hitler was told that Borman was told by his top intelligence chiefs that Borman was sending secret military info to the Russians. Hitler told them that he knew but the information was false. However, the information was 100% accurate.

Hitler was in the Borman faction.

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The WEF is working with the Chinese and Russians. Christine LeGarde has said the IMF HQ will be in Beijing by 2027.

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Mr. Heart, Shaka Zulu conquered the other tribes in an attempt to unite them all against white invasion.

This is why descendants of slaves in America need our own country(a contiguous 40 acres and a mule) that was promised to us by Lincoln. Those who wish to continue to live among you can do so, but many of us see the gross and willful misinterpretation our history and our future for us by you and other Caucasians and we want nothing to do with it. For instance, your suggestion that we should want to live under a national socialist regime. Why would we want to live under a system born in racism? That is ridiculous. You show your caucasian chauvinism so blatantly. You have a very intelligent mind, but when it comes to descendants of slaves in America just give us two southern states and leave us alone.

Oh, and I don't believe all white slave traders were jewish(if many of them were, it was their attempt to hide and destroy the true negroid jews who had fled to West Africa and other parts of Africa due to being able to blend in with

the other negroid people). The slave owners in the USA were not all Jewish. Most were Anglo Saxons and are culpable in the slave trade and they violated the 3rd commandment of hating YAHOWAH and his jubilee law by not freeing their slaves every 50 years. Thus, they cursed this land down to the 4th generation. Now, you see the land falling apart. The negroid people you disdain are the jews and this land is being punished for their mistreatment.

Archeologist Eran El Haik wrote an article about the valley of dry bones. In it he disproves the lie that these Caucasians are the jews and as the final proof he took DNA bone samples from the burial grounds of three Hebrew/Israeli tribe. The Haplogroup was found to be E1B1 and T. Both are found throughout Africa, but not in the fake Caucasians.

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Borman faction(fake jewish)instructions.

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