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Ok but from my perspective..I know who cares right , ANYWAY..all the players on the worlds stage are able to out and debate all the clowns shoved down our throats via fake news and the alt-kike. So many profiting from books on crypto clown Fauchi, Gates, Wuhan theory ..who cares? We know our government and military are dirty as they can be, bio labs are nothing new, all 3 letter agencies and Mossad work together because they all serve the shekel ((masters)) This who bio weapon release has ZERO proof since I do not trust anything coming from Rothschilds commie China and the numbers out of Lombardi Italy were later redacted and New York numbers were a dud ..when everyone is told to count any death or illness as Covid and PAID to do so how do you get to actual numbers for a computer generated cartoon virus? What happened to that weasel Lieberman and his Chinese mules? ((Gateway Pundit)) sourcing the Times of IsRAel ..sure good info can be extracted from the horses mouth But those guys at the GP are of the tribe and all is fair as long as you don’t out the jew and why I am banned from their comment section..

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The key to America is the Evangelical Church.

Like Hitler before us America must reform its most powerful protestant Church.

The Evangelical pulpets from across the land will erupt with extreme vitriol against any Kennedy running for any office.

I suggest military wet teams dispatched to take care of the biggest 'vangelical mouths as the rest will get the message and support Kennedy for President.

The same done to Jewish organizations like ADL.

That's how I ran my dock at USpostal. Discipline applied to the biggest mouth as the rest complied with orders.

We did two Billion in revenue for UsPostal.

BTW, was there when anthrax hit our dock. As Duff says, have standing.

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Jack and Phil, I hope the NSA is tuned in here.

Did they enforce that oath they all took?

My pal Tommy, killed by agent orange

Had a very quaint African American saying


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It is interesting how this happened right before the military actions in Ukraine...somebody is telling Putin...Hey You..wait we are not all gone here...

America is factor X... I have been telling this fact like a parrot..no pun independent here.

I read almost all comments on the previous Jacks's post and all I got to say is ..you got your chance...Americans.

When Europeans were on the street all ii have seen were post-go Europe, go Australia, we don't have to do anything we have guns over here...

I will be blunt...Somebody just told Putin don't do it...and that is, my friends the best news from the beginning of the so-called SMO in Ukraine.

An interesting thing about the picture with vril girls was Putin in the middle surrounded by them or was he on the outskirts of the picture...You know this SMO is from the beginning very "girly war" we will not destroy this and that...it can't be done.

You will have fewer civilian casualties if you go all in...Mariupol looks like Vukovar..destroyed to the ground it will take at least 10 years before this one city will be functional again...

Diplomacy can be established if nobody is there you can talk...now there will be somebody.

Trump is all over the media they are trying to nullify this candidation...they will arrest Orange Hesus..o.k.."fascinating" as Spock should say.

You don't love politicians?..who with any decent IQ does...but the truth is especially Americans you had your chance, people with guns...now you will have to deal with the Kennedy.

I guess humans are not ready they still need some big name to carry them over...so be it.

All nations need to come together...and you will see something that once was just a whisper.

America was and still is factor X...People in the Middle East, Russians, and others don't hate you, they just don't understand why people who are brave and free don't want to help them and fight this Evil...

We don't need one more video about how corrupt and decadent these people are....you know who they are, and where they sleep, it is time to get them.

Look up at the sky, the stars are so close these days, you can almost pick them with your hand...

This fact should tell you something..and this is a real reason why they keep spraying the sky.

Black Sun is Rising...this is the best chance you will ever have...

Maybe I am done with the writing...I got part 2 in my head, I am not sure if I should write this next peace...

Right now, the "situation" with Kennedy is more important.

Only the brave can be free, are you ready to give your life so this place can be free?

This is the only question that You should ask yourself right now, are you ready and willing to "die" so others can be free?

This is the reason why certain gentlemen told Loki on his podcats some things...Do YOU want to go HOME?... Die like a MAN.

There is no DEATH..but what we do here echoes in eternity...and this my friend is not just a shallow phrase.

All the best, and Good luck to all.

If i made any writing mistakes,f it...it is morning here,i need my coffe.

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Phil, my Thrift Savings fund managed by the Feds payed out 2.5 % as my money is in the "G" fund. Many folks lost 30% last year in their 401k investments.

Why is the interest paid on federal bonds so low? Because Blackrock lives on debt. The solution for the American people? Raise the interest rates paid on those bonds to at least cover inflation. Let blackrock(jews) pay back what is owed to the American people.

Remember the 80's when government bonds were paying 18%? Most governments were in such instruments because of their safety and guaranteed returns.

So, even here the Federal Government holds the power.

Me thinks an 18% return would fix our retirement system. Blackrocks purpose? To steal America's money. They promise returns that don't manifest and then blame the people for what blackrock did. Then they go after Social Security because it's all those old boomers, let's genocide them. Wait we call it a vaxx.

Like Harry Voxx says we keep interest on bonds low by the Feds which is a direct transfer into Jewish money power hands. I am so sorry, blackrock(jews).

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The roads in the UK jack are on par with America, The place is falling apart with neglect and it's all by design and as you pointed out in your episode there we pay taxes for it ,the housing stock that we the people owned was sold and not replaced,the streets are filthy yet they needed a 4% rise in taxes for their pension funds while cutting services, try suing the local government for damages to vehicles or personal and they have never paid out one cent for anything even when they lost in court .

Look into street lights as a weapon Robert Steele Newcastle England won a court case recently , idiots walking around with their cell/mobile phones getting pinged will be getting zapped if the man got your name on a list , polystyrene mixed with petrol/gas is one bitch to extinguish lol and gas poured through the lower air vets of government buildings ,there ain't no saving that building by the time they notice ,burn the idiots out of house and home , what's the worst they can do to me put me in a room and give me 3 meals a day, last time I had a government sponsored holiday some years ago they couldn't wait to throw me out the door lol someone with good chemical knowledge showed the loons how smoking a tablet for your tummy ( buscopan ) was like taking coke /crack /meth all in one and would put you off your rocker , chemical Fridays were fun in the jail I saw the zombie apocalypse first hand at opening up time . There is a way round every system jack the rich kids are way to stupid to see this or even understand the basic principles, it's just a ride jack lol

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It might behoove people in America to consider a couple of things regarding the political reality they live in. This is not to say that I endorse any current political solution. My personal perspective is that the journey the people of America have embarked upon will occur whether they participate or not. I may take Mr.D's suggestion to heart at some point and write about free will, but in the current conditio if you've been reading here for a while.n ruminations concerning your own agency, people of America, are kind of like recalling family memories of life during WW2.

I can find only one possible reason to participate in the political process, and that is to support candidates that will help the current transition to take place. You might have noticed your world is rapidly altering into something undreamed of, and this was predicted, right here. It will not be altered, changed, or affected by any party, especially not by those who fancy themselves in charge.

The coming condition will not be stopped. It will arrive. Perhaps the best way to explain this to American sensibilities is that there is a deep reality, just like there is a deep state, and no one here tells deep reality what to do.

The clinging to any method, any structure, any identity of normalcy that has its roots in the current structure is only going to ensure that the transition will be a rocky one.

The current system, and those who participate in it are no longer capable of creating anything. Theirs is the lower hungerof the beast, and they are inspired by causing pain and loss for the benefit of their masters.

However, a new way has been gaining in power. It has been through the fire, quite naked, and it will not abide the status quo. Like it or not, this world is not going to become a rogue planet of jews ruling viciously over the goyim they despise. This transition away from this transhumanist, globalist model can happen relatively smoothely, or with paroxyms of conflict, but it will occur.

Politically, choosing candidates that have proven history of good works for people and planet will certainly help this transition to move in a better way. Personally speaking, the real need here is to stay human, to support and protect those leaders who embody the same.


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Gordon Duff is right about that roads thing...so forget rhodes too cause his diamonds arent forever.. stolen goods and stolen lands (planets too) dont work that well , do they..


since im not the vindictive one.. somethin about truth..


"the truth will set jew free but first piss jew off"

still want all of them to reach the promissed land cause what of a promise would it be, the celestial joke they took me for?

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