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The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries: Written in 1911, the author interviews Irish and Welsh people then in their 80's and 90's about their interaction with the Fairy Folk (Note: 40 page difference between PDF page number and actual book page) Also put a link to some articles.



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For consideration: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1259521/

Great show,cheers.

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I love these conversations.

These are the topics where you can give us more insight!

And these are complicated subjects because we can't know much and only experience can give us insight into the nature of these phenomena.

That's why everything is confusing when we look for clarification from others.

If I were to summarize very briefly what I have learned from my experience, it is that this world is not normal, that there is nothing attractive about it at the bottom line and that some of us have been tricked.

I don't know how but I know that there are locks on all sides within me even though I probably had a little bit of "help" at some point. At least I hope it was help, otherwise I don't know what some entities did to me...

And I don't know if these locks will completely break in my lifetime even if I want it, but I see the time I have here only as preparation for my death.

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Got inspired to write my first post on Substack. Thanks Jack, Orage, and Phil (+ others) for your ongoing hard work, research and dedication on this site and the Human. All your in-depth writings and podcasts are educational, and I’m looking forward to the depths that this paranormal / ufo subject will lead too.

Jacques Vallee - Messengers of Deception - UFO Contacts and Cults (1979) Page 251

“Receiving a visit from outer space sounds almost as comfortable as having a God. Yet we shouldn't rejoice too soon. Perhaps we will get the visitors we deserve.”

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Government is indeed in faction Jack, that factions guides us here to get some truth like Jesus said the truth will set you free.

I found this site interesting Jack and Phil.


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Money? It will come your way since you just spoke it into existence through as MM says a positive intent or an affirmation. You asked others to help in the endeavor and I believe this will manifest.

In the Evangelical world we have prayer warriors usually women that make things happen.

I love MM and Al's your substack guy from Britton who like Hawkwind.

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Great point on "soft disclosure", Jack. I'm sure you and Phil are aware of, "camouflaged disclosure." When the Ruling Class through its' vehicle, the government, feels a need to disclose something occult or esoteric that the public is almost savvy to and clamoring for, they do it in a format that subjects it to ridicule and disbelief. The ownership and control of the supermarket tabloids, as with all entertainment, has always been under the Cryptocracy and its adjuncts. The granddaddy of them all, The National Enquirer was founded by Generoso Pope, a CIA asset back in 1951. Metaphorically, like lifting the lid off of a boiling steam kettle to release the pressure, "they" reveal things like you gentlemen are discussing in a manner so that Joe & Mary Sixpack will snicker at the very notions condescendingly. In the tabloids. Right along side of articles on celebrity sex scandals. Diabolically clever of the swine, wouldn't you say?

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I can't get a long enough chunk of time to listen to this entire piece, but I can say that it was proven, thousands of years ago, that sensory perception is no measure of reality.


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Rather then prison planet, might I opt the idea we are a healing planet, entities energies spirits whatever you want to call them all come together on this planet to be healed.

The problem is some don't want to be healed and they are messing things up for everyone.

People with a soul don't have to worry, they will continue to live forever and can not be controlled by technology or whatever else those parasites throw at us.

Our original DNA blueprints come from the highest source (15th dimensional) at frequencies far above what the negative entities can access. Metatron and his minions can only go as high as the 11th dimension. Hence all their "sacred geometry" based on 11 dimensions. Their tree of life has only 11 dimensions.

They are jealous at us, as we with our original blueprints in tact are actually immortal as we do not lose our memories. Something they have been trying to pursuit their whole existence and lost that ability since the fall of consciousness occurred.

Talking about frequency and numbers. Their geometry is based on fibonacci which is a finite number.

It's too long to explain here but for those interested you can read it here


Phil and Jack I would be very interested to hear your opinion on this math and geometry.

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