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Masterful commentary and show!!

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I could listen to this everyday.

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Excellent podcast once again Phil and Jack you may find yourself repetitive these days but the goal for us is to keep you talking so the subconscious or conscious mind can slip up and let out tidbits. They're like a thread of yarn for a bunch of us cats. After all the best interrogators know the real way to gain the truth is to keep your subject talking doesn't matter what they say in the end but how you can weave the words into the story your looking to uncover.

When Saul Rubinek burst in at the end I damn near wanted to scream, "Annnnnd CUT" laughing. What a eloquent weaving of how it feels walking between two worlds never fully sure if they're actually touching or not when others just want to keep the door shut and pretend nothing is there. I think I found the first one with Herod, nice play on historical words from a modern German sense with WW2's Anti-Hitler finding courage through cowardice by putting on two little shiny bars feeling the power flow through him. I'll watch it later to see if that's the case.

I thought crazy childish machinations until I saw Control Factor last night knowing the electronic pull the character felt and how I've always said to myself one must not know just "hate" to know true Love but Rage. When that love drifts from you and is stolen hatred and apathy tend to set in, but it's the primordial intelligent RAGE that will break the chains holding you back to reclaim what is rightfully yours blowing apathy out of your veins with a blazing lava-like blood of life. I was a shy nerdy guy growing up not one for staring to long and getting caught by the girls until I became possessed by something else. Suddenly girls and later women above my pay grade physically came around like I was a mosquito light. Having the joker on your side does help though after all not only girls but everyone likes a good laugh. All I had to say was the word and any would've been mine, and I knew that's what they wanted because after all the devil will always get you later so they say. Problem is I tasted the original formula Coca Cola. You can't go back to the imposters even with the little tricks of if you take this bride you can save them from a life time of misery for her failure. Emotional manipulations wont work and will only anger him further. In fact now he wants your head.

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Jack and Phil, best cast yet and cast? We will cast what's real based upon the Spirit of the creator. Who's left? Look around and a philosophical discussion? Who with? Talk about the obvious lies the government and media spin and once you break that spell with a person first is the blank stare and then the anger comes.

Well Phil, they have their full spectrum dominance since the numbers are vastly reduced of the sentient individuals.

We are in a fifth generational war and its all out against what's left as every day I go outside I see a zombie apocholypse.

Jack is correct that we need to circle the wagons since humanity is an infected hive that can and will swarm against the sentient since we are vastly out numbered like in a Woody Harrelson zombie movie there aren't enough bullets.

Zombie flicks? Talk about predictive programing.

Jews? The ultimate biological robots as I observe them locally as they swarm like upon the transgender issue, they will swarm against you worse than being against the vaxxine but perhaps this is the vaxxine in action.

Vaxxines and transgenderism is the new world along with anything the Jewish borg disagrees with will get the galactic hive fired up against you.

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Just something for fun,....i hope zee link works....

, A very interesting theme and podcast, I left something on my page...it is not a response but a comment...

It is too long to put this here.

I don't know if would look good as a comment...

I wanted to write about it anyway, so it is what it is.

Have a good day, gentlemen.

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Finally, someone who had the balls & of course it was you Jack, sayin' it like it is about Freeland & Ruddy Steiner & Sasha. Like Mind, Hive Mind, Thrive Mind. Imagine bees not doing their job? No more honey.

On a side note:

What's the A.C.'s Moonchild? Socrates talked about this. Children were to be programmed. What did the Spartans do?

There are actually families, who from even the time of the Roman Empire & surely beyond, practice the Art of REINCARNATING back into their own Family's descendance. Generally, egregores are used so called secret societies, in order to devitalize the subservient members of its organism (organisation), for the betterment of its chiefs. Something like with Voodoo, a give and take game, but where unfortunately, if you're not the Sugar-Daddy, the little members are dispensable, for the sake of the egregore, operated by its vampiric directors. Oh yes, one may get little advantages from this pact, but in the long run, it's always the same families who sway the swing of things, ruling the commerce of others. Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, hints at this in his much neglected work, "Le Crocodile".

There are of course positive egregores. Jack's substack.

Meyrink's "Angel from the Western Window".

When copulating with your partner, if perchance you have power, be careful be warned. What you are contemplating with the mind, at that moment, opens a window to the realm where the souls to be, come from. Best to really love the other, because if not, you're just fucking around. And some astral trash might just come in!

Gurdjieff would have said, best to crystallize the soul, the Hesychasts say the same thing. Because if you don't, well, there's a chance you might become someone who can only make honey. The Royal Jelly's for the Queen.

The necessary spiritual entity to counter the ubiquitous evil.

Thank you very much, wonderful gentlemen for a very EXCELLENT podcast. Hail.

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Well Jack, in the film control factor the "heroine's" name is Karen.

Quite the bit of predictive programing.

What is a Karen? A woman totally imeshed in the system where marriage or family or anything outside that system is the enemy as "she" will do anything to be part of that system.

Gotta love Mick Jagger.


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On watching & listening to this video almost to its repetitious end, I figured I'd add something silly to my previous commentary. Not that it's really important. But what are people so afraid of?!!!

The end of the planet! So what! There is no other EARTH but us. Let us say that for the moment, this dirt and water of things is what clothes us, for a brief instant across the elaborate stages of our divine voyage, across the complexe itinerary of our own facetted self. Whether it be to breathe or lose our breath here, what doesn't belong to you can't be taken away; and what is really yours will only be indigestible for another. You are to your self an ontological necessity.

If this world wants your corpse, then it can have it!

We are the conscious Life force of being that becomes. In the I Ching, who's the dragon crossing the horizontal bars of the hexagrams? The planet without us is as NOTHING. Where we go after death, goes with us, but does not have to come back.

Why would anyone trust somebody from the "other side", more so, than from this side?! A dead idiot isn't worth more than the same kind of idiots from this side. Be it so called family members or some past foxy chick we might have known in our youth! Even of an angel, beware!

Problem is like with what J. Evola stated many times in his books, not all of which have I read (thankfully there are many other authors worth the reading), "We have chosen this period the Kali, as warriors we should be brave enough to live it out, even supersede it!"

Thanks again to Phil & Jack. Ciao.

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Interesting Jack and Phil, shit happens I dig that like stalking the pendulum,who ever or whatever has the remote control is not very imaginative and seems stuck in a 100 year loop most of the time , two big cellphone towers a couple of hundred feet away in a nearby industrial estate are driving me and the dog nuts with tinnitus, I can set a clock to the timing of events pulsing out from it , I remember taking apart a nearly new VCR player decades ago and inside were hundreds of thousands of dead ants all died trying to get at this small aluminium radiator their bodies inches deep up to this part of the machine with a small circles maybe a few millimetres away from it ,all had died trying to get to it one very bizarre sight to behold, now I get it I am the ant

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