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Well, perhaps this is evidence of America`s long history of dumbing down its population culminating with the mRna vaxxine technology? I am beginning to wonder if a police state might just be the best thing for America? Take that vaunted second amendment. Has it been used at all for anything?

Seriously listening to Jack talk about what he has been through the last eight years with Orage and why bother?

Well, if you boys do videos on fly fishing I will take up fly fishing.

And to guns a 38 special is all you need for a pistol and a lever action on a long gun.

Guns need to be confiscated for voting a man like Trump in for president in the first place and white nationalists are the dumbest motherfuckers on planet earth.

Speaking of tRump that guy and his family are guilty of so many things who could Seriously defend that man? Ask Jack's sis what they did to the local environment for a buck.

The vaxxine? How else can you explain the western world supporting a man like Zelinski and his war against Russia as at least Russians aren't confused about gender.

And Jews? Is it their inbreeding or just cultural mental illness? And their hatred of the white race and especially the Slavic people's as the world is supposed to fight endless wars for this demented tribe? May their gods die with them as Gordon Duff was so fond of saying.

What else can be said as perhaps it's America's obituary.

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Jack on the first part of your radio show talk about radar making aircraft in the Ukraine obselete, well a little tricky the RAF used in Ww2 before the bomber raids fun again for the operators and also it is not just your side of the pond that is getting dummed down badly they are now re-editing 1984. When at a airshow in Germany a 1960s era soviet radar was used it lit up a F35 like a turkey , About 10 years ago I got a knock on my door about the ram coatings on these super stealthy lol aircraft and how they wear of quickly ,all I am saying as a surface coating specialist is sugar is a crap base for anything lol. Oil is always best

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I like the Idea of, By day fisherman by night relentless truth-teller/fighter,f I pay to see fishing adventures.

Nvm, the bollocks, as they say, excellent show.

About the possible cancellation of the system we call VPN, it will have an impact around the world because much of the content that is normal, in many countries is labeled as hate speech... especially in the EU...

I have nothing against voting if is it public, no anonymity...We are deciding here about the next 4 or more years, sorry you can have your anonymity.

Be a MAN...

But this is the cowardly mentality that these freaks have created...why should anyone be ashamed or be in mortal fear because he voted for someone in any civilized society...

Trump is all over the "funny papers" if untermensh is preoccupied with Orange Jesus, Kenedy will have a hard time finding the rest of the voting base.

Third-party is the only option if he embraces red or blue he will lose many people...Many Americans are sick and tired of blue and red symbolism stomping their rights and beliefs, year after year.

The question here is: can he get in the office in time, not can he...

They are on the clock, and Kenedy would be a nuisance they can't afford.

I don't like politicians but Kenedy like Putin are not standard politicians...more need, born from utter misery, a misery that reflects the state of the world in general.

Putin and Kenedy can be just representations of the bridge till normality is not restored, so to speak.

Salutations to Phil for reading and explaining this tedious set of documents...

Tik-tok-i will use qute for Star Wars:Obi-Wan:

Mos Eisley spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

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It was great to hear from Orage. Clear English pronunciation. Americans today could barely read Philosophy texts let alone write anything comparable. We are “the last Men” Nietzsche warned about in Zarathustra

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Ukraine, and specifically Bakhmut/Artyomovsk.

It would behoove us all maintain a wide scope of significance for this war. I believe that we must hold in our minds a few facts that are pivotal to the situation, which are ignored by the oligarchs who run western media corporations.

1) The drive to a nationalist solution was enshrined by Lenin in almost religious terms. Luxembourg warned him that enshrining this thirst would bring future problems. Lenin ignored her.

2) Ukrainian national identity has never developed beyond a nascent stage.

3) This issue of nationalism, and what it means to Ukraine and Russia has never been allowed to find its natural course. Nationalism has been viciously exploited over a period of decades to turn Ukraine into a puppet state ruled by organized crime, corporate oligarchs, and globalist bankers. The wishes and desires of the people have been ruthlessly manipulated, advancing and fomenting a climate of hostility and division. One look at what is being done to America clearly places the origin of this policy within the western halls of power.

If we keep these three points in mind, much of the reveals and developments regarding this SMO will make a great deal of sense. Rather than a stupid emotionalism-a condition nauseatingly advanced by western media, it becomes possible to understand the potential here for what this conflict ultimately is, which is a war of destinies, and what it can become, which is the last rites for western globalism.

Bakhmut is pivotal for both strategic and political reasons. There is a stream from the west that Bakhmut isn't strategically significant. They are either lying or morons or both.

Yes, a new kind of warfare is being born here. It is very much a warfare centered around position, emplacement, and firepower. In uncanny ways, it resembles trench warfare during the first chapter of the world war.

This is the war that decides the fate of a political and economic system that has developed from the roots of the Renaissance, and the radical de-spiritualization of Christianity into the anti human anti life juggernaut it has morphed into.

Don't kid yourselves. Bakhmut is at the center of all of this.


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Learned today that Churchill, Eisenhower, & De Gaulle all wrote memoirs directly after WW2, & in 7000 pages between them there is not one mention of the Holocaust or Jewish people suffering? Just a casually never mentioned historical fact

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Well Jack and team, the Evangelical Queen had the TV on for the tRump circus in New York. I was out of the house buying tires for a bicycle. The TV was on when I walked in and I swear it was like a sports game as they reviewed the events of the day with video clips like at an NFL football broadcast. What a farce however, America has a new Sherriff if jew boy tRump got arrested. The news(sports) casters were openly talking about how corrupt the real estate business was in jooew york city for the big players like tRump.

We shall see how this plays out but those that brought you dead Kennedys brought you tRump and mega and moron is interchangeable as these morons don't deserve guns. Take them. Further, maybe an intelligence test for firearms ownership?

Just an observation.

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Well Jack, I see your "human" has got a face lift.

About time don't need the likes of me there

Only serious writters

Or Sirius

Of course carry on

Well, 868 or 911 or all the numbers

I bet the joos are pissed because their movies get downloaded for free.

Well, make one I want to pay for

Like come to this old house

Filled with vinyl than cassette than Beta than VHS

Now Netflix and Spotify

Perhaps best to shut it all down

Plant a garden

Watch a VHS movie

Or vinyl

On a record player

Fine art on the plastic as a cover

Pepper of the arts here

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