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Here in Wisconsin we are in a blizzard.

Just got done with the podcast and just want to say we'll done!

And Phil, the sound quality is coming through really well!

I see you moving into video with that Punish video today. I thought it went very well and the sound quality was excellent.

I left a couple of comments about video lighting and smart phone video.

My wife has a large Instagram following talking to the women about make up and hair but uses an iPhone 11 pro max and a circle light at night but she films during the late morning to catch natural lighting. She produces really high quality videos very cheaply.

I left a link for you to look into these inexpensive lighting solutions. And I know Phil will come up with something affordable to do.

Just trying to help.

Content is more important than professional quality.

Again well done! And you will get the video down also.

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Butt plug? Perfect! The next pandemic? It will hit children and the Muppets will blame the unvaxxed.

No Jab no social security and of course no job either? Well, perhaps this is where we die with our boots on.

No social security for the unvaxxed was pushed when covid first started. There will be massive resistance to this in the rural and semi rural areas.

Guns will come out.

Well Jack, I remember Gordon Duff reflecting upon aging and the thought of one's last days laying in a piss soaked depends on your death bed or going out with your boots on.

Perhaps we get our chance to keep the boots on?

Just saying...

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Well Nine I wouldn't worry too much about Social Security, same in my country. France just upped the age from 62 to 64 or is at least trying to. Millions are in the streets.

I dont think the system will last long enough to worry bout Gov't Benefits. Be well.

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Phil you make a very valid point about the camera footage of these foo fighters we're all supposed to be worried about...

That's a dead give away that something doesn't add up.

These conversations from the porch just keep getting better gentleman, thank you for the continue public service, in a world where your the last men standing.

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Working on a new poem Jack, it's called the relationship between jews and the African American community.

That's what Jazz is all about. Of course what would I Know?

"Well Jack, I love the people that created Jazz music.

Not one Jew among them

However, Jews love jazz music

As they purchased musicians

Then there was John Coltrane

Died of heroin overdose

Followed by Hendricks

Somewhere in the mix was Miles Davis

Pixs of his trumpet tattooed on ga ga's arm

ga ga and Bennett quite the item

Huge age difference

She walked him off the stage

At his last performance

Called going out in style"

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Perhaps going out in style is a Jewish thing

Like the Samson option

Goy just die

Like we're supposed to

Nothing special about that

Just an observation

All observation is anti Semitic

Of course

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Great stuff,I'm still sticking to my original claim that the main aim in Ukraine is to genocide as many ukes as possible. Did you know that the mscumedia in Ukraine went around Kiev after the maiden revolution, looking for any Jews that felt in the slightest way threatened or intimidated? Guess what,not one could they find,so what kind of neo nazis are these people? All the puppet masters have to do is create this image to do thier shit. If you want I'll send you some pictures of the young men and women,now missing in action,17,18 year old some of them,sent to thier deaths by another faggot j criminal.As for the alien agenda, is it one shot or two( two separate factions) I've got all the photos ,footage of very large lights pretending to be stars,that I've had interactions with since 2007( some of it not very good at all).My life has been a bitskinwalker ranch,I've got other photos,one of an" entity" which I took in a car plant,believe it or not,very little interest.Sent a video to sw ranch on fb,nothing,posted on fb took down.All I know is away from the celebraties and the bs put out there is,as John keel said,a presence here,for some reason it doesn't manifest for most people.Or is all just a similation( I've seen the matrix,and even showed to others),that just depends on how you interprate strange shit.Anyway thanks,have a good war

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I've described Ukraine as a Mesoamerican ball game.

In this region the Maya, the time keepers still live. The ball game was a mystical display, in the sense that the great forces at work upon the world were portrayed through this athletic ritual. The game was played for keeps, as the captain of the losing team was decapitated.

It has been said that Ukraine is only about survival for Russia, that the globalist dominion is only playing a game.

So, apparently the hegemon has no understanding of the game they have entered, or the stakes.

I've said for years that this entire moment written in the stars is the baptism of fire, the rite of passage for humanity. The gods are not eternally patient. Humanity is either going to achieve a greater recognition of itself and this reality, with all the responsibility this entails, or humanity is going to join the countless failed species that litter the memory of this Earth.

That is what the Ukraine is the focal point of, the contest to make this clear.

Perhaps it is time to remind people that the emergence point of the White race is Russia.

Do you think it is a happenstance, that the Nexus is the Ukraine?

Do you believe that the memory of the National Socialists rekindled is coincidence?

This conflict is going to the deepest heart of all of us.

Many, too many from the point of view that distance affords cannot make such a decision, and so they are ushered out. Believe me, it pains me intensely to see a simple and trusting people so diabolically abused.

I watch this closely, for I see the artificial gods of this society loose their power, and I see the desperation and terror this death creates.

This conflict is already global, yet expect it to widen. The Head of Wagner PMC is on record stating this conflict will last for years. It was started by the same corrupt, fundamentally anti human players who brought us the previous iterations, but the naive and trusting learned nothing from those experiences. Third time is it, folks. You are at the plate, and you are two strikes down. One more swing and a miss, and you will dissolve into the Kenoma.

Its up to you.

I know it sucks.

Remember yourselves.


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Mike I've felt since waking in the mid eighties that unless one finds creation within it matters not which side one is on in the fight, they're doomed. The few may jump and be able to continue on again somewhere and some time, the rest, the creators will have no more use of them.

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All of this is so amazing, Phil. Every effort is made to reduce the mundane world we are participating in to a material one stop shop, yet this is mostly the result of orchestrated perception, and deliberate hacks by psychopaths presented to us as authorities \ experts.

I concur with Jack, that the damage to the natural world is devastating. In my experience, the corporate government intentionally seeks to maximize this damage.

Deep inside their cubicle awareness is a lust for power, and the most accessible form of this is the inflicting of pain.

It really doesn't take much to see the destination of this type of behavior.

Just maybe, the people will begin to comprehend that their loyalty and participation with this behavior is what empowers it. However, this is a very uncomfortable realization, so we shall see.

It takes an awareness to comprehend oneself. Plato instructs us that all true knowledge is remembering, and as such awareness is an indispensable quality to the discovery that is essential to the unfolding of a mankind this cosmos is demanding we create.


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Where'd they get the bleached blonde to do disaster media for Twitter?

One observation about dioxin poisoning, remember Vietnam? Millions of tons of the stuff was dumped on the place and my pal Tommy lived to 73 full of dioxins.

I just sense that something is not quite right with the east Palestine OH narrative.

Besides what can an old man in WI do about it other then Crack open an other beer, pop some pop corn and watch the show.

The blonde? Even had contact lenses to change her eye color and fake hair extensions, the whole works.

My daughter is a licensed cosmetologist and points out all the fake stuff women do for so called beauty.

That bitch has high end work done on her that costs lots of money.

The daughter says men are stupid that fall for those type of bitches.

Direct quote. LOL

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Look at the bitches face, not a line or a facial smile line?

Just saying.

When I look in the mirror there are crows feet and age lines used to be that we earned those wrinkled lines on our faces now at 30 we botox our smiles away.

Don't listen to anything I say.

Listen to the plastic online bitch with fake tits.

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Need to watch White Noise 9n Netflix.

The film is better than Animal house as far as comedy goes.

A novel then a movie script then a real disaster.

With a guy named Jack

Professor of "Hitler studies" at Hillside College

Before you ban Loki

Ask him to watch this on Netflix

Believe Netflix is on 8n Canadian prisons

Observation is anti Semitic

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Death is waking up in a station wagon

In America

Welcome you have arived

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Stupid mother fuckers

Took a natural disaster to ban this movie

On Netflix tonite

Playing right now

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It's Jacob's Ladder 2.0, courtesy of the NSA, we're dead nine, all of us and heaven, well heaven is a well-stocked supermarket, can't you see? Nice try Christopher. Only problem nine is that if you pay attention, they expected the prevailing winds out of Canada to carry the toxic cloud into heartland America. Instead, it blew right back in their faces and took out the agricultural land of the Northeast seaboard. Woops, just like Elma Fudd it appears our heroes have done shot themselves in the face...

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And isn't that Harry Voxx, doing a Harald Kautz-Vella imitation, who plays the mad scientist?

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There is so much stuff written into that movie.

It's right over the Hitler pals head. LOL

"Hitler was a mamma`s boy" like Elvis worshipped his mama.

Like for example, the scene where Jack has been separated for exposure to the toxic cloud where the guy interviewing him says that they were running a toxic cloud exercise then it went real.

That same guy tells Jack to live his life as who knows when you will die.

Then the emergency is over, forgotten and life back to normal Jack gets fear of death and wants the pills his wife was taking from a secret government program.

"There are killers and dyers" you gain life by being a killer.

Our hero Jack couldn't do it.

Perhaps the difference between us and them whoever "them" is?

Brilliant comedy in White Noise.

White Noise? Just what guys like Loki and my Hitler pal actually are to them.

Just an observation.

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The Vietnamese people are still here and thriving.

How much dioxin did we dump on them?

However, dousing the left coast was a nice touch.

What of depleted uranium all over Iraq and the Middle East? Or poisons to manufacture heroin in Afghanistan?

The war has come home and its fifth generation and total war upon a people.

Which society will prevail an open one or a closed one?

China is a closed society with total government control over its communications and America has a wide open communications system.

"Heaven is a well stocked super market" as I just brewed a fine cup of morning coffee to begin watching the show.

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Regarding your comment about Vietnam and dioxin/TCDD. I spent 8 years making claims against the federal government, department of defense and VA for veterans concerning their exposure to dioxin. That said I've read, and used as evidence, hundreds of reports of the effects of dioxin. If you look up the incidence of dioxin caused conditions, mostly cancers, Vietnam has the highest incidence rate of any country in Southeast Asia. It certainly is not a coincidence. In a nutshell, the vibrational frequency of the dioxin molecule (for lack of the better term) when it enters the human body causes damage to the cells that it encounters. This damages the self-destruct mechanism built into each cell. They no longer self-destruct. When they don't self-destruct and that portion of their cell which is damaged is passed on during replication that is how cancer begins. Depending on the location in the human body that one cell that is damaged can take years to grow in to a detectable tumor. Yet the damage is there. The dioxin exposure is far worse than radiation because of the wider variety of negative effects and damage at the cellular level.

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Feb 20, 2023·edited Feb 20, 2023Author

Nine we have real certified experts on this at our disposal, that's more than any other alternative media channel can say for themselves since Ian destroyed Veterans Today, bear with us, trust me, we will give you only facts, the bleach blond provided in the post is just the lead into the official footage, sorry about her...

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Like in the movie white Noise perhaps fear of death brings the death Phil? The western medical system is all about tests.

Test for this or test for that.

My pal Tommy was a faithful servant of empire first in the Marine corps in Vietnam then 51 years at USPostal.

I filled out his paperwork for that Dow settlement over 20 years ago. He died last year.

The Feds? Scum of the earth. About says it.

My son in law is out of the Marine corps before covid. All of his pals got drummed out for not taking the death jab.

OTH, and then drummed out. The good news? Several of his pals got settlements from the corps. 25000 dollars and the discharge papers changed to honorable discharge.

They all are taking the money and not returning to the corps.

All of them hate the federal government.

What I am hearing is that white males are targets for harassment in the new woke Marine corps.

It's a total joke and a shit show now.

No parent should allow their children to join that military.

Put rainbow bullets on your dress uniform cap? Many were court marshaled out on that one alone.

What an insult to the men of the Southland.

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Netflix tonite?

White Noise

Before they ban it

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