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What's Abbott doing? Exactly what republicans are supposed to do! Republicans are the original communist party in America. Beto? I Don't know what he's doing probably down in El Paso controlling real estate or hanging out with his Billionaire father in law. Texas politics are awful, where do we begin? With Cyclops nAVy SEaL Dan Cringeshaw, Cuban Canadian Ted Cruz? Smart Mammi Sheila jackson Lee? My congress MAN used to be Louie Gohmert, now its another former Federal Judge (carpet bagger) named Moran ( no joke). Dade Phelan some creep from Beaumont who keeps getting elected to Speaker of the House where he appoints dems to committee positions. On and on it goes. Not to mention the influx of people from blue States. Texas is quickly becoming a shithole. Also the Klan was a psyop from it's second iteration anyone associated with it now is an informant or law enforcement, except for like one guy. Had a fantasy about replacing this Tex gov by force since co vid began, but that will never happen. Too many people believe in this political theatre. BTW it's Cattle, Cotton and Crude.

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Huh? Jack is blaming Putin and Kremlin now?

lol. I guess boomers gonna boom, can't change their neocon programming.

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Kalergi is given a 'pass' by this disinfo agent called Zoltanous who advocates 'fascism':


Hitler was right on Kalergi: a masonic bastard seeking to make himself master of bastards.

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