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Excellent Jack and Phil.

Good for you Jack advising your sister to stay clear of this obvious military opperation. Did somebody stop this, blow it up perhaps to draw attention to what biden is doing and the movie White Noise is not at all about a toxic cloud but about a spiritual condition called the fear of death.

Just a thought or perspective that perhaps the perps of East Palistine wanted to discredit this movie obviously a big budget film for Netflix.

As Jack pointed out many so called pundits never even bothered to watch white Noise.

As a comedy I rate it better than Animal House or fast times at Ridgemont high as its an excellent film.

Have little Sis watch it Jack.

Other than here the alt media can be shut off.

Thanks for doing us all a favor pointing out that alt media is a knucklehead brigade.

My Hitler pal says America is slated for destruction and we are in the end game.

We shall see.

Ain't over till the fat lady sings.

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First I wanted to apologize for my latest outburst, mental ill you know, of course I would like to tell a story about my favorite Jew as he was a drummer.

His name was Buddy Rich from your part of the world as I believe he was from the Bronxs? How you spell that freeking places name?

My favorite Jew was born of Jewish parents. Things like that run in families. back to the story.

They were a family of entertainers with broadaville. They used him as a child actor. Learned the grift from his parents. Apparently they were really good at it as they made a handsome living.

back to buddy, he was a natural at the drums better than all the africans that ever played a drum however, a drum needs a singer and a bunch of musicians to make a sound. And sound is a bussiness as they tell us what sounds good for us.


I was a trumpet player from the seventies and to play in that mans band would have been an honor.

Loki can call me a Jew worshipper and thats because he was better than any

african drummer.

Just an uninformed opinion.

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This has been going on far too long, the financial system has been getting away with murder for years (with the full support of corrupt governments and international organisations).

We've known it, but we are powerless to do anything about it, unless we can somehow bring down the entire global system...

All systems it seems.

I started my working life in marine insurance and finance, I lasted three years before walking away and declaring that I wanted nothing to do with finance, law, insurance, or any of the corporate malfeasance going on.

So I joined the public sector in the UK, which is no better, but at least profits aren't the sole goal.

Just political football...

If the universe mandates that these subhumans have to inform us of what they plan, then we need to take a leaf out of their book and start doing the same. And find a way to withdraw our consent (consent we didn't even realise we were giving by our silence).

Everything stinks these days, and it feels like it's building speed, what with all these psy ops, false flags, and blatant distractions.

We all need to take control of this shit show.

Stop paying our taxes (as they don't go towards improving our lot, or providing services, but to Ukraine and Israel, and the back pockets of lobbyists and cronies).

Stop paying the exorbitant energy companies.

Stop putting money in the pockets of the corporations.

And withdraw our labour until the system collapses and we can rebuild a better way.

If only we could get a broadswelll of consensus and commitment, because we have limited numbers at the moment, even though we have the will and spirit, and we need action now (we've been calling for it for over 20 years, and now we're losing this battle, as we're fighting the wrong enemies all the time).

They are organised, structured, and relentless in their agenda...

Time for us to be the same!

Keep up the good work gentlemen (and thanks Phil for the advice on the spam scourge), I pray that this work is reaching enough to start the ball rolling for change...

Otherwise, its going to just be us here, greatly outnumbered, but unbowed, and unperturbed, and ultimately victorious...

Because we have no other choice!

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A real toxic cloud Jack.

Just saying.

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Everything I know about Emanation and the Spirit world is most likely a drop of water compared to the ocean of what is unknown. That said, I have never been able to to observe any disclosure law operating in the universe. I've listened to many who have stated that such laws do exist. Some say they have to do with karma, others say they have to do with manifestation, yet I reiterate that I have yet to find any evidence to support these claims.

The truth is that only a fraction of the scams that are actually pulled are ever telegraphed. A good example here is the US government creating its own corporation doing business as the US government, or the radio acts of the 1920s, which destroyed radio as anything beyond a propaganda device. War of the Worlds illustrates the truth of this statement.

Kurzweil didn't Telegraph the genetic modification through injection pogrom, he simply installed himself as a prophet and babbled about the "singularity".

When disclosure does occur, it is something that already exists in the deep mind that mankind participates in, usually unknowingly. What this means is that there are moments of opportunity to commit an evil that arise, but the evil is not predetermined to manifest.

In other words, the manifestation of evil is not predetermined in any mechanical fashion. It is actually a manifestation of consciousness, and that consciousness operates at its level of functioning. In the case of child devouring monsters, this is their level.

Disclosure is little more than an overwhelmingly arrogant fuck you. It is no get out of jail free card for the manifestation of an evil.

This cycle we are presently in is one of deep reduction of cognitive abilities. It's been on this track for over 2,000 years.

I personally find it very dangerous to assign to the lever pullers of this society any esoteric knowledge that does not have a wider application than their endless scams. It certainly appears that the Ohio mushroom cloud is shedding some light on the sordid world of the scammers.


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In these troubling times I think we could all use a daily dose of humor. Let us never forget the Balloon Blitzkrieg in this reality field where as Murphy would say, if it can go wrong it will.


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You and Phil know how thing works in America, and after having read veteran news since 2012 I believe you may have found the truth regarding what happened in East Palestine. It is just "The same procedure as every year, James." I hope the Norwegian Ministry of Defence and PST will have an hour to spend listening to it in between all of their NATO-partying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boisQwkK7rs

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The daughter came up to me the other day

All excited to tell me that an alternative media site told her that we can change the world by voting

Told her that's true

With an educated electrit

But our electric has been vaxx3d

Confuses the antenna connected to Spirit

Spirit loves even an enemy

Said this sent Nine read Paul

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Excellent presentation, but this story about saving the world from independent doom sounds very fishy, to put it mildly.

Without soil samples, without evaluation of what has been done to flora and fauna to the humans living there..in the end, all is he or she said that, inconclusive...

Let's say the story is true, not there to put the idea of WW3 in the subconscious minds of the people then something somebody has acted at last.

I need to see White Light 2005 but somehow I don't want to, then I will have the urge to write about it...

Anyway, good job gentlemen, may your word be heard and your pens be always sharpened, truth always on your tongues, and in time the ways of the man will change.

Small good deeds and I guess small podcasts will change the fate of Humans.

Again excellent work, All the Best and

good luck in future endeavors.

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In the sense that ego believes itself to be the motive force, the work of ego as organizer is hidden. This organization is the true power of the ego, but this ego, this waking mind has no memory of it's origins or destination, so it isn't aware that the work of organizing perceptions, thought, and physical existence into a person is even occurring.

We know this is true because the greatest athletes simply do without getting in their own way.

Lao Tse asked a question of mankind, and that question remains relevant and luminous to this day; What is an evil man besides the task of the good man?

The depth, significance, and implication here is incredible. This question is the nature of human experience in a few simple words.

The nature of ego is directly linked to the realization of the Demiurgeous, and his work. It is where memory plays its essential role. Without memory the ego orders perception according to it's physical ideal. It warps the process of understanding, and supplies an ambivalent, mercenary survival impulse that overwhelms the divine darkness.

Thus, it isn't that perception is cut off by egoic action related to desperate survival, as much as it is forced into a prism of alien ideas. This is the genius of the abrahamics. They do not worry about the perception, only the interpretation of it.

Nobody can say anything useful about perception, other than affirming that perception exists. So the hijacking of perception becomes the goal.

The self proclaimed gods spend a great deal of effort at this endeavor.

Now perhaps we can gain a little insight as to why William Blake wrote about throwing open the doors of perception.

The madness and suicide of mankind today doesn't actually derive from unfounded fantasy, it actually derives from a glimpse of higher order without the development to sustain this vision. Thus the delicate beauty of a magical interplay of remarkable ynges is savaged by a brutal ignorance that cannot apprehend great truth, cannot admit, even when willing that truth on it's own accord.

The result is immense suffering.

The action becomes one of great pain.

Evil derives from the misapplied vision, distorted by the prism of desperation and survival.

I've written previously that the question of survival has returned to mankind. I wish we would understand what this means, because it is to the root of everything today.

So, lets put some things aside. The ego is not the creator. The glimpse of eternity does not serve a political purpose. The rulers of society are not gods.

I've spent a lifetime with the wind blowing through me, the discarded leaves dancing and swirling give it substance. It is not the leaves that make the motion, they only organize it for the child mind.


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This story came up on my substack feed. Remember the Atlantic article regarding forgiveness of the other in the vaxxine wars?

This liberal woman has figured out that people are pissed. Cancelation? Mandates to live or work?

This woman and those of her elk are the mob.

A local story, my neighbor is a vaxx zealot and is also a cyclist and he runs wisconsins finest ultra cycling club. That club has instituted a vaxxine mandate to ride a bicycle outside over long distance.

They still enforce mask mandates when off the bike and have instituted a snitch culture of club members. You will be disqualified if you dare disobey our masking protocol.

When he walks his dog in front of my home I plan on personally confronting him on the clubs vaxxine mandate policy.

He might strike me and if so I will beat the living shit out of him.

The war has come home.

Everybody has a vaxx/mask zealot to personally confront.

Just what I plan to do.

Fuck your vaxxine.

Fuck your mask.

And fuck you if you disagree.

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