Very good choice for endorsement...I will listen later. I know on this one your voice will be very clear if you know what I mean.😉 Cheers.

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Well Jack, got off the phone with the Hitler pal and you wanna know what he calls the Evangelicals?

Jewed over Christians mocking that term Judeo Christian.

The jews run the church. Never mind that the jews themselves hung him on that stick.

Sad but true but without Christian people worshipping jews and the state of Israel the jews wouldn't last out the week in America and Voxx needs to do a stand up routine on those evil enabling jewed over Christians.

The rat faced jew needs that Christian cop to protect him as the jew tells your children that there is no such thing as gender.

I told all my jewed over cycling pals about that jew bike shop and how they push transgenderism to kids and you know what? No one cares so it will only get worse.

Jews are the God of this world and the jewed over christian serves that God.

Duff is correct.

And their God shall die with them as jews and jewed over Christians are most heavily vaxxed as a demographic.

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As they say in the UK,keep the ball on the deck,your right about so much,but that in itself leads to the fact people like us will never have money,it's impossible because our very ethos will not allow it.As for France,I went on a holiday there , to rennes le chatteax via santander, Spain.They are always pushing this eu bs,how great it is etc,well when I got to the border,I wasn't expecting to be even stopped,there's still 2 borders there,and I got stopped and hasseled 3 times,not a coincidence,one armed cop said he wasn't going to let me through, I said OK well I'll just put my fukin tent over there in no man's land!This is the world we have chosen,It wasn't meant to be easy,but once you cross those white lines,no going back. Oh and your right some people stink,I thought it was my sensitive nose,but I can smell some of these zombies from 10 feet away,am turning into that character from one flew over the cuckoo's nest,

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Feb 24·edited Feb 24Author

We need to call out the insanity, the anti-life, anti-creation side of it all. Don't let the screamin' bots drown you and the knowledge of the ages in their sea of noise, white noise is an insult just by the name alone. I'l get you more on Vanguard, Blackrock, mind fucks and all. Give me a day or two, and then a steady burn. The emperor has no clothes, as H.C. Anderson in the namesake fairytale let a child call out the obvious.

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I have my reasons for avoiding footnotes in my work, as well as citations. First is because of the nature of the internet, most-yes most free open access to the sources I employ is unavailable. For example, no one will find anything regarding Coptic of any use on the free internet any longer.

Second is that the availability of any internet link is currently highly questionable. Dead links are now common across the landscape of the "information age".

Third is that few hard copy sources are in print any longer, nor do libraries bother to maintain them, thus they are essentially unavailable.

A good example here is the work of Kurt Godel ( umlaut on the o), regarding his proofs on the absolute set. Go ahead and try to find anything worthwhile regarding this work, which by the way has long since destroyed the notion of RusseIls' axiom defined closed system. Today, all we hear is the notion of the closed system. Its as if Mr. G. never existed. I wrote about his work in regards to the reality of Emanation, and those who were interested, and searched, found nothing of value on line.

So yes, I suppose I could go through the extra effort to provide citations and a bibliography, but in the current climate it would be of little value.


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It is now or never because as ORAGE stated: Emperor has no clothes, and they are slowly running out of time. If they were winning, there will be no series of Earthquakes around the world or "derailments" around the USA and explosions in certain facilities with a very questionable background.

The truth is we must be vigilant and with time barrier will be broken.

Humans are already on their way to become a realization of what we call MAN, this process can't be stopped, they can try but they will fail spectacularly as they are failing right now.

Collective 2.0 is destined for failure..."They" broke the rules and they will soon reap what they have sowed...

How do I know humanity is on the rise...People are talking about impossible things that could be just a whisper just 10 years ago.

This is a sign of what is coming, what we can expect from the human race.

Focus on the good things around you and be aware of bad things and their destiny will be sealed.

How many previous civilizations tried to kill nature? Nature(Mother) is still here, they are not...

Explosions around the USA are mostly distractions from OHIO, Nine is very close, it is a land grab and probably the removal of people from their lands.

What happened to Palestine-they lost their land, and living standard is an almost non-existent word.

Palestinians are allowed to exist that's all.

There are many derailments happening around the world but the problem is an extensive focus on accidents in OHIO...

Land may be unsuitable in the next 10 years or even 20 but this is the point, even if all is HOAX how many people are living in Prypiat or Fukushima these days?

Answer: none or extremely low level population. The land is very cheap and classified as radiated or not desirable for living. Everything in these places is controlled by the government, land is seized from people by the government.

You need special permission to visit these places...

So, in this case, you can have a storage of countless variations of guns and ammunition but you will be forced to leave...or die slowly because you are living on polluted land...If this is HOAx then pollution will be always in your head and with time there will be few lost dwellers on this now "cursed" land.

About Ukraine and Russia-Focus should be on the place where you live, not when and where your Senile president is falling or not falling down the airplane stairs.

Putin-Any fool with common sense in these times can look and sound very convincing...Because when pedophiles and blood drinkers are roaming through the Western lands it is relatively easy to look good on the global stage,no effort is needed.

Now, even the Mass media is announcing the Spring offensive...Like nature so will the war machine be awoken with the first signs of the spring, this is no brainer.

Will Vladimir Putin do what is required...there are two possibilities and they are hidden in his first name and last name. I will explain this in my writing, this essay is already way too long.

China is building a War machine, China needs more land...Russians don't, too few people...150 million is not enough to successfully conquer the World.

If a big showdown happens between Russia and NATo there will be not enough forces left to successfully defend Mother Russia from China. China all must do is wait, after two forces kill each other they can again sail and rule across the Seas with their new naval fleet that is been build right now as I am writing this ungodly long statement.

Conclusion: The future belongs to the brave and resourceful not to the old way of thinking.

Remote Controlled Soldiers-Painted Blue, Black Goo all this is put in motion so Humanity doesn't grow up for lack of better words.

It is that simple, and the Author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra knew it too well for his own health.

A NEW MAN is coming, in many ways, he is already here...There is no force that can stop his arrival, none.

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It's being well said by others here, so there is no need for me to reiterate...

Everything is exactly why, what and where it needs to be right now, change is in the air and I can vouch for the strange tidings on the winds.

I have been in an out of hospital for the past couple of weeks with very strange occurances...

First I appeared to have been bitten on the chin by some poisonous insect the day after my last substack post. Resulting in me going into anaphylactic shock and requiring adrenaline and antihistamine injections in the emergency department. After a ten day course of anti viral and anti bacterial meds the massive facial swelling finally went down and I could talk and breath properly again.

But, the meds gave me gout!

Gave a fit and healthy vegetarian who hardly drinks extreme gout in both feet...

So two weeks of steroids and unable to walk or move I was finally on the mend until this morning.

Now I'm back in the hospital with swollen upper lip, nose and face around the eyes. After not being able to walk, talk, or breath for two weeks now I can't talk, breath, or see very well.

Writing this through weeping slitted eyes.

There is something we are all being exposed too, either the same or different things depending on geography.

But we are all being poisoned, I'm sure of it now after the last few weeks of weird illnesses.

My cardiac monitoring, lung testing, blood tests, and even mri have all come back clear, I'm a fit an healthy middle aged man. But they can't understand the repeated incidents of swelling and shock unless I am being repeatedly exposed to a chemical irritant.

Enough is enough, it's time to take the fight to them instead of waiting for the inevitable...

I was in London a few weeks ago (before all the dis-ease), stayed overnight in a hotel that was filled to the brim with immigrants and refugees. All living rent free, all given taxpayer funded cards to buy their food and clothes shopping. They are living better that I am!

The majority in the UK don't work and don't contribute, the other half are too rich and don't work or contribute.

It's left to muggins like me in the middle to work all the hours, and pay all the taxes. But if the tables were turned and I needed help I wouldn't get it. I know I wouldn't as I tried once in 2003 and wasn't eligible for benefits or support, only eligible to toil and be taxed to the eye balls.

Once I can talk, see and breath properly again I am seriously considering moving away from the UK and all the woke ideology and blatant criminal behaviour.

We have fruit and veg rationing now.

Price of everything is reaching ridiculous levels with no let up in sight.

It's untenable to try and live in this world anymore.

Everything needs to go and a better reality needs implementing by those of us resonating this shit show...

Apologies, rant over. Normal service will resume shortly!

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