Now that Jack, is a most sublime post.

I would say serendipitous, but then I know better that that...

When I wrote my recent piece I concealed within it a poem, but substack is not delicate enough to show such concealment.

And so it remains only in my master copy, maybe to be shared at a later date...

So many years that you've known and lived what you share with us all.

So, thank you for disclosing your own inner soul...

Beautiful work.

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Truly great verses, Jack, psalms for soldiers. You are the Keats of the Killer Angels.

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Jan 18Liked by Jack Heart

This is your most beautiful post...

I loved every line !

As time passes, I find that poetry is the only one capable of conveying that deep current that animates and connects us.

The images are magnificent too, the only thing that is missing is the music...

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"I am the guardian of the grail in the court of Primal Thunder".

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"I am the guardian of the grail in the court of Primal Thunder". I hope I have your permission to cross-post these poetic jewels.

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Is this available in pdf?

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Well Jack, a weapon against America has been formed long ago

Many evangelicals believe that Jesus was a Jew

Further they believe that Israel contains the chosen people

Evangelicals believe Spirit rules

If Spirit rules than Jews don't

Basic Evangelical theology

Said this a mountain and a seed one and the same

I command them they move

Spirit rules

Bible said he healed the sick

Drew attention to himself

Look what happened to him?

Spirit says this must be willing

In our Evangelical church following

Is strongly preached

I await the charlatans as 9nly those hung on a tree worthy of me

Spirit is moving Jack, could we stop and prey for those dear injured natives of our dear skin walker ranch?

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