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This is about as close to a real gangster as I've ever been. Except once in a bar in Rhode Island. The guy never let on anything about it. But I could tell he had a certain way about him, very subtle, but very...., well I can't describe it. I just figured he has to be some kind of "boss"

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A welcome break from the norm, thank you Jack.

As an aside, have you turned off comments on the new human site for the recent Gurdjieff post, or is it just me unable to comment?

Been trying since it was posted up, but there is no option to comment coming up...

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Here is what I see

We put the rabal in their place

Put the "jew" in charge

Call them gangsters

Put them at the top of the heep

Tell the sheep we are protectors

As the harvest continues

What exactly is a harvast

Questions must be willing

To have them answered

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