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It always makes me laugh how the 'scientists' named the chemical elements involved in the development/construction of such 'destruction' as - Uranium, Neptunium, and Plutonium - what a perverted inversion of their 'cosmic' elements and 'properties', even down to how they degrade and interact with one another.

Thank you for sharing this here, it has reinvigorated my desire to re-look at the 'laws' and 'rays' in relation to these three 'forces'.

As we know the national socialists to be 'mystic' in character/purpose, 'magi' even, then where is the 'Vulcanium' - other than the moniker of 'Vulcanium Metals International Ltd' - self purported to be:

"The leading stockist/distributor and processor of titanium for Aerospace, Defense, Medical Device, and other Industrial applications. With a history of over 40 years in exceeding our customer expectations, now serving hundreds of customers in more than 36 countries."

Of course, headquartered at 3045 Commercial Avenue, Northbrook, United States

The lack of imagination of the zionist is astounding...

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So, the atomic bombs and the lay lines of Bruce Kathie? Is this only half the tale since the notion of atomic Bombs attached to bottle rockets seems ludicrous to me personaly. I think the zionists are incredibly stupid looking at the history here in the story you tell Jack.

And they got the contraption to explode yet someone had to tell them where and when to detonate the Jewish hell bomb.

Yes the Jewish hell bomb because only a jew would want to use such a device and yet in the zio mind Adolph Hitler is that demon of history since they cast blame on the national socialists when the jew himself is the God of this world unleashing the power of Yahweh the demiurge on this planet.

Atomic energy therefore is Jewish energy and the energy of national socialism is free energy based upon what is openly and readily available in the cosmos. It's free and only needs to be harvested but this worlds energy is Jewish in nature and metered and restricted with an enfor ed system of scarcity.

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Got me thinking again Jack (uh oh). Hitler was concerned about the development of nuclear technology and how you can put the genie back in the bottle once its out. Perhaps the hidden communication and tight control post-WW2 by the Germans themselves was not only about creating a dependence of them by the victors but also through patents and other methods controlling or limiting the final pieces. Meanwhile who better knew the enemies modus operandi than themselves to smile and amplify their shenanigans knowing it would be there undoing. Why not go along with them? In fact, why not double down with the apology tour. After all is there any better way to reset humanity than to dumb them down with stupid so they couldn't even fathom the ability to create nuclear weapons in the first place? Blank slate theory comes to life once more. I think the majority of the world could use a good collegial term my professors always said, of a "brain dump". Once the trash is cleared out the noggin it leaves you open to learning new ways that everyone's priors at this point are doing nothing but causing confusion and getting in the way.

Just thinking aloud, but looking around at the same time that I'm falling into the same category of any advanced civilization would look like magic to us. Right now nukes seem like magic even the ability to develop them here in these great states where we've lost our ability to make rockets! Can you believe that jack? We can't make rockets no mo'.

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...if I'm not too silly, & for what it's worth, here's a book I read many years ago, written by a Mister Geoffrey Brooks, "Hitler's Nuclear Weapons". Heisenberg was instrumental on providing its author with an understanding of what nuclear fission is, & was. The Atomic Reactor. How it functions. Heisenberg the traitor?

Enjoyed reading this for an n ème time. Thanks Jack.

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