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The four sacred points of the 'Former Masters' in Akakor can only correspond with the 'Royal Stars' (the stars, in a sea of endless stars, that have captured the attention/imagination of all ancient Astrologers), these stars are (for those unaware): Alderbaran, Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut.

These stars are known as the 'Guardians of the Night Sky', and each reside in a corner of our night sky forming a near perfect square (an 'energetic' gateway/portal to higher realms). Whenever 'our' Sun, Moon, or one of 'our' Planets transits to within a few degrees of these stars it is said that their 'wisdom' can be accessed.

Alderbaran (9 degrees of Gemini): The 'Silver Gate', with its energies most active when aligned with the Sun (every year at the end of May).

Regulus (0 degrees of Virgo): The 'Heart of the Lion' (connected with the Crown Chakra), its energies being most powerful when it meets with the Sun from late August (each year).

Antares (9 degrees of Sagittarius ): The 'Lord of the Seed' (directly opposite Alderbaran forming a very powerful axis, and one pertinent to our current 'time' right now), can be connected with, its energies utilised, when the Sun crosses this axis at the end of May, and for three days at the beginning of December (starting from the 2nd).

Fomalhaut (4 degrees of Pisces): The 'Loneliest Star', which aligns with the Sun in late February, when its energies can be utilised (every year - as with each Star).

The below link describes 'The Golden Gate' in a much better way than I can here, and is a handy resource for those wishing to learn more (although beware, as with everything, not all here is truth)...


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If only RMB...

Those are two questions many, including myself, would like to know the answers too.

I'm sure others here would be better placed to answer...

My gut, tells me no to the first, and someone, or something, is to the second...

Maybe we'll all find out this year?

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Some might say that proof is unnecessary...

It's all in the belief and faith department.

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The Navajo depicted the four points in sand painting, this in likelihood explains why far better than "they worshiped the four directions..."

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