Do you do natal charts? Just curious as I would like a better reading of mine...

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Jack, naturally mainstream sources deny this video is real. However, based on above, I think not. https://christianjournal.net/turning-point/cern-satanic-ritual-sacrifice-video-leaked/

And also of interest: https://newspunch.com/source-of-cern-sacrifice-video-found-dead/

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Nov 25, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

Thanksgiving Day in "The Land of the Free". Hooray for our team. Yeah, like the feds? On August 8, 2016, two days after attending my niece's wedding; I was assaulted by a fed fusion Taskforce, by means of an effectually unmarked Border Patrol/DH$ helicopter which made two passes over my rural home at approximately 120 feet altitude and within 90 feet, lineally, of my humble country home.

Today, 11-24-2022, my Thanksgiving took on an entirely different renewed tradition which had been arrested on the previously cited date. Out at the homestead, there was a bit of work cleaning a copse of mixed tree species, three of them which get a bit weedy over time and also a dying off of all three of those clustering species. So with a small electric chainsaw, donated by a wonderful friend many months ago, I cleaned up a bit more of the mess which had exacerbated since that first cited date.

Yeah, just calculated tonight that my first infusion from our Great Green Goddess and her transitive herbal remedy for problems physical, mental and spiritual...a true Trinity...happened TODAY. Yes, I medicated in all three function affecters for the first time in 1,382 days. Just got off fed probation last week. A couple friends dropped by within the next few days. Just yesterday, the second one to arrive brought me a couple of small, humble instruments to use in imbibing the agency. That evening, after another engagement at the homestead, just did not present the correct vibe for such a momentous occasion.

Numerologically, the 1,382 days transmute into a five. Today, being the fourth day of Saggitarius, in the year 44 Anno Eros (my personal calendar adopted subsequent pilgrimage to Stonehenge on the eve of the Vernal Equinox). That date for me was the last day of Pisces in the Roman calendrical year of 1979, curiously an 8 year. The very next day, being the Vernal Equinox, during which day I hitchhiked to London Town and located a bed and breakfast in the Russell Square neighborhood for four Pounds the night; then was One Aries, One Anno Eros.

Product of the drawing into my nasal passages, but not through them and also into the soft-palate, but not the lungs, that purple powered presence of Real-Eye-Zation once again of being within the presence and the presents of the present.

---Seeing through a different set of eyes.

---Enhancement of FEELING

---Drawing on the Right side of the Brain

---Expansion of the Attention Zone

For all of those presents that returned my being to again more fully living in the present, I am most thankful to two wonderful friends and also for the sunny, above zero F. day where those first puffs were both lightening and enlightening out there on the humble homestead on Echo Ridge.

That 1,382 day unintended withdrawal from engaging with the most efficacious pain reliever and mental sharpener (for some of us, anyway) provided a mental fulcrum of sorts, by the distance of that cacophony of days allowed for an unusual perspective which may never have occurred had I not been unmolested in a gun-control and cannabis suppression scheme by a concerted effort by taxpayer supported parasites seeking a more headlining splash than they actually achieved, likely even providing designated martyrs calculated to have widespread reverberations via the Mass Media of Misinformation and general Mindfuckery.

So I can say that perhaps they went off half-cocked or as Robby Burns would have it: "The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley and leave us naught but grief and toil for promised joy".

A "trip with Alice through Wonderland" indeed. Further along in the text of today's focus: "This closing of the moon cycle in Saggitarius provided an excellent opportunity for making a fresh start or starting a new project".

The above take from the Esoteric Evolution congruently segued into my own fresh start with a few puffs up there on Echo Ridge just this afternoon. Considering the larger picture via the unity of vision inspired a few thought-words while reading this blog: "Heaven: When your spirit-consciousness combines with that of a star...a marriage.

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Who is the white rabbi/t, that all need to chase, only a white Rabbi/t with "rabies" can take you there!??

This black hole "thing" just won't go away...BLACK ELOHIM(ʾĔlōah)/ELOH (HOLE)?

Reminds me of the Avengers movie, a portal is opened in NY I think (Big Apple)

The Avengers (2012) : Portal Opens


Elon Musk / Tony Stark

Stark tower is hit (Elon Musk/LONE SCUM), and all the trouble pours out of the portal...Yeah, twatter thing is not just another koinkidence.....

Controlled demolition and hostage situation this is what we have here...

Who are the hostages?

The real Souls, trapped in this circle of neverending insanity under the rule of LAW/WAL/WALL

PLANET PLAN/NET /E>T>-PLAN EARTH-HEART-they want your true brain, your Heart/Soul

The heART creates ART, all that is beautiful and touches your light Body transcends the Real you Towards the Star where all we truly belong...HOME

"Home is where the heart is" ...

Can Ragnarök be controlled, and steered in the desired way?

Answer...maybe and that is a BIG maybe, but one thing is sure they will give an "honest try" to do just that.

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OK.. As we know 'they' are not subtle in their 'action', and love to tell the world exactly what is in 'play'... The above link shows the opening ceremony of the Gotthard base tunnel in Switzerland, six years ago. Can you see the CERN significance?

This 'show' was performed on 1 June 2016, with a well 'aspected' New Moon on 5 June 2016...

Is it a coincidence that a 'Black Hole' was purported to be observed on 19 November, with a well 'aspected' New Moon on 23 November 2022 (one that has all the 'qualities' observed in this ritualistic 'opening ceremony')?

Is so-called 'Neutral' Switzerland the 'heart' of the Beast?

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