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delete if not appropriate Jack.. Yes Canadians have their trucks but 'Merica is armed to the teeth. best 3 mins I have watched in a bit. Guy has connected some good dots with all the chemical spills. I do believe we are the point of no return, which just may be a good thing.

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What is a woman? In sport a woman is defined by testosterone not genitalia. Women have small amounts of testosterone in their systems but as 80's Russian sports teams demonstrated female performance can be greatly increased by taking in more test through steroids and other drugs.

Tucker Carson does a great job interviewing a fine female athlete on the issue of gender totalitarianism in sports.

Now a female bike racer champion quits cycling after being physically assaulted on the race course by a trans rider(male) with nothing being done about it.

She came in 4th place with a fake woman taking third and another fake woman taking fifth.

She lost a bunch of money coming in 4th place as she concluded why bother and quit?

That cycling kit? Beep your fuck8ng horn at them when you see em on the road as cyclists in kits are all for what happened to Hanna. F7ck em.....

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If we were honest, we would realize that all our protests merely reinforce the idea, and the working image of an authority.

If we were honest, we would simply and collectively take responsibility for the power we do have, and put it to use for something more worthwhile than huddling around the TV.

If we were honest, we would admit that we deem this mundane existence to be the ultimate definition of what reality is, and that this level of existence has never provided anyone with an answer about anything.

But we are not honest, are we?

We empower authority, and sit back until in it's greed and stupidity it destroys the system it runs.

We laugh at commercials, and daydream of vacations with hot babes showing off like goddesses in places where there is sun, water, and sand.

We want money, not responsibility and we don't give a fuck who we step on to acquire it.

Mankind is in the shit now.

The real crisis is that the conformity that made all those narratives about this world that were so easy to slide into is now a straightjacket. It's getting hard to breathe.

When you step onto something that upsets your balance, you grasp for something to prevent your fall. You madly inject yourselves because the disease is the illness of conformity to an idea you never knew existed.

Yep, we are going places, they have names under the definitions of hospital and morgue.

Gordon Duff wanted me to write about free will, because he convinced himself he was free. But you can't be free in a world of conformity, where deceit and delusion gives the authority its air of truth. No, such belief only leads to madness, A corrupt and useless exercise in a meaningless void.

The whole world chases its tail, never resting, never letting up.

The final crash into this delusion is on the horizon, mankind on the bus hurling itself towards this event horizon.

You already paid for this.


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Homeland finally figured out that America has a constitution and a bill of rights? What a novel concept for a people to disagree with their government and dare talk about it especially when that government is run by a bunch of greedy greasey fuck8ng jews and their shabbus goy.

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