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Aug 27, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

Glad your back home Jack.

The French? Fuck the French and their vaxxed up bicycle races.

The best place to Be during a French style bicycle race? Seated on a corner. That's where the best crashes happen. And may any cyclist doing French style races and rides? May they have a vaxx spaz upon a corner. And the highlight? A spectacular crash by one vaxx spazed rider taking out dozens, I mean dozens down and the media will say, well what a tragedy as such things happen.

Fuck the French and their bicycle tours.

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Deffinition of pussy is Romaine lettuce upon an American salad with thousand island dressing.

Of course, my Evangelical queen loves a tossed salad with all types of lettuce and Thosand island dressing, because I tossed her salad as she loves the salad and the one whom tossed it.

Created together, as she tells me put this in the salad but not that as we create together this world we live in.

Of course live in your fantasy as I shall create mine daily as he once said "give us this day our daily bread" as you must believe as you please.

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I can see and hear that a vacation abroad was good for you, because you are back in that same good old kill them all (Prince song) mood of yours. I know you mean it well, just keep your glasses on and maybe not shoot when you have been drinking, and I am sure it will all work out well for you.

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I wanted to write something....but what is the point....there is no discussion here, "just my truth is better than your" behavior.....All here are more or less eloquent and can write....start writing...it is always easier to comment in the comment section than to create.

Show what you have, put yourself and your thoughts on the line, beliefs if you wish.

The comment section used to be inspirational, now when I see this, maybe comments on my next article will be turned off...

I dont have time for childish behaviour...

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Aug 27, 2023Liked by Jack Heart

We are indeed on the same side.

Frustration on my part and anger as I directed it at our Romaine and the French people. My profuse apologies to Romaine. These monsters that run the show? Seems they got all the basses covered.

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You talk of black gang members assaulting my white daughter Jack? Remember this that I am armed always against the likes of you in protection of my family.

I have no problem being an enemy of you if it means protecting my women against black gangsters, however, I prefer peace but peace must come at a stop to violance against Christian peoples.

We are indeed headed for war, question is who's side are you on? The war? It's being waged upon the level of those computer nerds you dispise as they have figured a way to hack into the humanity of things being our chakras and assorted neuro human networks.

In defense of my women and children I believe that we are enemies.

I have absolutely no problem with my analysis of how things stand between me and your people.

Have a nice nite,

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