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Every day seems to bring its share of surprises with you!

And you've come across some fine specimens...

And I'm not talking about the pizzas obviously.

They're typical French morons, always nagging for nothing, but what would be your journey without them?

Anyway, the way this stupid stormed your room is not regular at all. Good thing he got the Lee treatment!

And the "anarchist"? A perfect exemple of the kind of braindead zombies this country is full with. Living in their fart bubble...

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Orage should have warned you!

Germans are born hikers and love to explore the great outdoors.

Just the other day, I went on a little hike in to Saverne Castle and half the people we met were German.

We're neighbours, but that doesn't explain everything!

On the subject of Montsegur, the ruins you walked through are not original. A fortress was rebuilt there after the siege, which is already the third modification after the second carried out by the Cathar Perfects at the very beginning of the 13th century.

The caves will probably be more interesting and there must be a few that are less well known.

Having said that, I imagine you'll visit the one at Lombrive and its immense hall.

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This is not exactly a good omen this Doppelgänger thing with Orage... Take care.

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Haha so far your trip sounded like it was going well like a typical drunken European escapade until you went out for pizza. I think Orage is fucking with you especially as a New Yorker. I still fondly remember all my comrades when we didn't know what the fuck to order on the menu got the closest thing to pepperoni, a Salami pizza, like "What the fuck is this?" haha. It's an acquired taste but you just need to drink a little bit more because it's great when you're intoxicated same as those Doner kebab's. Don't want to waste your lubricated taste buds on good food just something greasy and nasty.

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Nice photos of a nice area. Kids were playing with lisbing lizards, but were there snakes in the mountains as well, or do they stay away from the tracks?

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What I think at 66 years old Jack? Good for you making your climb. I would have been in musical terms an octave above you in terms of the physical climb. I am doing 250 miles plus a week commuting to my job by bicycle. Not an ebike. A real pedal only bicycle, in America those are becoming rare. Since the lazy Americans want access to remote areas by bicycle yet they are incapable of pedaling them hence a new industry, we do the pedaling for you. No need to work or sweat, how primitive.

We embed tiny motors into that simple bicycle drive train to help you ride.

It's all good.

Kinda like the jab, the help is to keep you going. No worries

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