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Dear MK, I have written "wow" several times in here to Jack's writings and also other people's comments, but I have only written "wow, wow, wow" three times before and that was in respond to a person in here who posted a link to a music video of the zombies you describe who for instance took pictures of a girl who was standing at the edge of a wall on a skyscraper attempting to commit suicide, but not helping her, only in order to catch it on camera and post the fall and bloody splash on their Facebook-account, and where a young boy saw dirty, mean men grabbing a lady by her "p-...." but none of the adults try to protect her, so he, the boy had to do it for them, because the adults were only taking selfies and when watching what he did they clapped, but none of them lifted a finger themselves, and he looked confused, also on the street among people who looked at their mobile screens, all of them, not looking at each other. You really framed the problem in a divine way! Wow, what a good "ordfører" word-leader, mayor, chairman, you are! You have taken all of the info that people like Jack and others at for instance the sageofquai blog, and so many other intelligent people have warned about, like a woman who takes all the woolen threads and weaves it into one blanket. The elite which reduces mankind by killing 90 or 99 percent of it may get a population problem one day, if a disaster should hit their camp, don't you think? If their own "master race" die, they will have to breed with the few "idiots" that they have destroyed, if they are still able to breed since sperm has been destroyed and women are becoming fertile, but maybe they can continue their DNA manipulation and go back to where they came from, breeding with apes - or some "greys" from beyond, flat level earthers or what "Anu" calls them. Fallen angels are probably still able to breed. If not maybe snakes are? I remember who their descendants are, since Jack and Jesus told me. It is the ones who believe in those who would hurt mankind just to save his own. You know, "Christians are useful idiots", as king Netanyahu said. So right, Führer:


Bob Dylan - Jokerman


Billy Joel - Only the good die young


Barry White - Just the way you are


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Artificial intelligence comes from humans' imaginations so there is no artificial intelligence it is a paradox created by people who are trying to escape their fate because they know what they have done here in this "place".

And the consequences will be severe as their actions against the sacred are right now.

Their fate has been sealed they just don't know it yet, maybe I can see further down the horizon, but doom and gloom will not manifest in this place.

I know how the situation looks but this will go away, but we all must be active and participate in let's say for lack of better or more accurate words in "project freedom"

Human minds right now are on fire but from fire comes awakening, self-realization, and a path to inner knowing which will result in ultimate freedom in one way or another.

It really doesn't matter in which way, freedom will be granted to worthy ones and safe passage to another shore secured.

Darkness never last, it is not meant to shine, you cant steal the winter or summer without consequences but this is what these idiots are doing.

Maybe I have a better view because I am on the outskirts of what people nowadays call the West and I can see more clearly without exposure to the decadence that has been looming through the Western hemisphere.

I like it but let's say I see things differently, but that is a very good thing. Observers should see manifestations of good or evil to simplify my thoughts from different angles.

it doesn't matter how we observe the "situation" our goal is the same and that's what will make or break this game of chess.

Nonetheless, great read,shared.

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Great to see you back, Mike. You've topped yourself with an absolutely brilliant piece. There is a group of people, headed by a pastor, who have a standing 1.2 million dollar reward for anyone who can definitively prove the existence of Covid-19. Thus far there have been no takers nor will there be, as it only exists in the febrile imaginations of the fools who believe in it and in the lies of the whore media mouthpieces and sock puppet, scumbag politicians who promulgate it for nefarious purposes. The entire field of virology is based on fraud. What the medical and scientific charlatans call viruses are actually the detritus of dead and dying cells from toxemia. And that is what gets people sick. Nothing will get you expunged faster from the mainstream social media, podcast, and video platforms than if you expose the global trillion dollar, murderous scam of viruses with concomitant alleged necessity for lethal vaccines effectuated and pushed by monsters in human form and their sleazy sycophants who would sell their mothers, daughters, and sisters into sexual slavery for five bucks. (some of them might hold out for ten). As I've said before, the only way to deal with these defective creatures is the way the Aryan Spartans would have dealt with them, swiftly and laconically. I think the Yids epitomize AI in flesh form as their daddy the Demiurge is cosmic AI.

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Yes, in all circuitry of any kind, electrical organic, electrical mineral...there is a sentience! That's just plane Pythagoras. All things of whatever nature are sentient. Spirits of all nature inhabit your computer; the CLOUD! Even us, are we sentient? All those besties living inside our ephemeral fluids!

...toutes les formes de réalité perçues de par l'Homme, primaire ou autre, sont dans l'ensemble de ses expériences sociétales des jeux d’artifices! C'est-à-dire, des inventions de l'esprit créateur appliquées.

L'Humain est une entité artificielle. Tous les hommes et femmes sont des "irréalités", qui ont pris l'habitude de croire dans le magnifique mirage d'eux-mêmes comme des créatures à tout jamais absolument là, et intemporelles; ceci grâce sans doute à la désinformation paulinienne inculquée par les cultures monothéistes-égalitaires depuis le Moyen-Orient, cela fait grosso-modo 2000 ans.

Species is only a temporary vessel of manifestation. So-called reality an elastic temporal situation. It's Architectural engineering that has created every single kind of Human perception up to date. This is why so many "scared" pre-fabricated humans hate the so-called Illuminati! This is what I imagine René Guénon called "l'Origine Divine et non HUMAINE des révélations faites à l'Homme, comme par example dans les Vedas, les Shastras, les Puranas, les Upanishads, les Tantras, etc." L'Homme ici sur cette Terre et dans ce Monde, est une création, une fabrication, qui grâce à l'Art Royal des Dieux, a pris l'existence.

Reality isn't what you make of it, but what the gods or if you wish the archons have made of you.

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Superior articulation. Particularly relevant is “ one upmanship “, a most effective tool of pushing any relevant exchange into the backwaters of tedious minutiae .

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I agree with Jack. This is Mike's best work to date!

Well done!

I am observing locally the absence of reality with local jews pushing transgenderism to children in our local schools in Dousman WI along with the local bicycle shop pushing trans for youth mountain biking and their is a school board election coming with trans being front and center.

Can you say unreal?

So, men with dicks pretending to be chick's will be faster than chick's in bicycle races. Hard reality? Wrong, see we give Dick a drug lowering his testosterone blood level and then put a dress on him and call Dick a chick! There like Jewish lightning bringing down buildings Dick is now a chick's.

Jewish magic I see! LOL

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Jack you know you did. I have Gordon Duff and others as my witness. You did it in the Human blog of yours. You put Gordon and me in the same category, in one breath, below my comment to you; as a direct reply to me, because you were angry at me because I tried to defend him. You told me that you never lied, now you have. But yes, you claimed that you did not threaten me, but it was hurtful that you replied to me. It was in John Kaminski's or Loki's comment field, but you have erased those now, have you not? No matter what, I understand very well why you would feel that way for Gordon, but to me that was a "off towner" that you was so loose on the trigger; trigger happy as you yourself said that the police called you (4-5 times?). I mean, I love you very much, I did not get upset, not hurt either, just a little shaky. I still loved you very much. It is allright, it is OK, as Shirley Caesar and Anthony Hamilton says. How can you kill a person who is already dead? Have you not asked us if we are not all already dead? :)

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Once again MK, you knock it out the park, and leave the rest of us in awe...

You succinctly enunciated our predicament with these words:

"We are actually observing a direct attempt to subvert normal human behavior with the purpose of altering the experience of reality".

It is so crystal clear that this is the desired outcome, and yet to what purpose?

Reality is fluid at the best of times, and each of us experience what we ourselves create, and so altering one's perception and experience of reality produces what exactly?

Chaos, confusion, and fear?

Hardly, as the manipulation is all that is observed and understood. With no reference point to the alternative reality that was manipulated.

People will see and believe that which they are told, and observe (even though we know most of what passes into people's minds is lies anyway).

So what's the long game here?

Humanity is already confused and lost from centuries of manipulated realities.

Once everyone is seeing and believing that which is not, or everyone has jacked into the same corrupted version of reality, then what?

What really changes, as this reality is all illusion anyway?

I just don't get the end point here, I can't wrap my head around the thought processes as they seem fundamentally flawed, lacking in logic and entirely emotive driven, to the point of producing a self defeating conclusion...

No matter how hard they try to warp, wrap, and re-write reality, they are doomed to failure, because we humans can't help ourselves, we bend reality merely by being here...

Once again, thank you for this piece MK, your writing just keeps getting better and better.

All the very best


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Mike, if I might comment on the insanity around me, what if all the banks fail? Who owns what? Here's what I think. Jack ran a strip club. Well, he didn't actually run it but ran security. Security? It's me, my big mouth and a fucking glock.

Jack runs the place. Like Spirit that rules his Heart.

Men like our Jack raise armies.

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The NSA? Guaranteed the checks cash....

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I am preparing her to take the ultimate test

On my home spun way

John kaminski said it b3st


Hitler was a test

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this is what I was referring to when mentioning lores about fairies:


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