Hell, we don't need a fake alien invasion. We've got an apocalyptic real one happening right on our southern border. The space aliens charade is just another weapon of mass distraction in the Cryptocracy's arsenal.

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More distractions? What of the huge chemical spill in Ohio? They are really reporting on this on the alt media.

The world seems to be going crazy.

I don't know what to make of any of it.

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Was today reminded of an old early 90's card game, like much of the roleplay games of the 90s, it was prescient...




Its hilarious how blatantly we were told what possibilities lay ahead of us, and we missed them all in the glory of living in the times...

And now it's reaping time for the seeds were planted so, so long ago, that are now ripe to yield the harvest.

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At least they can shoot things that cant shot back, in that theatre. For now. Jokes were that the weatherballon took down three f35 trashcans in a dogfight

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