Mkultra, Bourne movies kinda like a documentary. Trauma based mind control. "Splintering" ones personality. I'll try remember where I read it but a few with Mk subjects it did not go well at all for them. The Patient/Subject became more powerful than the Dr. more powerful than most here.

Kids born soulless? In Toronto 8 girls aged 13 to 16 who met online stabbed a homeless man to death. I guess they were bored and sports and school activities aint enough of a pass-time.

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Various types of pitch, a black sticky substance usually derived from tree sap as the base, have been used throughout the centuries for multiple purposes, perhaps the most common being that of a barrier. For example, it is documented that pitch was regularly applied to ship hulls as a sealant and preservative.

Conversely, natural pitch ie; a log imbued with black sap, as for example, lightning struck trees, esp. Pines-upon proper seasoning support fire remarkably well, burning hot and bright.

I have never known either type to exhibit the degenerative and reductive effects we clearly observe in the black sickness, and related phenomena, such as the lethal injections.

Speaking of lethality, it appears that the country which isn't-Germany has been very buisy hiding the genocide from their populace and the world. Famous for their draconian forced injection policy, the occupation government, propped up by 120 or so US military bases, has been silent concerning the 1,000+% increase in deaths.

Not to single out that occupation zone, here in globalist controlled America, the government ostensibly for the people by the people, has been paying for information suppression regarding their lethal injections, and elevating narratives concocted by script writers to lead their dim witted masses. The latest being that somehow those who said no to lethal injection suffer more auto accidents.

Meanwhile, Wagner PMC is now involved in duels over the Bakhmut streets with Motiv. If you don't know what Motiv is, look it up.

The Donbas militia and Wagner PMC continue to perform their roles as the primary offensive forces in the war against NATO, with more than a little success.

On the personal front, Jack, I've decided to take your advice and concentrate on a piece concerning death. I don't have an ETA yet, but I am working.


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Yep loved it all Jack, still don’t know how you remember all the names of the actors in the play.

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Dec 22, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

And the stuff you can't tell us? As if your not terrified your not paying attention.

The covid game I suspect is just the beginning, as worse is coming and you are spot on about them blaming the next wave of sickness on the unvaxxed.

I talk about cycling and it's community and I am banned from a cycling club I have belonged to for 40 years. My neighbor is a member and was going around our small town last year asking peoples vaxx status and he's on the board of directors of that club, all the neighbors told him to mind his business.

No one I know in town took the shots.

The level of vaxx hatred of these zealots will spill out when they decide to play the card.

Guns will come out where I live.

Maybe that's what they want? Time will tell but unvaxxed are a minority in America, I advise getting out of the cities like Chicago and its suburbs.

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Wherever, whatever, or whenever, we currently find ourselves... something is definately broken.

It's been gradually occurring, imperceptible at first, but getting more obvious... getting worse.

Not all of the stars are there anymore.

Sometimes it feels like the earth is moving... like when you get off a ship after a while at sea.

Two Moons in the sky, and colours saturated backwards.

It got me thinking... does any of it apply anymore? Did it ever?

The constellations are unravelling, and time is spluttering, like a worn out tape rewound one too many times.

And the strangest thing of all... I can't bring myself to worry, there really isn't a care.

It's not numbness, it's awareness... It's puzzled curiosity, like finding schrodingers lost cat...

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Somebody said he or she needs more videos like this one...sorry to put this one here, but I feel posting this anywhere else would be just a giant waste of digital ink...

To all: I wish you great days ahead, be with your families and do good things for others that is all we must do to fight against the current stream of Evil, they can't win. In the end, they already have lost and this is the truth, they just don't know it yet.

FYI This is a pretty good video, maybe even usable for Human.

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Interesting talk, Jack.

Puharich is an interesting character. I think I first read about him in Peter Levenda's excellent Sinister Forces trilogy years ago. Highly recommended.

Here, Puharich talks about the 'Nine.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miuccNqLq4o&t=353s

Hmm. Either some very odd things that many believe exist only in bad Sci-Fi/Horror movies are, in fact, real or Puharich is pulling a Con to obfuscate the truth. Or he is highly gullible.

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Dec 24, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

Conflict? I am all in for what those covid clowns did.

However, I have the fortune from being from a privileged family.

I am unpure however my evangelical queen is pureblooded and non vaxxed.

I am vaxxcine injured yet took pity upon me

A turquoise eyed Goddess.

We produced mixed blooded children even before covid.

My proposition is this what is more powerful Spirit or vaxxine?

An observation then a question.

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Jack, Thanks for the mental tonic.

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