We were warned, we keep being told, but we never seem to pay enough attention...

H.G. Wells spelled it out in War of the Worlds, the alien menace from Mars, that threatens the very future of humanity...

We just were given the wrong portrait to observe as the culprit is all.

John Wyndham alluded to it in Day of the Triffids, with the plant-like creeping death to mankind...

A reminder of the kingdoms we forgot and neglected in our focus on purely Man.

And, it was beautifully rendered to music by Jeff Wayne, the Red Weed we find ourselves having to content with:


And our salvation with the Spirit of Man:


Science Fiction has become our reality, every cthulhu story now made fact, every myth and fairy tale brought back to life, we clearly always lived in magickal times...

And like every fantasy and sci-fi hero through time, it is now our time, to find the courage, to make the stand, and fight, as if our very souls depended upon it...

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Dec 28, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

All good stuff,did you know Jack they even made a movie about the gollum?

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Quite a bit to "un-pack" here as usual! Going with the Lovecraft theme If the Elders created something was its animation artificial or from the source? I tend to go with rouge A.I. theory.

AC? Gollum? ya Jack we are waiting and cant wait to read it.... so if you are not too busy... :O)

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Dec 29, 2022Liked by Jack Heart

Thanks Jack, great podcast and very informative! Perhaps the world now is in the apocholypse? How so? Everyone around us or the majority is injected with various vaxxines and the science says that the micro world has great control over the macro world and perhaps the micro organism, the black goo, is sentient and moved our human governments to push these injections much like a parasite controls the behavior of its host.

I have given up openly speaking about the evils of the medical establishment and their vaxxines as why bother? The infected get angry as if they are blinded and facts no longer matter anymore.

I advise any of your readers to get out of the cities and find like minded people if possible and zig and zag around the carnage. The implications of this stuff is truly mind boggling.

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Interesting. Listening through this again….the bacteria breaking down the cell wall to eat the iron in the blood. Back in my late teens/20’s when I was an athlete— females including myself, especially athletes were all ‘iron deficient’. They blamed iron deficiency on all sorts of stuff, I can’t help but think it was because of these little shits eating the iron up. I thought it was odd, all the way back then…

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