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What will happen when using HUC we saturate the air, already filled with all sorts of polluants: nano dust, chemtrails, 5,6,7 etc. G tech, & the evil thought patterns of our multitudinous congénères with a bacteria which will most likely mutate, eventually worsening the state of affairs for the complicated humans who want their clean energy cake and eat it too? If you need to cook something, a simple camp fire will do. In Tibet they use Yak dung as a combustible. Abnormal living makes for abnormal usage of our Earth's properties.

I remember when the best tobaccos on Earth were smoked with cow dung! ;)

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Why don't we put electric eels in tanks and harvest the energy? Same thing. Where do the eels get their electricity? Perhaps a chemical reaction of some form? Reminds me of that great German scientist that studied trout on how it's body processed and moved energy.

Adolph Hitler the great naturalist was mesmerized by that man's vision.

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A few weeks ago I came across an Archaix interview where a movie regarding psychotronic warfare was mentioned along with how its been practically scrubbed from everywhere online except this one place:


It even had Adam Baldwin scifi superhero and yet I have never heard of it. Released in 2003 and is the only movie I've ran into that is literally unpirateable as if it was never released. I've been a pirate for over 25 years since Windows 95 when I was in my teens and this completely leaves me flabbergasted that a movie not that old isn't pirateable yet films from the 1920's and 30's are popping up left and right as if blockbusters were made at the same frequency then as they are now in fact more so since it seems modern movies are being backdated as to be copies of earlier films. Hollywood appears to be on its 3rd re-make cycle of every movie from the 1920's - 1940's or possibly the 4th going on 5th as everything now appears to be copies of copies.

I'm guessing the only copy that's linked is possibly because of its intentional low quality which is a well known method for throwing off AI due to the heavy pixelation and macroblocking from the encoders algorithm. Maybe others have heard of this film but I never have and its worth a watch if you want to understand whats really going on and how our reality is truly being managed. Ever wonder why people run from the truth? They can't handle it and neither could you, but every now and then some of us try going back to playing house as barbie and ken only to realize we can't and become stuck in limbo. Sooner or later we are forced to drop our balls and venture through the darkness to whatever is waiting on the other-side beyond our vision leaving our minds to conjure up a million million horrors that we should expect to find.

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