These fucking pervert, criminal freaks deserve the Spartan treatment, Jack. Perusing the matter closely, most if not all of them are transsexual, androgynes. How the Cryptocracy loves to mock us by putting these sub-human slime over us for authority and veneration. Ragnarok, come quickly.

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Well Jack, I know you don't want to cover current events but thanks for posting this.


The above is the covid policy for USA cycling the governoring body for cycling in America.

They are doubling down on covid vaxxines and masks at their events.

I hate these kit wearing clowns Jack.

Saw a good one on today's ride in Wisconsin, mind you it's winter and the roads are covered with salt and sand, when I saw a full kitted costumed clown coming towards me on the road. Me? On an old junker bike, old clothes and of course no helmet.

That clown had a smug look of disrespect as he passed me as I said "magnificent clown suit" as I heard a couple of "f" bombs from this clown riding a 10000 dollar bike on sand covered roads.

I have dropped out of all cycling events and clubs since they all are idiot vaxx pushers.

Cycling the sport is ground zero for forced covid vaxxines and I dispise them and have no contact with any of them. Jews run the thing and it's time to let Kaminski and Loki to tear them new ass holes.

Cycling boomer men? Got bigger boobs than the cycling women and need them nipple covers.

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Woke up this morning on one of my tin foil telegram channels to find a train explosion and authorities evacuated the entire town. Funny enough a movie was released covering the same event as East Palestine, Ohio called "White Noise". What looks like your latest C Tier Blockbuster flick after Hollywood's juice ran out circa C-19,20 actually managed to surprise, then again as some have already said only Netflix is putting out anything worth a shit.

Might be worth your while if you have 2 hours to kill.

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you know this reminds me of the scene in i petgoat 2....

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