Fabulous, Jack. Once again you demonstrate why you are my favorite writer. With all respect, as a fellow National Socialist, I take a somewhat more radical view. The Constitution is tantamount to toilet paper as far as working people are concerned. The U.S. has always been an oligarchy, a nation of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. One of the Founding Fathers said, "It's only logical that the people who own the country should run it." -(quote/paraphrase). The Constitution was written and drafted, " ... for us and our posterity." We sure as Hell ain't their posterity. The blue bloods get all of their rights respected to the smallest detail. Joe & Mary Sixpack get it where the sun don't shine. Now that oligarchic dictatorship has gone into hyper-drive with the digitized, high-tech, police /surveillance state ubiquitous spider's web permeating everything. The Chozen Pipple and their fagot, tranny, Freemasonic, goyim sycophants have turned America into the world's largest, open air lunatic asylum. Top priority: dispossess, subjugate, and annihilate the white race. One and two are consummated, three is moving along ever faster. There is only one way to deal with this and that is the Spartan way. Keep punching, Buddy.

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Well Heritic? Our founders were correct in not trusting the masses with rulership and that democracy is nothing more than mob rule with the mob being unable to even rule themselves properly they need to be told what to do.

Freedom only exists for self ruled men. And I mean men not women. Women should be free to be spiritual and to rear children, now we have role reversal and gender confusion and slavery and next will be genocide of whites.

Well, genocide of vaxxed whites? Good idea.

Glad the government has a list of those motherfuckers.

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I agree that the masses are asses and should not be trusted with anything of import. That however does not negate the fact that the so-called "Founding Fathers" were oligarchic, Freemasonic scum. Look at where their system has gotten us. Like Lysander Spooner said, either the Constitution sanctions tyranny and despotism or is powerless to prevent it.

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Well heritic, I live in Wisconsin 23 miles from the Illinois border and in IL they have banned most long guns with sherrifs west of hwy 47 openly declaring that the law won't be enforced, yet the population is small and rural and Chicago and it's Northern suburbs with 8 million people? All for it! Notice Chicago where guns of any kind are nearly banned yet is the murder Capitol of America?

An example of mob rule Heritic. Rural Illinois is a wonderful place as I tour it by bicycle with wonderful sensible people.

They have a saying "there is Chicago and Springfield and then the rest of Illinois" which is so true.

Masks and vaxxes in rural Illinois? Low uptake.

Just what I see.

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Two years ago in St Charles Illinois I had the cops called on me for not wearing a mask. LOL

I easily evaded them upon my bicycle using bike trails and back roads. I had another shirt in my pack which I changed.

On my way back to Wisconsin on the trail was a cop looking for me but I didn't match the description given. Bright colored jersey to a black baggy T shirt. LOL

Over the fucking mask.

That's the Chicago North subs for you.

You can genocide them for starters.

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Glad you evaded the porkers, Nine. You would think those ass-wipes had real criminals to spend their time chasing. In Zoo Jersey, I am approx. a 50 minute drive from Jew York City, Bolshevik capitol of the world. The heart of Babylon, where multitudes of featherless bipeds abound and Covid 19 is a religion.

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Well heritic? Our founders never trusted mob rule and I agree with them.

Look at that white mob all obedience trained and vaxxed up?

Glad our .Gov has a master list of those brainwashed zombies.

Genocide would be a kindness.

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Well Jack, the zombie vaxx? That's why at 65 I won't shut up in social situations. The mask? Vaxxines and bicycle helmets? Seatbelts? All to make you safe. Right.

It's all about obedience. You will obey.

We have this bicycle ride on Tuesday nights that was pretty cool then covid hit, lockdowns, 6 feet apart, no social gatherings, churches and bars closed.

Fear! Everybody afraid of everyone! How convenient, then there was the mask. I would tell people that I survived anthrax at USPostal, you know anthrax spores? 1000 times bigger than a so called virus? And how did a 1.3 million Sq ft building get contaminated and thousands sickened all over America from traveling spores through the mail? Didn't here about that? I was there. Saw it covered up.

Well, back to cycling. After covid restrictions got lifted a bit we started riding our bikes on Tuesday and everyone wanted to know about your "status" were you sick? Then came the vaxx. I told them in no uncertain terms about their vaxx and I am not taking it.

I witnessed absolute sheep like behavior from these people, trusting that media and government?

So, over the next couple of years I would show up at the Tuesday ride with a single speed bike instead of high end carbon and have no problem keeping up however, that irritated the obedience trained cycling morons. Then it morphed over time to removal of the obedience "kit" to jeans and flannal shirts and tennis shoes. With the kicker one night I showed up without the Styrofoam small hat.

To set the stage, there were 4 women and three men at the start of the ride and me without a helmet.

I was told by the ride "leader" that I am not allowed to ride without a helmet.

I was ordered to leave "now"! By an ugly cycling HR bitch.

I said "who is going to make me leave" looking at the three men, you "motherfuckers"? LOL

One woman says "I am so scared" he doesn't have a helmet on! How dare he make me feel unsafe! See a pattern here? Masks vaxxines 6 feet apart helmets?

So, I said OK, put my blinky light on and took off with them following. On a public road as the men pushed the pace with the idea of catching and passing me. I humiliated them on a one geared bike wearing jeans and a T shirt and tennis shoes and no plastic fucking hat.

Witnessing that behavior I know that America is toast and these sub humans needed to be put in their place and now they rule over us.

That's America now.

You and those men should have shot the place up Jack.

Now? It's game over and cycling bitches like in the story above run the show as the American work place is run by these useless bitches.

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Thanks to COINTEL you can't even say the truth without fedposting despite the fact its what everyone is thinking and wanting but too paranoid and scared to do and that's to SHOOT THE FUCKERS. You could make a modern day Man in the High Castle with SS men shooting these politicians and scumbags who can't take a break from being on the goddamn camera painted in your typical Hollywood esque Swindlers List fashion and people would quietly cheer while shaking their heads mumbling, "mmmMM but them nazi's that's a little over the top don't ya think?"

Hollywood writes the script but the truth is they've done exactly what they feared most. Created their own devil who in those years of 2015 and 2016 admitted openly that they made the American public so desensitized they don't care about the plight of the Jews and in fact meme their suffering and get high on laughter. The first thing you never do is make your enemy the devil and if you do you better fucking kill them all lest they come back and haunt you forevermore. You made a devil and its haunted you into manufacturing the devil that's coming to a theater near you. I know you didn't kill the devil no matter what history or alien day dreamers say for the simple fact YOU DON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT! I have been plagued for decades wondering using my rational and logical side of the brain getting into my enemies to see and feel how they think and operate and the daily bombardment never made sense to me. Now it does.

Everyone's scared these days, including myself. Something is coming and when it does it isn't going to be pretty. If it was up to me I would've went with the MK-Ultra programming in the 90's and gone school shooter except I had people that mattered on the other end not some teenagers that made me feel bad. My problem was always that the more I learned the more enemies I saw all around me and deciding who can land the biggest impact. Took time to realize we're in a hornets nest and their isn't no queen bee. If you're going to pull that trigger you better do it like everything in life with being the best you possibly can. I hope I didn't live too long where I zigged instead of zagging because patience was never my thing and watching this unfold exactly as I saw it has got to be the worst punishment for someone who cares.

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I often find myself amazed at the current condition.

I can't help but study the kind of consciousness that exists, thrives in this modern pattern. It is very much a herd mentality.

American gun owners are the ones who advanced the memes that placed themselves in the role as the heroic defenders of freedom. They bought the t-shirts with the radical slogans, and told everyone they defended liberty, when they didn't even know the meaning of the word.

The truth is that most gun owners are simply enjoying a hobby. They never had to depend upon a firearm to save their bacon. Most likely, they never will.

The vision promoted by the liberty types was as always, comically stupid and childish: the UN was sending troops into America. The enemy was poised to invade, complete with photos provided of Humvees on someone's streets.

The truth of course is always more nuanced.

Gun owners are no defenders of freedom, despite the rhetoric they themselves languish in. By now, this much should be clear.

Guns in America are actually a defense against petty criminals who are empowered by the system to act as viciously as they wish. The system is used to punish those people who actually use guns to defend themselves, mostly because the system is populated by those who despise the public, yet despite this catch 22 successful defense occurs all around this country every day.

America is run by those who are considered successful when they arrive at further means to ruin other people's lives.

Americans are considered successful when they navigate this condition well enough to live a pretty regular life.

There is no liberty to defend. No one alive today has ever had but the briefest sip of it. Are we going to shoot people so we can continue to pay an illegitimate income tax? Perhaps we will kill them so that fresh faces can fill the blanks in the corruption apparatus? Or perhaps we will fill the perps full of metal so we can all continue to send the kids to school?

The constitution becomes the means to provide a vision to a people who have none, yet that brief document cannot offer judgement or wisdom where they are lacking.

No, the American gun owner never will defend anything besides themselves and their family. They can't do anything else. Too bad it isn't enough.


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Well Mike in a nutshell it comes down to precept 1 for warriors, just because you have a weapon that does not mean you know how to use it or even will use it when it comes down to a violent confrontation.

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I recall a very interesting statistic from the Revolutionary war; it was only 3% of the population who fought. Placing this within a context, Britain believes they suffered just under 900 million KIA from WW1, significant, yet hardly the critical reduction in population the globalist elite aimed for.

Considering such, it will never be the majority of any population who takes up arms, whether they have guns or not.

Accordingly, the vision for both examples was completely different. Colonists fought to ensure self determination, Brits fought the great war to preserve their way of life. Yes, it was more complex but in the eyes of the public these were the historic arguments.

Therefore my question to American gun owners is a simple one, what exactly are you willing to fight for?

I submit that today there is little besides loved ones, and life itself to fight for.


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One important correction, the figure should be 900 thousands, and of course it did not include the wounded.


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Jack, in America, it is unwise to use a weapon at all since its best to avoid trouble in the first place especially if your white defending against black violence and yes genocide of whites is coming.

Sorry to say this but in America if your white you need to get out of the cities or become a target for blacks who feel justified using violence against whites.

Your article showing black and white unity is absolutely fiction in any large American city.

The situation? Vaxxed up whites that work in office buildings pushing electronic blips on computer screens that live in mcmansions in the burbs with working class whites living in abject poverty not even able to afford rent. Blacks given free housing under section 8 and free food and tons of other goodies.

All of this engineered by the government of the people by the people, it will come down to putting blacks down who are doing senseless violence like my motorcycle story above.

Me? I avoid trouble, don't need a gun where I live but if someone comes to my home I will shoot them dead. Count on it.

In this current environment, mcmansion whites near black areas better wisen up, but won't and that's the vaxx in action.

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Jack, I give you the white Northern Suburbs of Chicago, where I got chased by the cops for not wearing a fucking mask.

Mcmansion whites are worthless cucks, that vote all this stuff in given time.

Again I give you Chicago and it's North suburbs.

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Mike, on the north west side of Milwaukee a white man was stopped at a red light minding his business when a black guy in a truck beeps his horn behind the motorcyclist to run the red light.

The light turned green, and the truck blasted ahead of the motorcycle, stopped, the man got out and shot the motorcyclist for not running the red light.

When arrested for the crime, his 6 year old boy, who was in the truck at the time, told the police that "daddy beeped for him to run the light and when he didn't daddy took care of him" and that's Milwaukee for you.

The north west side of Milwaukee is becoming a no go zone.

All by design Mike. If the motorcyclist would have brandished a gun he would go to jail.

Divide and conquer of blacks and whites in action.

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Precisely, Nine.

The lawlessness and hate are fully weaponized against the people who keep the society afloat. Welcome to modern America.

One would have to live with complete blinders on to find anything worth fighting for here, and that is my point; people fight for a purpose. What purpose exists today besides love?


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Sad Mike, but you simply stated the truth here.

In public I won't lift a finger to help someone unless I know you as its dangerous to do so even in white areas.

An example, how white males drive those pickup trucks in white areas. Rolling weapons. Some of them need to be shot on site.

Seriously, when I turn 80 perhaps I will shoot a pick up driver fucking dead, I will be put in a country club prison with good medical care and live way better than on my pedly social security check.

I am training, perhaps when I turn 80 I shoot dead a pick up truck driver whilst riding my bicycle. Bet I get off? Have a trial? Young pickup driver shot dead whilst harassing old man upon bicycle? All about proper spin.

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Well Mike, that's what the local news broadcasts are for, for example, in Milwaukee we have Mary Stoker Smith, milwaukee's favorite TV journalist, she an absolute stunning black beauty who reads the daily carnage created by her people. This in itself creates the divide between whites and blacks in Milwaukee a historic racially divided city.

All by design as Mary lives in one of our finest suburbs off the backs of the carnage created by her people. Brings in the ratings as white men 18 to 60 tune in to watch pretty Mary read the daily carnage report.

I kid you not as this is what's going on with our local media.

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I avoid being around people who think they can change things through political means. They simply don't get it. They are still living in some fantasy world, and the harshness of the totality of the Con is too much for the vast majority to 1) comprehend, 2) endure (especially without pharmaceutical enhancement).

There was never anything but slaves and masters. In different parts of the world, the slaves are given different bullshit stories to pacify them. But in the end, all slavery begins and ends in the mind. You can't shoot a concept. And people will kill and die for their concepts.

You are free to choose from a hundred and fifty varieties of soda and bagels, but we always have the same two political parties in every major election. Granted, it wouldn't matter if there were a hundred different parties. The Corporation would own them all. Why does anyone have to belong to a political party to get on a ballot? It doesn't matter. Everyone is owned, as well.

Do people really understand the ubiquity of the system that runs the world? It is built on deception. How could the system be improved, when it is based on deception, to begin with?

I don't see different countries, different continents, I see different branches of the Corporation.

Damn. They never taught this shit in the schools I went to. I guess that's because the owners of the Corporation financed my education.

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Well captian Nemo, that's why cyclists and NASCAR folks and soldiers over the world wear "kits" because they are branded just like a steer.

So, when you see one of those kitted clowns riding a bike down the road make sure you sound the horn right as you pass them. They like that. Really they do! They will even greet you with an extended middle finger plus they really like it when you shout at them to get off the road. LOL

Normal people riding a bicycle with no plastic hat or "kit" be polite and give them a wide birth when passing.

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They financed your obedience training Captian.

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Only it didn't work. With a certain few, it never can.

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For your viewing pleasure Jack and Phil.


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