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crazy cray cray a breadcrumb led me to sol luckman last week and he lead me to what you are talking about. I've read and listened a bit on this guy and theory now.. there are no coincidences.

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blue lies matter

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Jason at Archaix has done phenomenal research. Just try to refute what he documents. You two guys would seem to have a lot in common...

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Check this out:


Well, what to say as we see the destruction of America?

I hope your feeling better Jack, we are all sick, me and the Evangelical Queen.

Me I am all on the mend since I am an hultra cycling mutant and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

What of that kid dropping on that NFL field? NFL rookies? No vaxx no contract. No play.

Just like me in ultra cycling, no vaxx no ride so now I taunt the mother fuckers. Let's do 130 miles in the Illinois driftless area for money you vaxxed morons. I hope I see you drop with a vaxx space on the ride.

Telling me I "must" or else?

Fuck off!!

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A 24 year old kid murdered by the NFL and Pfizer.


This guy was a sports beat reporter in Iowa and IMO is the best journalist on the internet other than you Jack. He goes over the nature of contracts for NFL athletes and how young men are pressured to take the vaxxines by the NFL and I feel so sad for this young man's parents and then that sadness morphs into anger since my youngest is the same age. This young man for an NFL contract listened to the team doctor and recieved a booster maybe a week ago in order to play.

I believe he is brain dead but they are keeping him alive as people gather outside his Cincinnati hospital, of course they are bringing in muscle for "trouble" as I hope black folks tear the fucking place to pieces.

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Get well soon.

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I managed to get thru A quarter hour of archaic before I got incredibly tired of spending my time on a rant against the popular ones. By now, everyone should know that popularity is contrived by the same forces that empower Naomi Wolf to shriek at you from the sacred abuse pulpit called holocaustianiy.

Is he not aware that he provided his own feedback loop?

The entire "reality as a simulation" perspective derives from ancient Gnosticism which itself derived from a more ancient mystical tradition.

Most today cannot understand it because they have no understanding of what is real.

Jesus was torn from the cold dead hands of Gnostics, he was never Christian, especially since no one seems to understand what christ/crist/crest even means. Jesus was the result of genuine genocide, not the bullshit fantasy deception warfare that passes for modern history.

Anyway, take care of yourself George.

2023 is the year to do it, or forever face extinction.


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Jack, there is no modern communication/information outlet that isn't owned and operated by the 'controllers.'

Substack? Twitter? Facebook? Amazon?

We're all on Candid Camera, Jack.

No way around that. Not at this stage.

Intelligence Agencies. The technology we are all communicating with is their domain. Would the dominant minority ever hand the Plebes this tech without it being for reasons that ultimately serve the dominant minority themselves? Why would they hand the Plebes an opportunity to overthrow their rule? No, we are all being monitored, surveilled, analyzed.

We are all doing time in this bizarro inverted system, Jack. Don't feel singled out. Be well!

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Sorry to hear your unwell Jack, my whole family was likewise struck down over the festive period...

So I went to work instead... and managed to avoid any illness (which should be classed as a Christmas miracle given what's filling our hospitals at the moment).

Hope you improve soon...

Like others here, I struggled to watch through the linked video, but got the gist.

A sure sign that the osmosis of thought is working, and regardless of the censorship, they cannot stop our/your thoughts, and such will travel...

Will take root, and grow...

It is inevitable.

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I watched for maybe 10 min and then was enough for me. He is been pushed by a specific side, showers people with data, and confused them in the end. New Age Guru put him on the Spot, cant remember the name but prominent Flat Earther/Tartaria proponent. He has something built in Brasil or somewhere in South America, not sure, don't care..., a very shady character. It is easy to find him but honestly, I don't want to spend my time on bogus healers and preachers, who will heal people for money.

And yes he can be disputed and challenged but I don't waste my time on that crap.

And yes I posted him too, a few times but no more...another gatekeeper but a few steps ahead of the rest operators in the so-called Truth community space.

He can tell us nothing new, not here, maybe on YT, Twitter, and other nonsense sites.

And there is a comment below Jack and Jason are a world apart, he is a boy scout compared to Jack.

Sorry, I understand your post and approval of him but for me, he is a big NO.

I hope you are feeling better. I have sent a few prayers in your direction, can't hurt..right.😉

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Q?… If one were to seek out the antithesis of the Crowley’s and Lovecraft’s what would they be reading.??

Q?…Are you familiar with Dr. Richard Allen Miller ? Comment?

Many thanks, hope you are well.

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Jack I hope your feeling better. Finally was able to get through the whole thing….I know you sacrificed much to bring us your truth over the years. To this day — I don’t know how I stiumbled upon your writings in 2013/2014. It was not through VT either… ever since I’ve ingested every single word and comment on this blog. Seems all I think about 365 days a year is what’s here…..putting one big puzzle together. Love the f bombs and whatever you throw our way—makes me nostalgic for another time/place. Be well and happy new year!

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