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The admirable mission of Jack Heart is to save the world from the evil which is destroying the future of humanity. More specifically giving informed analysis and potential courses of action to ensure that our children ad grandchildren can be free individuals. We, those in the organization, have gotten along in years and may not see the end of this current struggle. The who, what, where, when, why and how of the current mess must be recorded.

In our attempt to meet the goals we at the Jack Heart Organization have been doxed, sandboxed, shadow  banned, deleted, given timeout and any number of other nefarious censoring activities by social media. This has been carried out by Facebook, Patreon, BlogSpot, and Twitter. The man behind the mission, the man that is Jack Heart, stated today that in order to inform readers of our current situational analysis and share true thoughts we must return to the ways of before. The important findings, special data, and guest author’s pieces are likely only to be found on Substack or on We will be posting links on social media with pictures of grand children and puppies. This being said please make sure that sensitive private subject communications or conversations with Jack are sent to him directly via email to ensure receipt. 

What others say about Jack Heart

  • “Jack Heart, pen name for George Esposito, is known for his extensive research and writings that provide high-quality information and authentic alternatives to mainstream narratives on a wide variety of subjects. His life experiences make for a highly intriguing perspective.” Introduction to Jack Heart from editorial staff at Veterans Today.

  • “[Jack Heart]…combines an alchemical quest for the divine with the staccato of a drive-by narrative that would leave Norman Mailer and Quentin Tarantino groping for words.” From review by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

  • “If you live life to the full, holding nothing back, not only is it never easy, its never simple. Jack's life appears to all of that. Here is a man trying to make sense of the mad house we call humanity. Did he make it, well you decide. He touches on the dark side, the side that is used by our unseen masters to steer humanity to it's fate, if we let them. A life of cake and coffee will not get you where you need to go, or teach you anything. Jack's life appears to have had very little cake. But if my back was ever up against the wall, I sure would like to know that he's only a call away.” Review by Alec Newald, author of Coevolution: The True Story of a Man Taken for Ten Days to an Extraterrestrial Civilization and frequent contributor to the electronic alternative knowledge base of this reality.

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The writer who is Jack Heart would not be able to continue his work if it were not for Patrons, those who find enough value in the work to make sure he is able to continue.

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

  • Patron:

    • 1a: a person chosen, named, or honored as a special guardian, protector, or supporter a patron of the arts

    • b: a wealthy or influential supporter of an artist or writer… the unspoken contract between artist and patron …— D. D. R. Owen

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