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Jack Heart's Conversations from the porch - Episode 52

Jack Heart's Conversations from the porch - Episode 52

[As far as I know this is the only English transcript of the brilliant Russian documentary available. Internet pundits are welcome to cut and paste any part of it they like, ya don't even have to give Jack Heart credit. I seen what happened to my cousin when he tried to give me credit for something. Don't worry about it cut and paste as you please no strings attached, a gift from the Jack Heart organization. - Jack]

Part One: Base (1:03)

The narrator begins, “At the beginning of 1947 yet another expedition by the American explorer; Richard Byrd, arrived on the Antarctic shores. It was very strange expedition. Unlike his previous three, this one was completely financed by the U.S. Navy. ‘Operation Highjump’ was the code name.” Dimitri Filipovieh, Captain 1st Rank and Doctor of History continues, “under the command of Admiral R. Byrd there was a powerful military squadron: an aircraft carrier, twelve surface ships, one submarine, more than twenty airplanes and helicopters, and about five thousand people on staff. So, you will agree a strange team for a scientific expedition.” The narrator breaks in, “December second, 1946, before the start of his expedition Admiral Byrd at a press conference said, ‘My expedition is military in nature’ giving no further details.

Filipovieh continues, “At the end of January 1947 a full-scale aerial reconnaissance began surveying the Antarctic region of Queen Maud Land.” The narrator adds, “it all went to plan in the first weeks. Tens of thousands of photos were taken. Suddenly the inexplicable happened. The six-month expedition terminated after only two months. Fleeing the Antarctic coast; it was a real fast retreat.” Filipovieh tells his viewers, “They lost a destroyer. Almost half their carrier-based aircraft. Dozens of sailors and officers. To commission investigation, members of the U.S. congress, Admiral Byrd said the following: ‘in event of another war, America can be attacked by an enemy that has the ability to fly from pole to pole with incredible speed.’” The narrator asks, “what made the Americans flee? In 1945 eighteen months before Admiral Byrd’s expedition began, two German submarines entered Mar del Plata port in Argentina surrendering to the authorities. These were no ordinary submarines they were from the so called ‘Fuhrer Convoy.’”   Filipovieh elaborates, “This was a top-secret fleet, fulfilling missions that have remained a secret until now.” The narrator adds, “the submarine crews were reluctant to cooperate. Even so the Americans learned a few things. The commander of U boat U-530 spoke of his involvement in an operation codenamed ‘Operation Valkyrie II.’” Filipovieh resumes, “Two weeks before the wars end the U boat U-530 left the quay heading for the shores of Antarctica. On board the submarine were passengers with faces covered in bandages, as well as Third Reich relics.” The narrator then says, “the commander of another U boat, U-977 Heinz Schaeffer, later testified that he followed the same route. It was found that the German submarines repeatedly followed the Antarctic route. But why go there?

Antarctica, in 1820 it was discovered by two Russian explorers, ‘Gelenkschmerzen’ and ‘Lazarev.’  Since then this mysterious continent, bigger than Europe continues to attract explorers like a magnet. However the ten-meter-high sheer icy shores made the continent impregnable for many years. For almost a century Antarctica remained unknown. Only coastlines were marked on the map. Suddenly this distant and ‘useless’ icy continent aroused a strange interest in the Germans. Large funds were allocated for Antarctic study.” Filipovieh continues, “two research expeditions were arranged. This happened to be just before the war was due to start.” The narrator takes over, “In January 1939, two catapult controlled airplanes: the ’Passat’ and the ‘Boreas’ took off from the deck of the Schwabenland. They began patrolling Queen Maud Land. In three weeks, Luftwaffe pilots with metal pinions marked with Swastikas, managed to secure for the Third Reich, territory the size of Germany, It was called ‘New Swabia.’ In April 1939 the experienced polar explorer Captain Alfred Ritscher wrote: “I’ve completed the mission entrusted to me by Air Marshall Göring, For the first time, German aircraft flew over the Antarctic continent. Every twenty-five kilometers we dropped pendants, covering an area of about six hundred thousand square kilometers of which three hundred and fifty thousand square kilometers were photographed.” Göring’s flying aces had done their job.

This unusual mission was then passed to the Führer’s Sea Wolves, the U-boats commanded by Admiral Karl Dönitz. In secrecy German U-boats set course to earth’s end, the icy Antarctic shores. Later Karl Dönitz let slip the strange phrase, “my submarines have found a true paradise on earth.” The Soviet historian Filipovieh picks up the narrative, “In 1943 at the peak of the war with Russia, Grand Admiral Dönitz uttered another no less mysterious phrase, “the German submarine fleet is proud that at the other end of the world we have made an impregnable citadel for our Fuhrer.” The narrator continues, “Back then the Grand Admiral of the German naval fleet’s words were only understood by a very small circle of insiders. Today we can only hypothesize what the Grand Admiral meant. Recently huge underground lakes were found, a kilometer deep underneath the ice. The lake’s temperature is eighteen degrees Celsius. Located above the water’s surface are dome like vaults filled with warm air. It’s possible that from these heated lakes a constant river of warm water flows into the ocean.  For thousands of years these warm rivers may have formed large underground ice tunnels, perfect for the construction of secret bases. From the oceans edge any submarine could easily pass under the coastal ice into the tunnels. Here it was a completed base immune from storms and polar cold. Totally hidden from outsiders and out of the enemy’s reach.

Vladimir Vasiliev, PhD. Economics, Chief Researcher Russian Academy of Sciences picks up the narrative, “if the Germans had to decide on a location for a secret base or make a secret zone that from the outside appeared to be totally inaccessible, the polar zones, including Antarctica, would be a wholly suitable area to find this level of security.” The narrator continues, “According to witnesses and other documents the Nazis had in fact managed to create a top-secret Antarctic base. Its codename ‘The Base 211.’ At the start of 1939 regular trips were made between Antarctica and Germany in a specially equipped and modified research vessel named the ‘Swabia.’ Mine constructing equipment and other machinery, including railroads, truck, and giant tunnel building mills, were transported to Queen Maud Land. At the same time scientists, engineers, and highly skilled workers arrived. Why was Germany in need of such a remote base? There are various assumptions. Some believed Germany wanted control of the Southern Ocean. Others that the Germans were attracted to the vast Antarctic natural resources, such as uranium which is essential for the creation of super weapons. Many assumed that in the case of defeat in the war, Antarctica would be a safe haven for the elite of the Third Reich. By 1942 transfer of the inhabitants of New Swabia had begun, including scientists, engineers, members and representatives of the Nazi party and the German state. Certain secret industrial technologies were also transferred from Germany. Post-war, the Americans recruited German scientists to work in the United States, but were shocked to find thousands of highly qualified Third Reich specialists had vanished and weren’t listed as dead. Over a hundred submarines had also vanished never to be found.

Vasiliev picks up the narrative, “it’s clear that American intelligence obtained information concerning the fact that part of the Nazi legacy, its technical potential, in terms of researchers and scientists had evacuated from Germany, and naturally, the Antarctic polar zone became the center of their attention.” The narrator breaks in, “there’s also testimony from German submariners that surrendered to Argentine authorities; it seems all this extremely alarmed the Americans. At the end of 1946, the famous polar explorer, and Admiral in the U.S. navy, Richard Byrd, received an order to destroy the Nazi base in Antarctica. But things went wrong. The resistance met by the American squadron, even now raises many questions. Admiral Byrd not only reported fighter jets with incredible capacities to Washington he also discussed an attack on the expedition by ‘strange flying saucers.’ They emerged from the water at high speed, causing heavy damage to the expedition. On February 26, 1947, a battle took place which is described by a member of the expedition, an experienced pilot named John Sireson: “they flew vertically out of the water in a fury, slipping between the masts of the ship with such incredible speed that the airflow perturbed and dislodged a radio antenna. I didn’t have time to blink an eye. The two Corsair from Casablanca were slain by some kind of mysterious ray shot from the nose section of the flying saucers. They then dived into the water near the ships. At the time I was on the Casablanca’s deck and saw it as you see me. I didn’t understand, these objects were silent as floated between the ships like a satanic beast spitting deadly fire. Suddenly I saw the destroyer Murdoch, which was about a hundred and twenty feet away, the flames flashed, and it began to sink. Despite the danger, rescue teams and lifeboats were immediately dispatched to the disaster site from other ships. The nightmare lasted about twenty minutes. When the saucers again dived under the water, we evaluated our losses. They were terrifying.” Who did these flying saucers belong to? Could it have been Nazi Germany?”    

Part Two: Ahnenerbe

The narrator opens by saying, “After the war, in the Nazi secret archives intriguing photos and drawings were discovered. They proved the German scientists were actually engaged in the development of disc shaped aircraft. At the time nothing like this existed. How had the Nazi scientists managed to make such a technological leap? The Ahnenerbe, the most mysterious organization in the Third Reich. Even now the secret services of the leading powers hunt for its secrets, but why? It’s simple, this was the only known historical structure engaged in study of the occult and mysticism to have state funding and support. No organization in the world had at its disposal such a volume of data or had such influence on the development of occult technology as the Ahnenerbe. The Ahnenerbe founders were drawn from the highest rank of the Third Reich.

Konstantine Zalesski, Third Reich historian picks up the narrative, “Research on Occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena by the Ahnenerbe received blessings from SS Reichsführer Himmler who not only acted on his own initiative but also with instruction from Adolf Hitler.” The narrator continues, “Officially the society was founded in 1935 and it was intended to explore the historical roots of the German nation. Ahnenerbe when translated means ‘legacy of the ancestors.’ However, the society’s scope of interest was broader than ancient German history study. Third Reich leaders understood an army’s size wasn’t necessary to win future wars.” Zalesski takes over “Therefore they adapted the so-called concept of qualitative superiority. Therefore, one can win a war with relatively low quantative forces while utilizing high qualitative forces to provide them with qualitative superiority. The Ahnenerbe brought in specialists in the occult, non-traditional and paranormal knowledge in order to achieve a breakthrough in an area where their opponents would not be competent.”

The narrator continues, “Nazi ideology is based on the theory that in the past there was a powerful earth civilization with access to the secrets of the universe. Somewhere encrypted and scattered this higher knowledge was preserved. Specifically they were tasked with reviving the ‘super-human’ in Germany. In their role as ancient Aryan descendants they were very interested in Atlantis. Their scientists believed it, the Aryan races native home. Therefore, Germany was the rightful heir to the Atlantean technological knowledge. Legend says its where giant ships and flying vehicles were driven by an unknown force .” Zalesski elaborates, “To search for hidden knowledge, to seek knowledge of the history of civilization. The cradle of civilization they assumed was of German origin, and all world civilizations had German roots. The Ahnenerbe’s search began just prior to the wars start.” The narrator picks up, “There’s no doubt that the Ahnenerbe members knew of an amazing map that was discovered by historians in 1929. The map was created in the early sixteenth century by the famous Turkish Admiral Piri Reis. The shocking fact is the way the map’s detail mirrors the real Antarctic coast. This was three hundred years before the continents official discovery. In his notes, the Admiral wrote that he drew it from numerous sources, some at least three thousand years old, but the most puzzling thing is the coastline of Antarctica which is shown without its ice cover. The map provokes imagination even today. Here’s the verdict of a U.S. Airforce specialist, “the coastline was plotted on this map before the it was covered in ice. The thickness of the ice in this area is about one and half kilometers. We do not have any suggestions about how this data could have been obtained in 1513.

The international experts gave the Piri Reis map a thorough examination and concluded it was more precise than twentieth century maps. Seismic analysis confirms the fact which scientists until recently were unaware; some of the mountains once considered a single massif, proved in reality to be separate islands as stated on the old map. Seventy years ago one can imagine the impact of the Piri Reis map on the founders of the Aryan race theory. It brought hope in the search for the techno-magical heritage of Atlantis. One hypothesis is that the Antarctica is the former Atlantis buried under the ice as the result of a pole displacement. Once they knew these maps existed they also knew that secret knowledge could be stored elsewhere. But where? Ahnenerbe secret expeditions began the search for ancient relics and manuscripts around the world from Tibet to South America. Notably they hunted for the Knights Templar archives which contained indications that they visited America long before Columbus. Apparently the Templars owned secret manuscripts similar to the Piri Reis map. It suggests they knew something vital about Antarctica. In the occupied territories special SS commando units removed archives and libraries. Zalesski elaborates, “The Ahnenerbe confiscated libraries and theological faculties and various secret societies as soon as the space was allocated. The Ahnenerbe collected a huge library. According to the librarian from one of the Postonski libraries: in March of 1945 he witnessed Soviet troops approaching German territory. The Ahnenerbe were evacuating a library, carrying away a hundred and forty thousand volumes. The library catalogue would be very interesting.”

The narrator continues, “It’s possible the Ahnenerbe learned something incredible about Antarctica. They made the study of this continent one of the main Nazi goals.” Actually the SS were after some very specific knowledge, the Grail Cup along with the Holy Spear opens the way to world domination [keep in mind this is what the Russians thought. To their credit at least they were thinking. America, with its low brow Jewish pseudo- intellectual media icons, remained unable to think coherently at all. We have already told you what the Grail really is and as for the Holy Spear that would have been ‘Tyrfing’ the Sword of Destiny.]. Hitler became aware of this legend before WWI. The ‘Spear of Destiny [yet another fraudulent Christian artifact]’ was safely kept in the Vienna Museum. Hitler possessed the spear in 1938 after Germany annexed Austria. In order to rule the world he needed the Grail Cup [the Grail is all the SS was ever going to need. Tyrfing, because of its history recounted in the Hervarar saga, is cursed. The man who wields it will be invincible in combat but he is destined to die by that very sword with which he conquers]. To combine the legendary spear: symbol of the active male principle, and the world’s scientific knowledge with the cup symbol of the active female principle and the symbol of wisdom. This is the dominant idea which preoccupied the Third Reich’s elite. To fuse the latest scientific achievements with centuries-old knowledge, even in the absence of a rational explanation. It could have been an attractive and productive idea. If it weren’t for the purpose the Nazis pursued, supreme reign over the world, to enslave it for the chosen race utilizing occult knowledge and technology.For the scientific research the Ahnenerbe employed elite staff, mainly world famous scientists and hundreds of employees from more than fifty university departments. The Ahnenerbe engaged in the study of math, astronomy, genetics, medicine and the occult development of unconventional weapons. Plus, psychological and psychotropic methods of mass influence. They explored occult science, religious and mystical practices, exploring peoples paranormal abilities.” Zalesski carries on the narrative, “The Ahnenerbe were seriously engaged in this research. The factual evidence for this are the Ahnenerbe directives by their management, which included Himmler, before the war began. in 1939. Studies were carried out concerning the paranormal abilities of employees of the Ahnenerbe. The results were recorded on personal files. When the war started officers with these paranormal abilities along with others who displayed paranormal skills were merged into a single Ahnenerbe department. Unfortunately there are no records on what this department was working on or more importantly what results were achieved.” The narrator continues, “One of the main objectives pursued by the Ahnenerbe experts was use of paranormal abilities to contact unknown beings or ‘outsiders’ as they called them. The aim was to obtain from the highly developed extraterrestrial and ancient terrestrial civilizations superior technological knowledge. It had already occurred.

Part Three: Saucers

The narrator begins, “December 1919. Secret ‘Thule Society’ members, the Ahnenerbe’s predecessor, are gathered in the Alps foothills in a farmhouse near Berchtesgaden. Among the selected were two experienced mediums or contactees as we say today. One of them hides under the mysterious name of ‘Sigrun.’ The other is Maria Orsic from Zagreb. She speaks of strange things in a trance state. From a civilization in the Taurus constellation, she receives incredible technical information. The knowledge shocked no one, in fact, it attracted huge interest as it contained the construction of an unusual flying vehicle which could alter the flow of time around it, a step toward the dream of the secret society, a time machine penetrating deep into history obtaining the knowledge of ancient high civilizations. Here you see the picture of the aircraft with the signature of the world-famous German scientist and inventor Viktor Schauberger. 

This ‘received knowledge ‘passes to scientists for translation into clearer technical data for engineering. By 1922 the first model had been built [pictured here]. The device had three parallel discs. When brought into motion the upper and lower disks rotate in opposite directions creating a very strong magnetic field and an anti-gravity effect. If the evidence can be trusted this design not only floats in the air but warps the structure of time around it. It is believed that the prototype of the future techno-magical flying saucers is based on non-classical flight principles. These super discs were developed by a special technological unit of the SS connected to the Ahnenerbe.”

Zalesski with a backdrop of Russian files and books picks the narrative up, “Two basic ideas dominated the minds senior management in Nazi Germany. First was the creation of a superhuman, the second very important concept was the mastery of techno-magick energies. This not only included the possibilities of mastering nuclear energy, and also of course disc shaped flying devices for example creating a fundamentally new type of flying technology.” The narrator takes over, “The search for ideas continued in all directions. It involved not only mediums and engineers but also historians. Even before the war Ahnenerbe expeditions from Germany returned with hundreds of ancient Sanskrit manuscripts, Chinese and other oriental language parchments. They were studied very carefully. Wernher von Braun, the pioneering engineer and inventor in the fields of rocketry and space travel, later utters we have learned a great deal for ourselves from these papers. Expedition results were reported to Hitler personally. Some of it inspired the Third Reich leader to such a degree that thoughts of ‘wonder weapons’ and space flight didn’t leave him until the wars end. Designers try their best, but knowing rotation principles and building anti-gravity super discs aren’t enough. An engine is needed and they don’t have it. The technology is hopelessly behind these advanced ideas.

In July of 1934 Hitler and the elite of the ‘Thule’ and ‘Vril’ secret societies invite the inventor Viktor Schauberger to work with them. His legendary implosion engine is capable of producing light, heat and mechanical motion with only air and water. They needed one thing from him, to create an engine for flying discs. An agreement was reached and after five years, in 1939, a prototype of the ‘Vril’ disc with Schauberger’s engine rose into the air. Here a rare photograph is preserved showing the test flight of a winter camouflaged disc.

Progress with the techno-magical discs was extremely slow due to a lack of experience and field specialists. They were forced to make extraordinary decisions. To develop the super disc ‘Sonder Bureau 13’ was brought in. This special scientific research unit of the SS engaged in very delicate subjects like the study of unidentified flying objects. Even with top scientists and test pilots the project came to a standstill never moving forward again. Everything was top secret.”

Valery Burdakov, Doctor of Technology and Developer of Space Technology takes over the narrative, “I talked to the German Professor Herman Oberth, counterpart to our Tsiolkovsky. He was the teacher of Wernher von Braun. I asked him about flying saucers. He said yes I have heard of them. I have knowledge concerning them but the SS oversaw that and we could not discover what our colleagues in Berlin were busy with.” The narrator again takes over, “At the end of 1942 a lightly armed flying disc took to the air named the ‘Vril 1’ or ‘Jager’ with a diameter of eleven and half meters. It’s alleged that before the war’s end, seventeen types of flying discs were made but one should be skeptical of such claims.” Burdakov adds, “I do not think they had a whole collection. Of flying discs maybe a few copies that’s all. The Germans wanted to use them as spying devices. When you look side on its almost invisible. The Generals who took part in the battle of Kursk and two Soviet Union heroes that I knew personally, a pilot and a tank commander described to me what they saw. A disc hung in the sky during the Kursk battle. What was it? They did not know. Neither the Germans nor the Russian’s recognized it. The saucer wasn’t made by us, I assure you. It’s true I know Russian aviation history very well.” The narrator continues, “Among these disc drawings and photos is a saucer identified as a ‘Haunebu.’

Data on the discs reads like science fiction. According to descriptions they used an alternative source of energy, the so-called converter of Hans Kohler which required no fossil fuel. It was even planned to take the Haunebu III disc type into space. Hard to believe? Who knows? Here’s a trophy photo. The strange pilot suit suggests flights were scheduled to take place, if not in space then at least the stratosphere.

In the seized archives another mysterious document was discovered. It was a blueprint for a huge hundred- and thirty-nine-meter-long cigar shaped vessel called the Andromeda with hangers for five of the flying discs of the ‘Haunebu II’ and ‘Vril’ type. The purpose of this vehicle? Some believe it was designed for long range space flight.” Dimitri Filipovieh dissents, “There’s another simpler explanation that it was a project for an underwater container which could be used to transport goods, equipment and technology for the secret bases of the Third Reich including the Antarctic.”

The narrator continues, “According to American intelligence by the war’s end the Germans had nine research enterprises developing and testing flying discs. Investigations revealed that eight of these factories along with scientists and key figures were successfully evacuated from Germany the ninth was destroyed. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Wendel Stevens recalls, ‘we had classified information that some of these research enterprises were transported to Antarctica to the place called New Swabia. At least one research company was transported to that location. Another went to the Amazon, and a third the north coast of Norway. They were evacuated to secret underground facilities.

 But the Third Reich didn’t have enough time to implement this grandiose plan. It seems by the war’s end, techno-magical disc development never reached industrial production stage. The discs encountered in the Antarctica in 1947 were probably not the same discs. Perhaps they were German discs flying on classical principles. Ones had already been developed by the Third Reich perhaps as a fallback to their techno-magical projects. A few such prototypes had already been made. Some proved themselves well. It was a giant technological leap and Germany’s opponents weren’t even close. But far from the kind of flying discs that the Reich leaders had in mind.

Professor Vladmir Melnikov, Doctor of Technology adds, “Those prototypes created by the Germans could only fly in the air. At the extreme perhaps fly over a liquid or solid surface. The same as we have now, flying on a cushion of air like a hovercraft. The reason for this is because they were all ventilator type flying objects.”  Valery Burdakov holds up the schematics pointing out, “They have an advantage over conventional aircraft these saucers didn’t go into a tailspin and were very easy to operate. But not designed for high speeds and of a very poor quality.” The narrator continues, “One of the most advanced prototypes the so-called ‘Bellonzo’ flying disc was tested for the first and last time on February 14, 1945, near Prague. The lift power was created by the silent flameless engine of Viktor Schauberger. Reports say the unpiloted disc reached a height of fifteen kilometers in three minutes. With a horizontal speed of twenty-two hundred kilometers per hour. The flying disc proved it could hang in the air and fly back and forth without reversing. A success? Absolutely.

But war was now on German territory. Not waiting for German territorial occupation the Nazis destroyed any non-conventional prototypes they couldn’t evacuate. The only example of the ‘Bellonzo’ disc was also destroyed. The developer of the main engine; Viktor Schauberger later recalled, ‘the model tested in February 1945 was built in collaboration with world class combustion engine experts from the Mauthausen concentration camp. Then they were returned to the camp. For them this was the end. It was Keitel who had the disc prototype blown up.

So these beautiful pictures depicting flying discs over an Antarctic base are an artists fantasy. Other drawings and photos are suspect. They were made to test parts of the disc prototype within certain parameters or were presentations to the authorities for funding purposes. It’s vital to credit the German scientists and engineers who have achieved huge successes. The Third Reich’s leap in science and technology wasn’t accidental. Combining specific research with analysis of ancient knowledge brought incredible results. However, the defeat the Nazis suffered was not accidental. For the Grail cup is not just a symbol of ancient knowledge but a centuries old moral code. This code the Nazis deliberately rejected [The whole world now gets to bear witness to Russia’s moral superiority as they deliberately prolong a war in the Ukraine that has resulted in the slaughter of over a half million of their own people because it is profitable to the Jewish oligarchs entrenched in the Kremlin and their American cronies at Blackrock and Vanguard…].

Many legends and rumors are associated with the discs of the Third Reich. In addition to these stories there are also tales of German discs flying out of the Antarctic waters in 1947.” Konstantine Zalesski picks up the narrative, “Regarding the saucers that emerged from the water witnessed in the 1940’s and in our days the recorded sightings of flights of unidentified flying objects emerging from seas, oceans, lakes etc. I am sure that in 1947 the Germans could not have had such technology, and neither could any country in the world [But the SS had mastered time so if they did not have the technology in 1947 perhaps, they had it in 2014 or for that matter 3014 or 2552. One can proceed to the time when the technology is available and then return with it to 1947. Dates no longer apply when time is no longer linear. The human race has seen this over and over again since 2016 with the Mandala Effect but the Russians could not be expected to know this in 2006…].” The narrator continues, “But if the Germans did not attack the American expedition in 1947 who did?

Part Four: the Antarctic Portal   

The narrator begins, “Emerging out of the water, shining saucers, spheres, cigar-like objects, in the polar and surrounding area are not unusual facts. The northern countries, Central and South America, Australia, South Africa; everywhere unidentified flying objects are observed, reports on them were regularly received by U.S.S.R. Navy intelligence.” Victor Berezhnev, 1st Rank Captain and a veteran of Soviet naval intelligence picks up the narrative from there, “I regularly received reports on such objects detected by witnesses. It would be incorrect to think that unidentified flying objects were only observed in the north. They were also observed across the Atlantic, even in the South Atlantic near Antarctica. One particular case I am familiar with was where they were observed in the area of the Islands of South Georgia. Emerging from beneath the waters fishermen saw the object. They managed to take a photograph as it is shown here on these pictures.

The narrator elaborates, “Despite the strong wind, the object remained static for a long time, clearly it wasn’t a cloud or a balloon. Over the islands of South Georgia very strange flying objects were observed. Here’s the evidence for one case.” Berezhnev continues, “this disk hung over the island and was visible for a long-time during daylight just before sunset and just after sunset for around one and half to two hours.

The object had a symmetrical circular shape and within it was a visible isosceles triangle. At night this triangle not only shone but lights were observed at the base of the two corners. As if the object had a working engine.

However the object remained in the same spot all the time. Observation of this object occurred in 1979.” The narrator continues, “Three years before in 1976, Japanese researchers using the latest equipment detected nineteen round objects which dived from space into Antarctica and disappeared from the screens. Who were they and where did they go? We’ve now answers to such questions. In the late eighties a scientific sensation was created by  American astrophysicist Kip Thorne and his colleagues’ work. They substantiated the possibility of nearly instantaneous movement in space and time travel.”

Konstantine Zalesski explains, “They put forward the idea of wormholes and black holes, all extremely intriguing. According to which black holes are located at close distances to our planet and take the form of these wormholes. These wormholes can be used for intergalactic and interstellar travel.” The narrator continues, “Other scientists suggest their work has significant practical characteristics, specifically building time travel devices, ensuring intergalactic travel. Kip Thorne concluded that near to earth there’s an entrance into a wormhole leading to the star Vega.” Zalesski again picks up the narrative, “At the time, without a doubt, the Americans already knew very well the way in which the appearance and disappearance of  UFO’s takes place in the atmosphere of our planet.”

The narrator continues, “in 1992 construction began in Alaska of a powerful radio electronic complex called HAARP. Officially it was to study the Ionosphere and the development of missile defense systems. Clandestinely it was to develop new weapon types; geophysical, weather and psychotropic. In essence a massive beam cannon, a type of global microwave oven. In addition to this there was something else.” Zalesski elaborates, “Today we can safely assume that the main purpose of this station is the search for the entrance to the wormhole. Which means Americans came to the conclusion that in this polar region the entrance to the wormhole is located. The stations radio waves allow it to determine the wormholes configuration, then trace it back and find where the entrance and exit is.”

The narrator continues, “In 1998 the complex in Alaska was put into action. An identical transmitter is built in Norway. On its way is a third more powerful one in Greenland.” Zalesski adds, “In the early nineties technical capabilities made it possible to focus only on one site, the Alaska portal as an entrance and exit to observe the movements of UFO’s on our planet. There was no need to install tracking units across United States territory or other territories, control of just one portal was enough.” The narrator continues, “However the earth has two poles. What is the role of each in terms of this theory?” Zalesski interjects, “Well for example they use it for both entry and exit through Alaska or use the portal to enter and leave Antarctica, and vice versa. Through Antarctica the UFO emerges into the atmosphere of our planet. And through Alaska, the north portal they leave the planet.”

An unidentified expert picks up the narrative, “The theory of tunnel effects does not contradict the fact that the North Pole of our earth is an entrance and the South Pole of the earth is an outlet that links our planet with other planets and stars on the level of energetic information. It’s possible our poles properties are used by unidentified flying objects to communicate with other parts of the universe. In any case it should be a subject of serious study.” Zalesski adds, “it is no surprise concerning the well-known fact, namely most of the staff on American Antarctic stations are personnel of the United States National Security Agency, employees of American militery, technical intelligence, electronic intelligence and Central Intelligence Agency employees. These categories represent, the main research personnel on American Antarctic stations.”

The narrator continues, “Perhaps the scientists of the Third Reich also Understood the Arctic and Antarctic were not just poles. Perhaps it’s also no coincidence that in Nazi Germany the Hollow Earth theory where the poles were presented as gates to the stars was so popular. Perhaps at this bizarre idea’s heart, a vague understanding was reached, something akin to recently discovered wormholes. Along with the possibility of space and time travel. This may be why the Antarctica attracted the Germans to its shores. The sixth continent continues to keep its secrets. New questions are raised and over the years this list hasn’t got any smaller. What happened to the research to build flying saucers? Did it stop after the war or continue in secret places around the globe? Is it correct to attribute modern secret developments to all UFO sightings? UFOs were observed long ago even during the time of Alexander of Macedon. What kind of objects emerged from the water attacking Admiral Byrd’s expedition? Great unknown beings who the Germans strove passionately to cooperate with? What is it? Myth? Or real life existing forces that for thousands s of years have conducted their invisible activity’s on our planet earth?” (164)        

164 – – Pravdvitsev, Vitaly and Translated by Irina Du Toit. “Third Reich – Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary.” Elf Wave“TV Channel Russia, Broadcaster Gold Media”, 2006. Web. <https://archive.org/details/thirdreichoperationufonazibaseinantarcticacompletedocumentaryremastered>.

Addendum: As I predicted in the podcast the overweight and out of shape Tyson Fury done run out of gas and nearly ended up getting “knocked the fuck out” by a guy who wouldn’t have lasted two rounds against either he or Deontay Wilder a few years ago. Let’s hope this once great champion can find his lions heart again and dispatch of the Ukranian southpaw with no real punch in the appropriate manner of a champion… -Jack

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