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Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 50

Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 50

Irans phony attack on Israel, unelected congress of criminals claim they can spy on any American they deem fit, and you will continue to live under the Patriot Act, simulated reality and the Montauk

I’m sorry my Muslim readers, most of you know I have far more respect for Islam than I do for Christianity but the guy in the bathrobe is in on it. If he was serious, he would have used his hypersonic missiles to take out every F35 he could, then followed it up with a massive bombing campaign and a ground attack by Hezbollah. As it is he has left the Iranian people wide open for a vicious Jewish counterattack, just like his CIA handlers asked him to do.

October 7 Was an Inside Job: Sage of Quay® Dispatch: October 7 Was an Inside Job (sageofquaydispatch.blogspot.com)

Two From the Montauk Project, Courtesy of Happy Parrot: https://odysee.com/@montysthinkingoutsidethebox:2/The-Montauk-Base-Tour:1

Brutal Regime Apocalyptic Dreams Apr 14:

“You see all these American politicians and Neoliberal PMCs pledging their undying support for Israel by tweet that get like 3,000 *Likes* and yet every comment is like “Fuck you, no we don’t” from people of all political persuasions – who are the *Likes* from? Are they even real?”



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