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Jack Heart's Conversations from the porch - Episode 43

Jack Heart's Conversations from the porch - Episode 43

America Has Fallen and She Can't Get Up

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America has fallen
America Has Fallen sourced from whyaminotduprised.blogspot.com

Jack is back and we’re talking immigration, illegal immigration.

Some of the information discussed today was brought to us by a watcher of Mike Adams, the author of Health Ranger Report and Brighteon. On December 28 Mike posted an interview with a whistleblower (and former US Marine) who was providing security on buses taking illegals from Texas to other parts of the country. It is a long interview but well worth your time. Here is your link to listen: https://www.brighteon.com/2fb52146-115e-4182-a115-e0fc18dbf8d9

The red flag from Mike’s interview was that there are huge numbers of Russians and Chinese crossing our southern border. Think about it…Phil has.

Another item that came to my attention this week is those who are in the mainstream are picking apart the evil power structure. We are seeing desperation on their part. David Webb, investor and commentator, has a free e-book called The Great Taking. You can download here:


I highly recommend his well sourced essay on the evil that has befallen humanity.

Finally I will close this segment with a word…hope. Not the wring your hands kind of hope but the actionable kind. The kind of hope that motivates us to work toward a better tomorrow, whether we actually see it or not. Set your sights on that which you want as the outcome for yourself, your family, and community and do the right things with the hope that it will at least go your way as you are making the effort.


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