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Conversations from the Porch Episode 2

Jack Heart

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Jack Heart
Phil Hunter
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INVASION OF THE MICROMEN by Richard Sharpe Shaver


“The activity, the gay, ambitious, vaulting life of Nor was gone, —dead. Instead of the busy libraries, the swarms of students, the speeding ships of commerce, the busy ways jammed with rollats; instead of all the beautiful and intense life of Nor there existed a slow-moving people with dull, empty faces like masks. Not even despair lived in their faces, for they had not the sense left to realize their plight” - CHAPTER V. Vanue’s Supreme Sacrifice, p33 

“Before him a powerful telaug and visor had been set up, and with it he was watching the thought of the uniformed city guard, Nor men all. These he was using to police the deluded city. They were not free-thinking men any longer, but were under his control. Not as directly as the Nortan and Atlan method of overpowering thought augmentation imposed upon the mind—but indirectly, through the members of his micro race whom he had kept under micro wave compulsion for years, preparing for an event such as the taking of Nor city. By the use of his radiocontrolled micro-men, he could keep those who followed him free of the wild, savage, parasitic micro-men he had loosed upon the city.” - CHAPTER VII. Vanue Falls into the Hands of the Jotuns, p40 

“he warned them all in turn of the micro race which had been the weapon to turn the Nor race into slavish imbeciles—and at least we knew that no more opportunity would be given to a Jotun to infect a civilized man with the savage little beings who had laid low the lords of all Nor’s empire.” - CHAPTER XI. The Battle for Nor City, p55 

Link to Phil’s article on gun control in the Human: 

The “Black Goo:” Chaioth ha-Qadosh - Tookie Memorial Post, Sīrius Calling II By Jack Heart & Orage 

First published Tuesday, August 13, 2019, in the Human, edited by Veterans Today November 26, 2020. 

Prior piece on the Shaver Mystery: Return of the Titans by Jack Heart 

First published October 25, 2014, in Veterans Today and read by over a hundred thousand people since then 

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