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Conversations from the porch - Episode 9 the Black Goo 2022

Conversations from the porch - Episode 9 the Black Goo 2022

Exclusive look inside Alec Newald's update to Coevolution, we are not alone, how are we even here...

In reply to MK's question, where might an AI slime gain a perception of reality? (Sorry Mike this is disjointed to a point barely readable)
In an extended form, this extract from the third edition of Coevolution, was published in Nexus Magazine in April of 2019. Just before or right about the time of the COVID debacle. To say it put a spanner in the works, as far as publication of the completed third edition, is an understatement. So much so, we still wait for publication. There are no coincidences in this world, timing has its own master. - Alec Newald

“Thus, did time pass with me, and slip by, if time there still was what do I know thereof! But at last, there happened that which awoke me. Keys did I carry, the rustiest of all keys; and I knew how to open with them the most creaking of all gates." - Zarathustra (dream interpretation)

They (black goo and its trainers or owners or black goo in its own right) are (is) very advanced, and you might want to consider it, them, to be a form of Artificial Intelligence or AI, a self-aware entity with no real form of its own, save for its projected holographic hallucinations. AI, as a name, is used here in this description only because my mind does not have an alternate descriptive word for something that is mostly beyond my understanding. What I've written below is all I have in as much as an understanding. We are talking here of something quite possibly outside of human understanding, if you were to meet with any true alien intelligence, something that has not grown up in our own familiar environment, a conversation of any sort is not going to be anything like Hollywood has projected our way.  How do you converse with an ant, and likewise, you as that ant, how to you converse with us?

thus, as it was told to me:

 Flat liners, as you might more readily comprehend them. Some call them demons, and you might relate to that description, as they can exist in your mind as easily as outside it, once inside, you will no longer be the master of your own destiny. They exist outside of you only in a two-dimensional reality, but they can project a vision of what you might recognize as 3D object or person. Call it a digital projection if we must talk in the computer-like matrix.  

They can’t take on food as you might understand; they feed off strong emotional impulses, which are not unlike feeding off electrical currents; as would any computer, if it were to have a life of its own. Of course, all biological life has strong currents of an electrical nature within them, but you as humans also have emotions which provide additional nutrients to said life forms. So, the flat liners have no shortage of food if they can manage to activate all your related buttons

Biological life is someone’s attempt to leave the computer game and experience real interactive experiences with like creatures. I guess you might consider the AI or flat liners as a precursor to biological life. A first draft, but it must have been very unfulfilling or so we assume. I realize this does not identify your real god or designer, but we do believe that biological life is only a projection from the source. It uses DNA as you might understand it as a receiver, so units of DNA type structure appear to have been seeded through the universe or several universes. Whoever it is using this tool then projects itself, or a portion of itself, rather like in a radio wave or one of you television stations, to be reassembled as living tissue through the Conduit of DNA. What you consider to be your soul is but a standing wave of condensed memory, a learning facility if you wish to express it in those terms, which seem to be able to hold form or structure and be used again and again.

We all appear to be a part of this matrix. We are as puzzled as you as to what the unit which might call it-self the source actually is. All we do know is we are only a projection of its intent, a tool of its desire to know physical form, which is why we presume this source has no form of its own. Our observations of life in the universe over millions of earth like years, suggest nothing else but a desire to experience life in as much diversity as possible from this unit of source.

Perhaps the conflict between its first creation, the flat-liners, and subsequent creation (us) is of long-standing amusement to the source, how can we know for sure? But a conflict we have, and that is what we require you to help us with.   

 Now the Elders tell me a little of their own ancestral history of exploration. 

 The Elder race before our (now time) was vastly more advanced in the sciences than we are even today. They managed to see through this façade that confronts us on a daily basis and being inquisitive they wanted to know more about its construct. They wanted to see if they could mimic this existence, alter it even for their own gain. They found that there was in fact two layers to this world they lived in, it appeared that someone or something might have had more than one attempt to construct what we call reality. The first was rather like an early DOS system of computerization, lacking finesse, lacking the depth to expand itself. I’m not a computer expert so this is difficult to express in words. But it was never cancelled and still exists outside of time and the reality we call home. You might call this the original world of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

This was almost a 2D reality, a black and white world of no depth, the Elders called it and all those that resided within it ‘Flat Liners’. Yes, this world was inhabited!  But what does this mean? Simply there is a better version, now, one that upgrades itself periodically. One that has no limits to its dimensions, worlds, constructs. It’s a self-learning world full of colour and depth, welcome to our world, our universe.  

BUT! We are not really part of it, we partake of it from without, we come from elsewhere and even the Elders have not figured out that mystery. They have ideas about it or us but have never been able to crack the code to enter the next level of existence. Their desire to do so is overwhelming and without precedence. That is directly connected to their interactions with us as a species and their desire to take up residence on planet earth itself.

While they explored the first world, the world of the Flat Liners, they soon discovered it was not without its dangers. The technology they used to access this world had become contaminated, rather like a virus in a computer program. Just because the world was far simpler that the expanded universe version, did not mean it was less sophisticated in a technical sense. Its forte was indeed much like the world inside a computer chip but with additional benefits. It could replicate much that it came in contact with, especially outside technology and learn from it. Yes, it was AI in its true and highest format, self-replicating self-learning. It had a sense of survival just as we do, to become stronger, smarter. It used its expertise to travel back with the visitors inside their technology. Even though the explorers, the cyber-nauts I might call them; for this is a world we have yet to see, let alone explore.

These explorers protected themselves adequately enough as you might expect when you travel into uncharted waters, but they did not protect their equipment totally, as they did not fully understand how this world functioned. I have no doubt some of this information was given to me so that one day, sooner or later, someone with a mind to see what I describe here might heed the warning signs. They were soon forced to learn all they could about this cosmic virus. It was discovered that other races had been there and done that before them, and that some had actually harnessed the virus to do work for them.

It was about now the Blue’s dropped a bomb shell on me by suggesting our own world, the earth, was infected with a derivative of this AI type plague.  This abomination has become known in the alternate community as ‘Black Goo’ for reasons I cannot fathom, for none that have given it that name knows anything about it. It is talked about by strangers to me as if they know it well. Very few of our kind have ever come face to face with this entity or construct and lived to tell the tale. 

And so, the Coevolution story was born to try and fill that void. Maybe it’s already too late!


It was around 2015 that my editor at Veterans Today Gordon Duff brought up the viscous black substance first introduced as science fiction in the mid-nineties with “Piper Maru,” the fifteenth episode of the third season of the X Files and the plot’s antagonist in the 1998 X Files Movie.

Both he and the X Files had brought up things before, which according to consensus are science fiction that I know from personal experience to be true, but I literally scoffed at the idea of sentient oil. I’d seen a lot of things, but I’d never seen anything like that.

Nevertheless, I received an email on 10/24/2015, which may or may not have been intended for me to read. It was written by Duncan Roads, owner editor of Nexus Magazine and the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the alternative media. - Jack

“Hi all

Seems like this guy is aware of the stuff Aco and the Rubicon station team were talking about.

He’s writing stuff over at Veteran’s Today under the name of Jack Heart.

Check out some of his correspondence with us in relation to an article we are republishing from VT below.

Note the B-Z transition reference, if that aint a BEZERK reference nothing is!  

Also looks like the Germans probably DID find the black ‘goo’ when they went down and explored and staked out their chunks of Antarctica before WWII.

Anyway, we have a lead with the bacteria reference.

Please put it up on CHANI, and the BEZERK thread as you see fit.

Am bcc’ing this to some others.

The only thing left out is his mention that whatever this ‘black goo’ is, it is as serious as it gets.

It seems to me that he has yet another perspective or piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

The other pieces that I am keeping are:

– the Alec Newald ETs that were trying to figure out a way to negate the stuff on those islands south of the Falklands back in the 70s

– the David Griffin research on the suicided Marconi scientists, who seemed to be connected to ‘programmable hydraulic/transmission fluids’

– Acolyte and the Rand-based Rubicon revealers who released the above in real-time through the BEZERK thread at GLP

– Ditto for the release of the CHANI material, which also makes reference to oil becoming deadly and not being used.

There are a growing number of others claiming intel on all the above, and getting a ‘name’ for this being ‘their’ topic; and there are even products available relating to this.  Klaus’s stuff makes we wary.  Corey Goode’s stuff – well I don’t know – but the background context I agree with.

Behind the scenes, my own contacts confirm that this is as about as serious as it gets.  Lots of ETs working on it, but getting nowhere.

Acolyte and Rubicon team all believed that those that created this stuff are coming back very soon, and that the ‘cavalry’ would arrive at the same time.  I never did figure out who was who, and I’m not sure that they knew for sure either.  

Maybe Jack is right and it is that bacteria.  Acolyte always said that the ‘organism’ hitch-hiked on favoured mediums, i.e. oil and water.

AI, or AI bacteria – heck maybe even bacteria IS AI by some definition when you look at it.

The Rubicon team (who sit above all known intel agencies in the hierarchy) believed that from January 19th 2011 onwards – that ‘it’ would ‘happen’.  But they also discussed that China (who has the ability to negate or protect somehow from/with this organism) said that we have until at least 2016.

China was onto this years ago – they either have a direct relationship with the originators behind this ‘threat’ or they have a relationship with those that can negate it.  Those time-locked briefcases were real – even Fulford heard of them – and they demonstrated China’s superiority in handling this problem.  

I’m on the road for the next two months.  USA, then Europe then back down under.  

Until the next relevant piece of intel on this subject …


See the source image

Excerpted from Chaioth ha-Qadosh - Tookie Memorial Post, Sīrius Calling II By Jack Heart & Orage

The Biggest Threat to Humanity? Black Goo by JASON KEHE


AUG 24, 2022 7:00 AM

Seen most recently in sci-fi shows like Westworld and Severance, the sinister substance also exists in the real world—where it may control us all.

THERE IS A question, the answer to which could change the world. It is a simple question. A terrifying question. The question is this: What the hell happened to graphene?

Maybe you remember graphene. It got big, oh, 10-ish years ago, around the time when two University of Manchester researchers won the Nobel Prize for “discovering” it. That’s in scare quotes because all they really did, in a now famous example of serendipity in the sciences, was peel a piece of literal sticky tape off graphite—the stuff in literal pencils—and notice, basically by accident, that the residual flakes comprised a single layer of carbon atoms. Behold: graphene, the world’s first “2D material.” And that’s in quotes because, well, you can still see it with the naked eye. So it’s obviously got some dimensionality of the third kind to it.

Technicalities aside: Graphene was a miracle material, a carbonaceous coup. It was as if some alien had handed us the keys to the future. Stiff but stretchy. Microthin but superstrong. Translucent but impermeable, and transistorizable to boot. Immediately, scientists promised us the stars. Flying cars! Viscous drug-delivery droids! Elevators from Earth to the freaking space station! “The visions, the predictions of sci-fi writers and tech gurus,” Manchester U announced in a video, “are finally within our grasp.” “It was as if science fiction had become reality,” said a Samsung exec. Quantum this and superconducting that. Billions of dollars invested. Labs set up everywhere.

Then … nothing.

Well, not nothing. These days, you can find graphene in, like, phones and stuff. Some people do origami with it. But that’s not a space elevator. Or even an unbreakable condom (one of the more modest promises). How can that be? How can the most miraculous material in the history of the world, funded up the wazoo, all but dematerialize? The official explanation goes something like: Science is slow, the market resists change, and graphene’s probably too good at what it does anyway, so let’s look at other 2D materials instead. “Old news,” was how one materials scientist put it to me. He didn’t seem to understand why I wanted to talk about graphene at all.

I wanted to talk about it because … the truth is out there, and there’s something slimy going on. Think about it. If you’ve ever actually played with graphene, maybe made a solution of it, or spiked it with some acid to transform it into graphene oxide, then you know what it can look like. It can look quite scary, indeed like slime, all black and gooey, even alive. You also know what this could mean.

It could mean that the official explanation for what happened to graphene, the “scientific” explanation, is a lie. It could mean that graphene didn’t just dematerialize but, quite the opposite, rematerialized. It could mean that the worst thing that couldn’t happen, did happen.

It could mean that graphene turned into a substance of purest evil—black goo—and took over the world.

OF COURSE, YOU’RE not supposed to know this. You’re not supposed to know that you’re being mind-controlled, right now, by a self-replicating mutagenic xeno-substance that was initially sold to us as the key to the future. So the proof of its existence is hidden in the only place it can be hidden. It’s hidden in science fiction.

This year alone, black goo—the science-fictional name for the science-factual graphene oxide—has seeped its way into not one but two sci-fi shows, Severance and Westworld. Three if you count Stranger Things, where it was sighted in earlier seasons. These sightings and intertextual seepages—sublimations, clearly, of real-world torments—are too consistent to be coincidental. They are signs that cannot be ignored.

Start with Westworld, whose latest season finds the robots in complete control of humankind. This they accomplished, the robot-in-chief indicates, using a combination of flies, parasites, and, yes, black goo. We see vats of the stuff in a hidden lair, glistening sickly. It seems to be the medium in which the parasites are grown—a callback to the first major appearance of black goo in the canon, the OG, the Original Goo itself: the Purity virus in The X-Files.

Middle of season 3, you remember. French salvagers discover an alien vessel deep in the ocean and mysteriously die, but a diving suit belonging to one of them is covered, Mulder discovers, in “some kind of oil.” (Black goo is variously referred to as black oil, black cancer, black bile, black blood, etc. All the same stuff.) Is it possible the oil is, as he later puts it, “a medium used by alien creatures to body-jump”? That’s as far as Westworld’s callback takes it: black-goo-as-medium. But X-Files knows the whole truth. Thanks to science-minded Scully, we learn in season 5 that the body-snatcher is some sort of “vermiform organism” that gets “attached to the pineal gland.” Translation: Black goo isn’t just medium. It’s also monster.

Sometimes, the victims of black engooment in X-Files survive, so long as the stuff safely, if violently, self-ejects from eyes and mouth. Not so much the victims in the Alien franchise, which constitutes the goo’s best-known modern manifestation. As one of the franchise’s tie-in video games puts it: “Any living thing that comes into direct contact with the black goo”—known technically, in this universe, as Chemical A0-3959X.91-15—“will either die horribly, give birth to monsters, or become a monster themselves.” You see a lot of this oozy, unrecoverable infection in Prometheus. Also in Rakka, a little-known short film by Neill Blomkamp, where Sigourney Weaver leads a last hurrah in 2020 Texas against alien colonizers equipped with black-goo weaponry that can somehow both control minds and obliterate buildings.

Obviously, the sci-fi record isn’t perfectly clear on the workings of black goo; it is, by its nature, impossible to grasp. In Miyazaki movies, it tends to be ecologically terrorizing; in Luc Besson’s Lucy, it’s some sort of sparkly transhumanist supercomputing … thing. (Perhaps not so coincidentally, Scarlet Johansson, Lucy’s Lucy, also stars in Under the Skin, as an alien who drowns and eats men in a sea of black goo.) In Severance, it’s more metaphorical, a visual symbol for the ways in which separate realities bleed into and out of each other. Same goes for Stranger Things, where it’s a kind of interdimensional trespasser. The specifics, though, are somewhat beside the point. The medium is the metaphor is the monster is the message, and the message is this: Whatever black goo is, it’s alien, everywhere, and “the source of all evil on the planet.”

That last quote isn’t from science fiction, by the way. It’s from a real YouTube video. It’s from real life.

LAST YEAR, GRETA Thunberg, the world’s most famous climate activist, was inducted into an international, perhaps even intergalactic, society of black goo worshippers. For proof, look no further than the cover of The Guardian magazine, where she’s pictured with a slick black substance dripping down her face. The Guardian claimed it was a harmless mixture of olive oil and finger paint, meant to symbolize “a human oil spillage,” but sleuthy Redditors know the truth: It was graphene oxide. It was black goo.

The black goo society has many famous acolytes, and they’re not exactly subtle about demonstrating their allegiance. In the music video for “When the Party’s Over,” Billie Eilish downs a glass of black goo, and then proceeds to cry it out of her eyes. As citizen symbologists have pointed out, on Facebook and other such truth-telling platforms, this same type of goo, oozing optically in precisely the same way, can also be found in works from the likes of Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Madonna, and the cast of American Horror Story. All members of the society. All servants of the goo.

To what, specifically, do they devote their worshipful energies? To maintaining the goo’s hold on humanity, of course. Nobody knows exactly how it got here. Some say a spaceship carrying the stuff crash-landed in prehistoric Antarctica, where it lay in wait until an opportunistic defrosting and subsequent global spreading. Others say that, roughly 16,000 years ago, ancient aliens poured consciousness down on our planet in the form of a “black rain” that, corrupted over the centuries by humanity’s never-ending recourse to violence, thickened into the substance we now know as black goo. (For a modern-day interpretation of this genesis event, see the opening scene of Prometheus, where humanity’s common alien ancestor drinks black goo, disintegrates, and seeds Earth’s waters with its DNA.) Whatever the case, deposits of black goo have, historically, been hard to locate. We do know the Nazis relied on secret reserves of it for their dark powers, and, according to various documentaries you can watch for free on the internet, the Falklands War was fought over it. Thatcher wanted to weaponize this “sentient oil,” and she probably succeeded.

It’s scary stuff, and people are still piecing together the effects it’s had, and continues to have, on civilization. “Unfortunately,” as one Facebooker reports, “the Black Goo genome sequence is so profound, it could take decades to hundreds of years for the body to decode.” Occasionally, the body rejects it, as in the infamous case, reported on even by the BBC, of the UFO researcher Max Spiers, who vomited up two liters of black liquid before he died (in the company of his sci-fi publisher) in 2016. Most of the time, however, you don’t know it’s inside you, nanotoxically influencing your every thought and action. That’s one reason many believe it’s graphene oxide, whose capabilities include a programmability that’s consistent with the mind-control effects of black goo. Also, graphene oxide is commonly abbreviated to GO. GO. Black GOo.

“If you stumble into this topic for the first time,” says Harald Kautz-Vella, “it is something weird, something strange, something that is not important within the daily life.” A German chemist and activist, Kautz-Vella is perhaps the world’s leading authority on black goo, the Grand Goobah; you can watch his many talks about it on YouTube. For him, black goo is impenetrable—until you attempt to penetrate it. It’s the hidden source of aggression in the world, the thing that makes us “empathy-free” and “cold-hearted.” (The first time he came into contact with black goo, for instance, it instantly made him want to beat up women.) But “once you manage to understand what black goo is,” he says, “it gives you a completely different understanding of the question ‘What rules our life?’” And what rules our life is this very substance. GO. Goo. From goo did life arise, on goo does life depend, and to goo will life ultimately decay.

SO THERE YOU have it. That’s what happened to graphene. It’s everywhere. It’s superpowerful. Some people even say it’s in the Covid vaccines. That’s the truth.

“The truth,” anyway. Which is in scare quotes because … well, you know. Ours is a world where the best story wins, and the best story is always a fiction, a liquid truth. Facts don’t sell science; space elevators do. Science fiction captivates and completes us, in a way mundane reality never will.

In “Skin of Evil,” episode 23 of the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Captain Picard faces off against a force of purest evil, a life-form that self-assembles from a puddle of black goo. Once, the being claims, it was good; now, it is merely goo. It used to be part of a tribe of noble titans, until they gave up all that was evil, and left the goo behind to rot, alone, on a forgotten planet. “So here you are,” Picard says, “feeding on your own loneliness, consumed by your own pain, believing your own lies.”

Such is the truth, the actual truth, of the goo. The truth is simple, and the truth is terrifying. The truth is this: The goo is real, and the goo will kill you. For the goo is the opposite of hope—its shadow, conspiracy. “Shall I tell you what true evil is?” Picard says, before leaving the goo, for the rest of time, to its eternal damnation. “It is to submit to you.”

Sourced from The Biggest Threat to Humanity? Black Goo | WIRED

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The Gulf of Mexico and beyond by Alec Newald

An alien perspective on the importance of 19.47 degrees latitude and much more!

Authors note; this was written and published online in 2011.

The Maya have been the centre of attention for a long time but in this new century and millennia mostly because of their famous or is that ‘infamous’ calendar and its possible end time predictions for 2012. Personally I don’t think the calendar has anything to do with death or destruction, to me it is a sign of hope and change, but most definitely change.

There is also plenty of debate over the actual end date of the Mayan time line some suggest it might be closer to 2018 than 2012. Sure enough though there are many strange events taking place on earth right now, earthquakes that seem to never want to end, weather that is right out of this world, and our sun which seems to think we need a little warming, not to mention super waves of energy from deep space, possibly our galactic core. On top of that I’m now going to add a little alien intervention, some good, some well, I’m not too sure about.

In 2007 I was tapped on the shoulder and told the waiting was over, get off my butt and get over to Central America and become part of the most important event of my many lives. Being right up with the play I had no idea what that might mean, but given my past history I knew this was not the time to argue, if at all possible I always go in the direction of the wind, and it appeared to be blowing in the direction of north and east. That shoulder tap came late one night when I was asleep but not really, I’m sure many readers will know what I mean by that. It has not happened to me very often but each time it does I am scared to move because I don’t want to disturb the moment. It’s a surreal feeling to see things around you in the night you know should not be there, unusually interesting things, one night it was a coal face, a pitch black wall covered in hieroglyphs, within the black I could see a faint opalescence a mother of pearl effect. This was a test of sorts I was told, without clear vision I was to touch only the glyphs needed to reach the end of what turned out to be a long tunnel with no ill effect, touch the wrong glyph, well I just knew that was not a good idea.

This new night event was only slightly different, I could see a wheel spinning with a light being emitted from the central hub, the light split into many beams, and seemed to travel to the four corners of the world. It became obvious the more I looked at this wheel it was the famous stone wheel of the Mayan-Aztec calendar, the Sun Stone. I should know I had only seen it a hundred times or more in the books I had been reading at the time. I don’t believe in coincidence.

From those far corners of the world, pillars of light reached up into the heavens, the lights were in the form of spirals almost like a tornado.

Close your eyes a voice said and see clearly, see what is really there, not the distractions, you must go, now is the time.

I was told to go to the land of the Maya and Aztec, to the central city and look at the Sun Stone using only one eye.

I was told there I would find the confirmation I had so dearly been seeking.

The confirmation was to be the proof I desired to confirm my own experience had not been a simulation, or a make believe event, a trick if you like. No one doubted my own experience more than I, for almost 20 years I have been seeking proof, researching science, reading up on history both mainstream and alternate, asking trusted friends, could it be true, did I really go. The answer now so sure in my mind, YES!

The journey I was about to undertake was to be the extra proof I needed. There was something going on there that would soon show itself to the rest of the world. If I wanted proof of my connection to other worlds, other realms, if I looked in all the right places I would surely find it.

New Zealand is a very long way from Mexico, made even harder by the fact the USA and it’s secret services or secret government were never going to let me set foot on their soil, so the trip was to be a very long one via Argentina, also twice the price, and I was not exactly made of money. You have to believe the drive to go was immense and it had been building, I just needed that tap on the shoulder, to hell with the cost.

 2007 was it special? What was happening that I didn’t know about for the tap to come then? There is always a reason for these things, one day someone will tell me “Hey did you know? That event it all started in 2007.”

Sometimes those deeply involved are the last to know just what it is they are involved in. I have a feeling this was one of those times. What many that have studied the Maya-Aztec-Mexica have not talked about is the close proximity and possible interaction of their famous city headquarters, which now goes by the name of Mexico City, to the famous 19.47 degrees latitude line.

The Mexica centre was later captured and expanded by the Aztec who had also adopted a Mayan style calendar. Most will already know the information contained within these ‘several’ ancient calendars reaches far beyond the needs of a Stone Age people. One can only wonder who had whispered in their ear hundreds or even thousands of years ago and exactly why? Also imagine the surprise on the faces of the Aztec when they discovered someone else had already been and gone in the area many years before them, the Toltec are reported to have built the mind numbing complex know as Teotihuacan, then disappeared off the face of the globe, just as the builders of the Giza Pyramids had done! Seriously this area of the globe is important, or at least everyone that has come before us believed it to be so.

Later the Spaniards came rushing in to the area with the usual European style or agenda to close the light out at this special place on the globe as quickly as possible. So perhaps we should be looking more carefully and asking about the strangeness of the location, why did they pick that place of all places? It was built in the middle of a swamp, even now hundreds of years after the swamp had been drained, heavy Spanish church buildings are sinking into the soft earth. It must have created the most difficult of problems for the Mexica and Aztec to build and expand such a city there. In those days there was as much water as dry land.

The legend has it before they settled the Aztec were mostly nomadic and at times mercenaries, they hired themselves out to fight wars or settle disputes, they were far more war like than the Maya or Mexica who had settled there first. The Aztec where on a quest it appeared and had moved into that area looking for a sign, an eagle with a snake in its talons or beak resting upon a cactus is the sign they sort and found at that location, now called Mexico City this symbol is shown on Mexico’s Flag. So was their quest that much different than mine? One has to ask is that the only sign, the only thing that brought them all to a halt at that particular location?

There it is, Mexico City, right on the magic 19.47 latitude, give or take a decimal point, a few miles, right in the middle of a swamp. Those that have studied the work of Richard Hoagland and friends will know the significance of this latitude on a globe like the planet earth. The Yucatan Peninsula also frames this latitude and is dotted with Mayan City complexes like Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and a dozen others, these are no ordinary cities, the central pyramids are built to a mathematical code that suggested they know where they stand on this planet, they were designed by people that knew the earth so well their locations are keyed to the Great Pyramid at Giza, there is much more to all this than meets the eye. (See work of Carl Munck) These complexes and the people that lived within them were charged with the sacred task of balancing the negative energy that occasionally came steaming from a device deep within the gulf, a job they did so well, like their previous brothers and sisters the little understood Olmec, who also have disappeared leaving only  buried stone heads that may or may not carry their likeness.

Science or Geology will tell us 65million years ago a giant asteroid slammed into or very close to this mysterious latitude, it actually created the Gulf of Mexico as we recognize it today. It fractured the earth’s surface at that location and honey combed it both on the surface and underwater. The Yucatan Peninsula is famous today for its amazingly large sinkholes caused by the above event, many of which are tourist attractions in their own right; I should know I’ve now seen them with my own eyes. These also make up some of the largest underwater caves known to man, which attract divers from around the world, but something very strange lies beneath the waters of the Gulf, not all the drilling rigs in the golf are necessarily after the same black gold we sell at out petrol stations. 

Nobody knows for sure if the meteor strike right at the heart of the Earth at that point (19.47deg) was deliberate of not, it was just too far back in our history for any records to remain, of course I am referring to alien records. But the suspicions are very high and appear to be proven, let me explain why that might be.

The earth, a living entity, is sensitive in many areas of its surface but 19.47 deg. lat. points are extremely sensitive because this is a breathing point of the heart cell if you like, a chakra point, this is where the earth communicates with dimensional realms we can only imagine, but they most likely reach back to the core of the galaxy and also mother sun. They are also connected to ‘our’ evolutionary path just as much as those of our planet.

If someone ever wanted to try and arrest the evolutionary progress of the earth and or the human race one of the best places to plant a blocking device would be anywhere on the globe close to 19.47 degree latitude north or south, north being the best bet because it has most always housed the greatest population. One can only wonder are there more of these devices somewhere else?

Zeena and her people are sure at least one unearthly device has burrowed its way beneath the warm waters of the Caribbean starting from the GOM, but before I use their words to describe what it might be doing, can we find any earthly proof that something unusual could be there? I know you will be thinking this is getting a little spooky, but something strange and unexplained is even talked about in scientific circles.

The Puerto Rico Trench is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, with water depths exceeding 8,400 metres, which is strange enough considering how close to the land masses of the area this trench really is. Its depth is comparable to the deep trenches in the Pacific Ocean. Trenches in the Pacific are located in places where one tectonic plate sub-ducts or slides under another. The Puerto Rico Trench in contrast is located at a boundary between two plates that slide past each other, with only a small component of subduction. The trench is less deep where the component of subduction is larger. The unusually deep sea floor is not limited to the trench, but also extends farther south toward Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Trench is also associated with the most negative gravity anomaly on earth, -380 milliGal, which indicates the presence of an active downward force?

Many tectonic models have been proposed to explain this geologically fascinating, tectonically active region; however, none have gained acceptance, and the region remains poorly understood. I should not have to draw your attention to the strange recorded happenings of the Bermuda triangle which in my mind should more correctly be named the Puerto Rico triangle. If you believe in the Bermuda triangle or not, science still cannot explain why the earth pulls downward excessively in that area.

I have two thoughts, it is some foreign artificial device causing this anomaly or its mother earth trying to digest or draw this monster into its fiery interior in an attempt to destroy it.

According to my alien friends it appears whatever crashed into the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago (date is very debateable) was not a random asteroid and it has split itself into at least two pieces, they suspect actually more than two. It appears as if it was designed to withstand the impact, most likely it had a disposable outer shell protecting whatever was within, the outer shell was sacrificed to the impact, leaving a large section which is organic by their reckoning which remains where it fell, my friends do not know when the first transmissions were sent into space from the crash site, they tell me there have been spasmodic transmissions over many thousands of years, but since 1947 it has been sending out some form of radio signal continuously, these appear to be in part at least directed at our moon, even more strange perhaps the moon soon started talking back after those continuous transmissions. More strange again perhaps, many suggest our moon is hollow, the other shell perhaps of a similar construct to that of the asteroid, just there to hide the real purpose of some other construct?

UFO researches will be well aware many strange reports of unidentified flying objects began in earnest around that time and mostly in an area of the USA not too far removed from the gulf. Mexico however has always been a hot spot for UFO activity, perhaps more so today than ever. Wasn’t it Christopher Columbus who sighted strange lights in the sky as he sailed toward the Bermuda Triangle? Nothing here is exactly new.

Another portion of this, shall we say ‘asteroid’ appears to be digging its way closer to Puerto Rico, it’s very heavy and very large from all accounts and not hard to spot with the right equipment, but possibly far too deep by now to ever be stopped by any technology this planet has. It well could explain the gravitational anomalies in that area. Another portion of the globe, which has a strange ‘magnetic’ anomaly, possibly something metallic buried beneath the surface, is in Antarctica near Lake Vostok, and this area is commanding attention from all that would probe the mysteries our planet. There is also suspicion from those “in the know” that this area may well, in a remote way, be connected with what we are about to discuss in the next section of this report.

My alien friends suggest, even though one portion of the GOM asteroid is organic the piece heading toward Puerto Rico is definitely not so, it’s a device of some sort with a mission in mind. What they are equally concerned about is there are mostly likely other similar but smaller devices heading out in other directions from that portion of the GOM but too small to detect and over areas it is do dangerous for my friends to fly. (unfriendly fire)

If you now head up to the Caribbean, to the area around Puerto Rico, you will see a similar pressure wave, interestingly enough all those Islands you see in the area are also peaks of extinct volcanoes this could be a clue as to the type of substance we are dealing with because it appears it might have come from much deeper within the earth than the substance we recognize and call oil, although is saying that it is not at all clear where oil actually comes from or how it is made, in spite of what some people might be trying to tell you, but that’s another story and not on the agenda here.

The substance of this report could very well be primordial, very ancient indeed, it also seems, as far as I know, only to be found in close proximity to volcanoes, or at least it appears to be formed in these areas.  Undersea trenches are where you need to start looking the softer newer earth crust collides with older deeper and more solid sections of the earth mantel. In these areas it seems or so I have been told, this rather unusual fluid is formed. Not oil as such but something that looks similar. The difference with the Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean deposit is that many millions of years ago when the large asteroid or whatever it was hit that area rupturing the cavities that had been storing the oil like liquid near Puerto Rico and shifted or allowed much of it to move into the underlying areas of the Gulf, well that is what was first thought but after my friends detected that some portion of the asteroid was slowly moving eastwards out of the gulf and toward these areas of deep liquid deposits it became apparent that digging into these reserves of liquid might be its ultimate goal, so does it want to release this liquid so that it will find its way to the surface?

My friends cannot penetrate the sea floor to check out exactly what is happening down there because there is so much surface activity from shipping and oil drilling it is not possible to get near the place. It’s also on the doorstep of the most sophisticated military hard-wear you could imagine and no alien race in going to set themselves up to be shot at as would be the case so the area is now a no go for my friends.  It could actually be a totally new life form that we have not yet had the dubious pleasure of meeting. New species of plant and animal life are discovered every day on the surface of our planet. Who can know what life lies beneath the surface that we have yet to meet up with.

This was a conundrum for the people from Haven, they were faced with a double task, while being shot at by all and sundry and quite possibly the ancestors of the tribe who spiked the liquid in the first placed, they knew the evolution of the human race was being compromised by these signals being beamed into the damaged heart of the earth at point 19.47 deg lat in the GOM, and to be fair they had a vested interest in our evolutionary progress in a positive manor, as you will have found in other sections of my story, but still what to do, or which problem first?

Arecibo was set up in Puerto Rico with the real peoples funding (yes USA government) to protect the people of earth from outside interference I hope, the cover story you will all know, but it was less than a year before the PTB (Powers That Be, non-people – yes also USA government) tried to close it down, some might wonder why.

Long story short Project Cyclops got pushed around shut down reopened like all government committees it was going nowhere and the PTB were happy. My friends made new friends, Europe and the USA had been so corrupted it was impossible to work with them anymore, the earth was thrown to the wolves so to speak but my friends did not give up on us. Project Cyclops is now project Serendip still at Arecibo, there is some private funding by people and counties I cannot revel but they are our friends, their work here is vital to our evolutionary progress because some (from outside) are trying very hard to retard it. However I would not rely on that saving us, as they try to block these signals it does not appear to be working. Perhaps the Maya could have done it better?

Look out your window if you live in any large city around the world. You will see a large spiked tower yes? Usually one of the tallest structures in a city, ever wonder why every city has one, ever wondered why they had those long antenna’s on them only good for broadcasting extra-long frequency signals? The type that can play with your mind on a subconscious level, welcome to 1984. You are being spoken to 24/7 by that tower, courtesy of a gateway created in the GOM and similar about the globe, and spread through the earths own crystal matrix, a signal which in part at least, is being feed from our own moon, or so I have been told.

At risk of distracting us from our true course here for a short moment, those that are not convinced that our moon is a hive of activity, including mining, ancient artefacts, alien hi-tech installations and much more, should go back and have a closer look at some of NASA’s fudged, blurred, as they say pencil brushed out, de-coloured photos of very interesting locations on our moon, for you see from time to time NASA misses the odd alien artefact in their pictures, mostly because there are hundreds and hundreds of them needing to be removed in the originals.   

Prior to the Ice age melt there had been a longstanding civilization on earth, which had kept life on a fairly even keel for a very long period of time. Just before the melt there were some major earth changes including crustal upheavals that not only destroyed cities and infrastructures but formed mountains where there had been plains, this weakened what was once a peaceful alliance. The flooding that followed the melt also took out vast low lying coastal areas that contained many major seaports and seats of power, this opened the way for what were once lesser groups to make a play for power and control. Perhaps one of the worst things to happen in this long running battle was in its eleventh hour both sides started in with the use of nuclear weapons as they became more and more desperate and had tried every other means of one-upmanship at their disposal.

During this long war what we might call conventional weapons were used along with others the like of which the earth is only now coming to recognize once again, biological weapons. One or both of the loosing sides booby-trapped their own back yards in the best traditions of modern warfare with diabolical weapons of mass destruction the like of which the earth has not yet had the dubious pleasure of sampling.

The object of these booby traps appeared to be, if one side decided to leave the scene of the crime, ie planet earth, they would trigger the booby trap from outer space as they left for wherever it was they came from. Or if they decided not to activate the booby trap at that time they could always do so prior to their return and so neutralize the opposition or whoever it was that had set themselves up as rules of earth in the meantime.

So now we have gone full circle and on the 1st of November of 2007 along I come right into the hot spot, The Gulf of Mexico, armed with nothing more than a set of eyes and ears that I had been told not to use! Yes it was the Day of the Dead, or at least one of the Days of the Dead, if there was any spiritual energy in the air surely it would help me connect with the something I had been asked to seek out.

I think it was day two after my after arrival in Mexico City I first laid eyes on the wheel, I already knew the Spanish had tried to destroy it by firing a canon into it, similar to the French with the sphinx in Egypt. What is it with the dark forces always trying to destroy any light they see on the horizon? Silly question really, I should think we all know the reason for it. But the stone is 3 feet thick and weighs 25 ton thank goodness the cannon ball bounced right off, but the central hub is a bit knocked around because of it. Perhaps it might not have mattered if the Spanish had chiselled off all the hieroglyphs, like homeopathic medicines the age-old message might be leached into the basaltic rock forever more, regardless of what one does with it. I wondered if the fact that it was carved from volcanic rock could have some relationship with the volcanoes associated with and in the areas of the dark liquid. 

  The wheel was actually stolen a second time this time from the Spanish and buried in the centre of Mexico City, right under what is the central square today ‘The Zocalo’ such was its reverence the Aztec risked all to steal this 25 ton rock right out from under the Spaniards. Perhaps we are lucky it was found and on display for all to see in this day and age, or was it always written the wheel would once more capture the imagination of those carrying the light within them, that it still sits on the magic line of 19.47 is good to see and perhaps more important than many realize. I think it important I stood in the dead centre of the Zocalo while in Mexico City, it made me feel closer to the wheel in some way, almost part of its history.

You have to know that it is thought the sun stone was carved during the reign of the 6th Aztec monarch in the year 1479, yes look again 1479, and placed in the lat. line of 19.47, I know they are just numbers but sometimes numbers can be signposts something to grab your attention, even if the reasoning seems obscure at the time.   

Anyway damaged or not there it was, and there I was, the Sun Stone was looking right back at me. I did not know how I fitted into this picture. Perhaps if you understood that I was conceived in the year 1947, and in that year my consciousness soul blended with the living framework of the functioning body I now walked around in, you would get the same shivers up your spine that I do whenever I think about it. Out there in the Gulf, an object buried deep beneath the waters, had started sending a signal to whomever that very same year. Why should that concern me? I had travelled many thousands of miles to talk with this stone and I didn’t have the faintest idea how to start up the conversation.

Then I remembered I needed to look at it with one eye, the eye of perception, not the bifocal eyes designed to hunt for game. So even though I was standing in a hall full of people I closed my eyes and asked the wheel how could I be of help?

Well of course it said nothing!

I was wondering how long I could stand there with my eyes closed before a security guard came along and asked me what I thought I was doing, or anyone else for that matter. After a while I went for a short walk around the room it was an amazing place the Museo Nacional de Antropología. I could almost hear the history of ages about me sure I could hear all that, but the rock of the sun sat there looking at me and said zilch!

This was not going to be as easy as I had thought so I toured the rest of the museum, if not today I would have to come back the next day and the day after that. Being there during the Days of the Dead perhaps was not such a good idea, too much static I thought. As I was walking out toward the main gate I passed by the room that contained one of the huge Olmec heads, it called out to me, the head actually caused my ears to pop as you do when you gain or loss altitude. I was with a party of others in a mini tour so I could not hold them back for long as we were all about to leave. I just pointed to the Olmec room and ran over to get a better look at what had hailed me. Strange that no one really knows anything much at all about the Olmec; they are a blank page in one of the most interesting and diversely cultured areas of the globe.

I hardly had time to shut my eyes and try the third eye routine before I was struck down with the most god awful headache. I could not stand to be so close to it even though I was only at the door to the display room, I had to leave anyway my time was up and I was glad too, my head was pounding. So much for talking with the Sun Stone, it said nothing and the Olmec head drove me from the museum, what a welcome I thought, is this all one big mistake?

It was some time later back in my hotel room after a few pills and half a dozen coffees my head got back into a space I could use to think with. Truthfully I was a little disappointed, no more than that I was highly disappointed. The only thing which helped to lift me was the excitement of being in Mexico, the only other place that had ever drawn me like Mexico was Rotorua back in New Zealand, and anybody reading this book will know what impact that place has had on my life to this point. I decided to just go with the flow it had always worked for me in the past, don’t try too hard to make things happen, when the time was right I knew I would be made aware of it.

Sleep beckoned.

The area of Mexico that contains its capital is surrounded with volcanoes both live and extinct, strangely enough so is Rotorua, I now live in Auckland City New Zealand, the largest city of that country, it must surely be unique in the fact it is host to no fewer than 50 extinct Volcanos all within a few kilometres of down town, in some way it would appear the earth prefers to speak to me from its inner depths, if in some way this dark liquid from its interior has something to say perhaps I am the one to hear it, this was the thought upper most in my head as I passed into the land of the subconscious.

The Sun Wheel had spoken to me, I just had not heard it in the form I was expecting, the headache was my brain expanding to busting point with what it had told me, the Olmec Head had just topped me up with a little more than I could handle, well it is a big head. The earth stone born of fire and brimstone had indeed spoken as I had been promised it would, now after a night’s sleep I felt like an encyclopaedia but none of it made sense, it was like another language, thousands of pages of script and I could not read it. A computer code perhaps, it was sound but not a language, not even like on Haven, there were pictures of things I could not recognise, it was like everything was either upside down or inside out, my depth perception would not let me look at the pictures in my head in a way I could tell up from down, left from right and they appeared to be layered, but a thousand fold deep. One picture over the top of another until nothing made sense. It was like my head was just not big enough to lay it all out in an area big enough to see all. What to do, I could not print it out like on a computer, nor ask someone else to interpret it for me? Or could I?

After my ten days away from the earth time line in 1989 it took me weeks and even years to decipher all the information I had received, still, I’m sure there are pockets of information I have not managed to regurgitate 20 years after the fact. I knew deep down I would have to wait this out, let it unravel be patient, I was hooked into this so deeply it was difficult to do nothing. To be truthful though I didn’t really know what I was supposed to be seeing, the voice had not told me what expect, or even what it was all about, just confirmation of sorts. 

I was heading for the Yucatan in a day or two and more succinctly Palenque was my first stop, I knew there was a Temple of the Sun there; perhaps the home of the legendary Pacal of Von Daniken fame might have an answer to the riddle. My plan was to do the same in front of the sun temple as I had in front of the sun wheel, close my eyes and see if one could help sort the overlay problems of the other, a long shot, but I was going to Palenque anyway, nothing to lose. 

As it turned out I was lucky to get to Palenque at all, I had been booked to stay at a Hotel in Villahermosa for the night after a flight from Mexico City, then drive to the Mayan wonder the next day, but the day before I arrived in Mexico half or more of the coastal area known as Tabasco had been flooded out, this included the town of Villahermosa. Fortunately the nearby airport was the highest land in the region and even though I could not get in to Villahermosa town itself I did managed to get a Mini Van that took me direct to Palenque, even though it required a two hour midnight drive. The stars where out, no not one UFO sighted!

Palenque was everything I expected it to be, fantastic Mayan artefact, worth a day out of any one’s life just to see it. As you might expect I was keen to get a look at the temple of the sun, initially I was disappointed it was one of the smallest of the temple complexes backing into a hill of trees, which the howler monkeys seemed to call home, judging by the noise at least. I did my thing, using what I hoped might be my third eye, if I had one? Nothing again it seemed, no fire no brimstone, but this time I did not walk away disappointed I’ll wait and see I thought. After all it was a wildcard thought anyway and the voice had never suggested I go to Palenque for any answers other than my own wonderment.

There was a lot more to my wanderings about the Yucatan Peninsula but that is not for this report. I had to wait until I was home, and many months later before the information I had initially downloaded would present itself to me in a form I could understand.

I have purposefully kept myself away from mystics, clairvoyants, medians, all those keen on telling us what the future has in store, not because I don’t believe what they might have to say, but rather so my thoughts and discoveries are my own. When I was first swept into this world of alien interaction full time in 1989 I did not have my head full of others theories or belief systems, I quite simply didn’t have the knowledge, had never done the study, what I wrote about in the first edition of Coevolution was just what I saw and was told. It’s raw information and I am trying to keep this second adventure or the account there of the same. If what I say turns out to be wrong, it’s my mistake not another’s theory or belief crossing the divide, it simply means what I have seen or absorbed or believed to be the facts of the matter, have been misinterpretations. Also what I say will be original; I will not be trying to fit my discoveries into someone else’s theory. If I do list others thoughts or statements here from now on it is only because they were pushed into my face almost accidentally or as a matter of fact as I tried to make sense of what I had seen or been told during my wonderings. They will be after the fact discoveries, some of which have gone a long way to reinforcing and making sense of my own observations. Collaboration and we all need that from time to time.

Perhaps naively I thought when I was in Mexico I was alone in all this, the only one looking for clues to the biggest puzzle perhaps in human history, well just me and a few ET’s with vested interests in the planets survival, as is, so to speak.

Also this appears to be a timing thing, the voice, “you must go now!” It’s all happening now perhaps to prevent something as much as facilitate something, or both. Are humans guiding some of the negative aspects of this just as much as something from off-planet, my questions were endless.

But to have all the above shoved in front of you, the e-report, how are you going to make that go away?

My first reaction and my last, because I’m still doing it now, is work harder on the overload information I still had in my head, could I see a ray of hope in there, was there a message to help explain what I was reading, both from the internet and my own travels, after all I was sent to the Gulf of Mexico to find answers, I decided the jigsaw puzzle needed more attention. I started to ask myself some questions about why I had been sent so far for what seemed like so little. I went back to the voice of my dreams.

“Close your eyes” the voice had said “and see clearly, see what is really there, not the distractions, you must go, now is the time”.

 So I decided since the journey had already been undertaken, now was the time to close my eyes and see clearly. Now that the distractions of the actual adventure were over, is this what the voice was actually saying?

Each night for a week I went to bed with nothing but the picture of the sun wheel in my head, all that got me was a week of frightful dreams, my partner kept waking me up and asking me not to kick out at her in my sleep. I can’t now remember exactly what they were about, but the wheel had seen many horrific deaths.

Not long after I tired meditation using the Hemi Sync tapes from the Monroe Institute. I had used them before but this time by mistake almost, or at least without thinking about it, I had running next to me as I meditated, a portable negative ioniser.  Now you know I don’t believe in coincidences.

The very reason I owned the Elanra Ioniser was because it had come highly recommended for use in countries that have a reputation for dodgy food and water, also it had been suggested it could be good for altitude sickness, this fitted the bill as far as I was concerned as part of my adventure after Mexico included the high altitude Peruvian city of Cusco, the ioniser appears to have worked it’s miracles for me on all counts, because the food was kind to me and apart from a headache after eight hours or so in Cusco, there were no other ill affects during the whole time away.  

Whatever the reason might have been, a whole new world appeared before me during this meditation session, my eyes were indeed opened. This was a world set in space, no boundaries, no walls, just infinite space, and guess what? This was exactly what I needed to lay out the pictures, the multi-overlaid pictures I had stored in my head after my visit to the museum in Mexico City.

I could see right off they were stacked in columns, dozens to each column almost like seats in a picture theatre. In this new world of mine I could move around in the space as if flying, I could be on one side then the other without encumbrance, it was like when you first learn to ride a bike as a child, the world appears to be your oyster. You can go almost anywhere, cover vast distances in a short time compared to walking. I was in one of those worlds, childlike, I just wanted to explore it, but a pressing need kept me focused on the pictures; which turned out not to pictures at all in the end.

The Monroe Hemi-Sync CD’s are reported to tune your brain-wave patterns as their name suggest to synchronize both sides of the brain to work in unison, this is done with a gentle resonant vibration, head phones are need for this to work correctly. Similarly the Elanra ioniser can be programmed to operate on nine different frequencies from 4 Hz to 40 Hz including the Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz) Alfa 10 Hz, so some might see here I was maybe playing with fire to have both running at the same time, even if not intentionally.

When I first got the ioniser I tried several frequencies over several nights (it is reported to work best as a health aid during sleep) all of the frequencies ended up giving me a headache, I wonder now was I going places in my sleep and downloading too much information, similar to the Olmec head in Mexico?  The only way I could use the ioniser in the end was to have it set to run at 5minute intervals on and 5 minutes off. This is totally uncharted territory I bet for everyone reading this, so I advise caution if you want to try it for yourself.

That was how I got to be where I was, looking at those pictures. When I reached to touch them they rippled like a stone dropped into water, what was I supposed to do with them? I pondered the question and soon that same voice said just two words, “jump in”. The old adage ‘Faint heart never won fair lady” came to mind and jump I did.

What comes next makes an experience with aliens seem a little ho-hum.

“Where would you like to go?” said a voice from behind me.

Turning to find no one, I asked, “Excuse me (my colonial English upbringing) who said that?”

A face appeared, smiling, kind of a unisex face, could have been a man or a woman, but at least human looking, saying, “can I be of help?”

I replied as you might expect with the question. “I’m not sure what I’m doing here, I was just looking at these pictures and someone suggested I jump in, now I’m not sure what to do next, can you help?”

The face had a sense of humour it would appear. “Do you always jump on command?” it asked.

“Well no,” I replied, “but I trusted the voice that suggested I do so”. “It is good to trust your intuition”, the voice suggested, “If you don’t trust that then who is there left to trust?” It did not wait for a reply but continued on, “the answer to you quest will most likely appear to you if you follow that tunnel over there”. A hand appeared also from out of nowhere and pointed to my left, following it I could see a glowing light that I’m sure was not there a moment or two ago. “Just join the queue, make a few new friends and you’ll be there in no time, literally.” The face suggested, and was gone before I could thank it.

What followed is also a report for another day, I’m still learning about myself and everything else for that matter. When I get to understand something of worth you might get another report.

Investigation incomplete; 5/5/11   

End of report but not the end of the story.

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